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Kröber, Alfred L.
Kroeber, A. L.
Kroeber, Alfred L.
Kroeber, Alfred Louis
Крёбер, Альфред Луис
クローバー, A
クローバー, A. L
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Columbia University
Dorsey, George Amos (1868-1931)
Gifford, Edward Winslow (1887-1959)
Jay I. Kislak Reference Collection (Library of Congress)
Kluckhohn, Clyde (1905-1960)
Kroeber, Clifton B.
Kroeber, Theodora (1897-1979)
Martin, Paul S.
O'Neale, Lila M. (1886-1948)
O'Neale, Lila Morris (1886-1948)
Strong, William Duncan (1899-1962)
Sztompka, Piotr (1944- ))
Uhle, Friedrich Max (1856-1944)
Uhle, Max (1856-1944)
Waterman, T. T. (1885-)
Waterman, T[homas] T[albot]
Waterman, Thomas Talbot (1885-)
横田, 健一 (1916-)
anthropologist looks at history., An
Anthropology : biology & race
Anthropology: culture patterns & processes.
Anthropology : Race, language, culture, psychology, prehistory
Anthropology today : an encyclopedic inventory
Arapaho, The
Archaeological explorations in Peru
archaeology and pottery of Nazca, Peru, The : Alfred L. Kroeber's 1926 expedition
Archaic culture horizons in the valley of Mexico
Arrow release distributions
California culture provinces
California place names of Indian origin
Chumash and Costanoan languages, The
Configurations of culture growth
Cultural and natural areas of native North America
Culture; a critical review of concepts and definitions
Culture element distributions
Decorative symbolism of the Arapaho
Essays in anthropology : presented to A.L. Kroeber in celebration of his sixtieth birthday
Ethnographic interpretations.
Ethnography of the Cahuilla Indians
Ethnology of the Gros Ventre
Explorations at Chincha
Feudalism in history
Fishing among the Indians of northwestern California
Franz Boas, 1858-1942
Gros Ventre myths and tales.
Handbook of the Indians of California, by A: L. Kroeber., ...
history of Philippine civilization as reflected in religious nomenclature, The
Indian myths of south central California
Istota kultury
Karok myths
kepel fish dam, The
Kinship in the Philippines
languages of the coast of California north of San Francisco, The
languages of the coast of California south of San Francisco, The
mission record of the California Indians from a manuscript in the Bancroft Library, A
Mohave heroic epic of Inyo-kutavêre, The
mohave historical epic, A
Mohave pottery
Mohave war reminiscence, 1854-1880, A
More Mohave myths.
Mrs. Morris K. Jesup Expedition
Nabaloi songs
Native culture of the Southwest
nature of culture., The
Notes on Shoshonean dialects of Southern California
On the evidences of the occupation of certain regions by the Miwok Indians
Paracas Cavernas and Chavín.
Patwin and their neighbors, The
Peoples of the Philippines
Peruvian Archeology in 1942
Phonetic constituents of the native languages of California
Phonetic elements of the Diegueño language
Phonetic elements of the Mohave language
Proto-Lima; a middle period culture of Peru.
Quantitative expression of cultural relationships
religion of the Indians of California, The
Report on aboriginal territory and occupancy of the Mohave tribe Commission findings on the Mohave
roster of civilizations and culture, A
Seri, The
Serian, Tequistlatecan, and Hokan.
Seven Mohave myths.
Shoshonean dialects of California.
Sign language among North American Indians : compared with that among other peoples and deaf-mutes
Source book in anthropology
Sparkman grammar of Luiseno, The
structure of Twana culture, The
Style and civilizations.
Textile periods in ancient Peru
Toward definition of the Nazca style
Traditions of the Arapaho, collected under the auspices of the Field Columbian museum and of the American museum of natural history
tribes of the Pacific coast of North America, The
Types of Indian culture in California
Uhle collections from Chincha, The
Uhle pottery collections from Chancay, The
Uhle pottery collections from Ica, The
Uhle pottery collections from Moche and The Uhle pottery collections from Supe, The
Uhle pottery collections from Nazca, The
valley Nisenan, The
Walapai ethnography
Washo language of east central California and Nevada., The
World renewal : a cult system of native Northwest California
WWA, 1950-51
Yokuts dialect survey
Yokuts language of south central California., The
Yuman tribes of the lower Colorado
Yurok and neighboring kin term systems
Yurok marriages
Yurok myths
Yurok narratives
Zuñi kin and clan
Zuñi potsherds
Природа культуры
Academic record
From the American anthropologist (n.s.), vol. 3, April-June, 1901
Cover title
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Columbia University