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Slide, A.
Slide, Anthony
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Doyle, Billy H.
Guy, Alice (1873-1968)
McFarlane, Brian (1934- ))
O'Dell, Paul
Powell, Jane Burman
Sadki, Florida
Sandberg, Marc
Wagenknecht, Edward (1900-)
Wagenknecht, Edward Charles (1900-)
Waldman, Harry
Actors on red alert : career interviews with five actors and actresses affected by the blacklist
Alice Guy ou L'enfance du cinéma
American film industry, The : a historical dictionary
American racist : the life and films of Thomas Dixon
Aspects of American film history prior to 1920
Autobiographie d'une pionnière du cinéma, 1873-1968.
Banned in the U.S.A. : British films in the United States and their censorship, 1933-1960
"Banned in the USA" : British films in the United States and their censorship, 1933-1960
Before, in, and after Hollywood : the autobiography of Joseph E. Henabery
Before video : a history of the non-theatrical film
Best of Rob Wagner's Script, The
big V, The : a history of the Vitagraph Company
biographical and autobiographical study of 100 silent film actors and actresses, A
British film
Charles Dickens on the screen the film, television, and video adaptations
cinema and Ireland, The
collector's guide to movie memorabilia, with prices, A
collector's guide to TV memorabilia, A
D. W. Griffith interviews
Directing : learn from the masters
Early American cinema
Early women directors
Eccentrics of comedy
encyclopedia of British film, The
encyclopedia of vaudeville, The
enfance du cinéma, L'
Fifty classic British films, 1932-1982 : a pictorial record
Fifty classic French films, 1912-1982 : a pictorial record
Fifty great American silent films, 1912-1920 : a pictorial survey
Film front
Filmfront : a reprint edition
films of D. W. Griffith, The
Films on film history
Gay and lesbian characters and themes in mystery novels : a critical guide to over 500 works in English
Great pretenders : a history of female and male impersonation in the performing arts
Great radio personalities in historic photographs
Griffith actresses., The
Griffith and the rise of Hollywood
Highlights and shadows : the memoirs of a Hollywood cameraman
Hollywood and the foregn touch : a dictionary of foreign filmmakers and their films from America, 1910-1995
Hollywood and the foreign touch : a dictionary of foreign filmmakers and their films from America, 1910-1995
Hollywood novel a critical guide to over 1200 works whith film-related themes or characters, 1912 through 1994, The
Hollywood novel, The : a critical guide to over 1200 works with film-related themes or characters, 1912 through 1994
Hollywood unknowns : a history of extras, bit players, and stand-ins
idols of silence, The
Inside the Hollywood fan magazine : a history of star makers, fabricators and gossip mongers
international film industry a critical dictionary, The
international film industry, The : a historical dictionary
International film, radio, and television journals
Karl Brown's adventures with D.W. Griffith
kindergarten of the movies, The : a history of the Fine Arts Company
Lois Weber : the director who lost her way in history
Lost gay novels : a reference guide to fifty works from the first half of the twentieth century
Marihuana, motherhood, and madness
Marihuana, motherhood & madness : three screenplays from the exploitation cinema of Dwain Esper
memoirs of Alice Guy Blaché, The
new historical dictionary of the American film industry, The
New York City vaudeville
Nitrate won't wait : a history of film preservation in the United States
Now playing : hand-painted poster art from the 1910s through the 1950s
On Actors and Acting : Essays by Alexander Knox
Paramount in Paris : 300 films produced at the Joinville Studios, 1930-1933, with credits and biographies
Picture dancing on a screen, The : poetry of the cinema : an anthology
Portrait of Blanche Sweet
Ravished Armenia and the story of Aurora Mardiganian
Remarks made at the D.W. Griffith centennial program at the Library of Congress, April 1, 1975
Robert Goldstein and "The spirit of '76"
Selected film criticism, 1982- :
Selected : radio and television : criticism
Selected theatre criticism
Selected vaudeville criticism
silent feminists, The : America's first women directors
Silent players a biographical and autobiographical study of 100 silent film actors and actresses
Silent portraits : stars of the silent screen in historic photographs
Silent topics : essays on undocumented areas of silent film
Slide area, The : film book reviews, 1989-1991
Some Joe you do not know
Some Joe you don't know : an American biographical guide to 100 British television personalities
Sourcebook for the performing arts : a directory of collections, resources, scholars, and critics in theatre, film, and television
television industry, The : a historical dictionary
They also wrote for the fan magazines : film articles by literary giants from E. E. Cummings to Eleanor Roosevelt, 1920-1939
Toth on de Toth, De : putting the drama in front of the camera : a conversation with Anthony Slide
ultimate directory of film technicians, The : a necrology of dates and places of births and deaths of more than 9,000 producers, screenwriters, composers, cinematographers, art directors, costume designers, choreographers, executives, and publicists
ultimate directory of silent and sound era performers a necrology of actors and actresses, The
ultimate directory of the silent screen performers, The : a necrology of births and deaths and essays on 50 lost players
vaudevillians, The : a dictionary of vaudeville performers
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