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Furnivall, F.
Furnivall, F. J.
Furnivall, Fred. James
Furnivall, Frederick
Furnivall, Frederick J.
Furnivall, Frederick James
Furnivall, Frederick John
Furnivall, Fredk. J.
Furnivall, J.
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Caxton, William (ca. 1422-1491.)
Chaucer, Geoffrey (d. 1400)
Clarke, Francis William
Clouston, W.A. (1843-1896)
Clouston, William Alexander (1843-1896)
Fish, Simon
Harrison, William (1534-1593)
Lydgate, John (1370?-1451?)
Munro, John James
Roxburghe Club
Salverda de Grave, J. J.
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Thynne, Francis (1545?-1608)
Viles, Edward
Withington, Lothrop (1856-1915)
anatomie of the bodie of man, The
Arthur a short sketch of his life and history in English verse of the first half of the fifteenth century
Ballads and romances.
Ballads from manuscripts.
Bishop Percy's folio manuscript. [from old catalog]
Book of quinte essence
booke of precedence
Caueat, or, Warening for commen cursetors vulgarely called vagabones
Caxton's Book of curtesye : printed at Westminster about 1477-8 A.D. and now reprinted, with two ms copies of the same treatise, from the Oriel ms79, and the Balliol ms 354
Child-marriages, divorces, and ratifications &c. in the Diocese of Chester, A.D. 1561-6
compendyous regyment or A dyetary of helth made in Mountpyllier
Digby plays with an incomplete "morality" of wisdom, who is christ part of one of the macro moralities
Early English meals and manners.
Early English poems and lives of saints, (with those of the wicked birds Pilate and Judas.)
Expugnatio hibernica.
fraternitye of vacabondes, The
fyrst boke of the Introduction of knowledge, The
Gild of st. mary, lichfield being ordinances of the gild of st. mary, and other documents
Groundworke of Conny-catching
Harrison's description of England in Shakspere's youth.
Hoccleve's Works...
Hymns to the Virgin and Christ. The parliament of devils, and other religious poems ; chiefly from the archbishop of Canterbury's Lambeth ms. No 853
life of St. Katharine of Alexandria., The
list of all the songs & passages in Shakspere which have been set to music, A
Love-poems and humourous ones... written at the end of a volume of small printed books, A. D. 1614-1619, in the British Museum... labelld "Various poems"...
Lydgate's Troy book, A.D. 1412-20
Macro Plays, The : 1. Mankind (ab. 1475). 2. Wisdom (ab. 1460). 3. The Castle of perseverance (ab. 1425)
Merchant of Venice
merry wives of Windsor;, The
minor poems of the Vernon MS., The
Morte Arthur. -, Le
Oeuvres choisies
Originals and analogues of some of Chaucer's Canterbury tales
parallel-text print of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde from the Campsall ms. of Mr. Bacon Frank, copied for Henry V. when Prince of Wales, the Harleian ms. 2280 in the British Museum and the Cambridge University Library ms. Gg. 4. 27., A
Pèlerinage de vie humaine.
pilgrimage of the life of man, The
Political, religious, and love poems
Queene Elizabethes achademy
Queste del Saint-Graal
Reson and sensuallyte
Robert Laneham's letter : describing a part of the entertainment unto queen Elizabeth at the Castle of Kenilworth in 1575
Robert of Brunneʹs "Handlyng synne," A.D. 1303, with those parts of the Anglo-French treatise on which it was founded, William of Wadingtonʹs "Manuel des pechiez"
roman de la rose, Le
romaunt of the rose, The : a reprint of the first printed edition by William Thynne A.D. 1532
royal historie of the excellent knight Generides, A
Sermon in praise of thieves and thievery
Shakespeare life and work
shakspere allusion-book, The : a collection of allusions to Shakspere from 1591 to 1700
Shakspere's Hamlet: the first quarto, 1603
six-text print of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in parallel columns from the following mss: i. The Ellesmere. 2. The Hengwrt 154. 3. The Cambridge Univ. Libr. Gg.4, 27. 4. The Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford. 5. The Yetworth. 6. The Landsdowne 851, A
Specimens of all the accessible unprinted manuscripts of the Canterbury tales
St. Jeremie's 15 tokens before doomsday
stacions of Rome, The : (in verse from the Vernon MS., ab 1370 A.D., and in prose from the Porkington MS. No. 10, ab 1460-70 A.D.) : and the Pilgrims sea-voyage : (from the Trin. Coll., Cambridge MS. R, 3, 19, t. Hen. VI.) : with Clene Maydenhod : (from the Vernon MS., ab. 1370 A.D., in the Bodleian Library, Oxford)
story of England, The
succession of Shakespere's works and the use of metrical tests in settling it, &c, The : being the introduction to Professor Gervinus's 'Commentaries on Shakespere, '
supplicacyon for the beggers, written about the year 1529, A
supplication of the poore commons
supplycacion to our moste Souveraigne Lorde Kynge Henry the Eyght
tale of Beryn, with a prologue of the merry adventure of the pardoner with a tapster at Canterbury, The
three kings' sons, The
Trial-forewords to my "Parallel-text edition of Chaucer's minor poems" for the Chaucer society (with a try to set Chaucer's works in their right order oftime)
Trois fils de rois.
Troublesome raigne of John, King of England.
Vernon manuscript.
winters tale;, The
wright's chaste wife, or A fable of a wryght that was maryde to a pore wydows dowtre ..., The : a merry tale