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Boardman, J.
Boardman, John
Boardman, John ((art historian))
ボードマン, ジョン
n. 1927
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Griffin, Jasper
Hammond, N.G.L. (1907-2001)
Hammond, Nicholas Geoffrey Lempriere
Hammond, Nicholas Geoffrey Lemprière (1907-2001)
Hirmer, Max (1893-1981)
Kurtz, Donna C.
La Rocca, Eugenio
Mulas, Antonia (1939-)
Murray, Oswyn
Palmer, Leonard Robert (1906-))
Thames and Hudson
Tsetskhladze, Gocha R.
Valavanis, Panos D.
Wagner, Claudia
Wilkins, Robert L.
西山, 伸一
Ancient and modern gems and jewels : in the collection of Her Majesty The Queen
Ancient Berezan : the architecture, history and culture of the first Greek colony in the Northern Black Sea
Antike Kunstwerke aus der Sammlung Ludwig
archaeology of Greek colonisation, The : essays dedicated to Sir John Boardman
archaeology of nostalgia, The : how the Greeks re-created their mythical past
Archaic Greek gems : schools and artists in the sixth and early fifth centuries B.C
art and architecture of ancient Greece, The
Art grec, L'
Assyrian and Babylonian Empires and other states of the Ancient Near East, from the eight to the sixth centuries B.C.
Athenian black figure vases : a handbook
Athenian red figure vases : the Archaic period : a handbook : 528 illustrations
Athenian red figure vases : the classical period : a handbook
Cambridge ancient history., The
Catalogue of the engraved gems and finger rings
Céramique antique, La
Chios : a conference at the Homereion in Chios 1984
Classical art in eastern translation : a lecture delivered at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, on 27th May, 1993
Classical Phoenician scarabs : a catalogue and study
collection of classical and Eastern intaglios, rings, and cameos, A
Corpus vasorum antiquorum
Cretan collection in Oxford, The : the Dictaean cave and iron age Crete
date of the Knossos tablets
diffusion of Classical art in antiquity, The
Early Greek vase painting : 11th-6th centuries BC : a handbook
Engraved gems: the Ionides Collection ; photographs by Robert L. Wilkins
Eros in Grecia
Eros in Greece.
Eros in Griekenland
Escarabeos de piedra procedentes de Ibiza ; traducción William S. Kurtz
European community in later prehistory: studies in honour of C.F.C. Hawkes;, The
Excavations at Tocra, 1963-1965
Excavations in Chios, 1952-1955
Expansion of the Greek world, eighth to six centuries B.C.
fifth and fourth centuries B.C.
Gem mounts and the classical tradition : supplement to A collection of classical and eastern intaglios, rings and cameos (2003)
great god Pan, The : the survival of an image
Greece and the Hellenistic world
Greek burial customs
Greek gems and finger rings : early Bronze Age to late Classical
Greek offerings : essays on Greek art in honour of John Boardman
Greek sculpture : the archaic period : a handbook
Greek sculpture : the late classical period and sculpture in colonies and overseas : a handbook
Greek vases in Cape Town
Greeks and their eastern neighbours, The : studies in the relations between Greece and the countries of the Near East in the eighth and seventh centuries B.C.
Greeks overseas, 1999:, The
Greeks overseas, The : the archaeology of their early colonies and trade
Griechische Kunst
Griechische Plastik : die archaische Zeit : ein Handbuch
Griechische Plastik, die klassische Zeit e. Handbuch
Griechische Plastik : die klassische Zeit : ein Handbuch
Griechische Plastik : die spätklassische Zeit und die Plastik in Kolonien und Sammlungen : ein Handbuch
griegos en ultramar, Los : comercio y expansión colonial antes de la era clásica
Grieschische Plastik : die archaische zeit
history of Greek vases, The : potters, painters and pictures
Intaglios and rings : Greek, Etruscan and Eastern : from a private collection
Island gems, a study of Greek seals in the geometric and early archaic periods.
Keramik der Antike Mesopotamien, Ägypten, Griechenland, Italien, Die
Kolonien und Handel der Griechen : vom späten 9. bis zum 6. Jahrhundert v. Chr.
Lewes house collection of ancient gems, The : [now at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston]
Marlborough gems, The : formerly at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire
Middle East, the Greek World and the Balkans to the sixth century B.C.
Northern Pontic antiquities in the State Hermitage Museum
On the Knossos tablets : The find-places of the Knossos tablets
Oxford history of classical art, The
Oxford history of the classical world, The
Oxford illustrated history of Greece and the Hellenistic world, The
Oxford illustrated history of the Roman world, The
Oxford, the Ashmolean Museum
Parthenon and its sculptures, The
Persia and the West : an archaeological investigation of the genesis of Achaemenid art
Persia, Greece and the western Mediterranean c. 525 to 479 B.C
Pre-Classical : from Crete to Archaic Greece
Prehistory of the Balkans, and the Middle East and the Aegean world, tenth to eighth centuries B.C.
Ralph Harari Collection of finger rings, The
Reclams Geschichte der antiken Kunst
relief plaques of eastern Eurasia and China the "Ordos bronzes", Peter the Great's treasure, and their kin, The
Roman world
Rotfigurige Vasen aus Athen
Schwarzfigurige Vasen aus Athen : ein Handbuch
Sztuka grecka
Thanatos : tod und jenseits bei den Griechen
vases athéniens à figures rouges la période archaïque, Les
world of ancient art, The
Zahav ṭahor