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Brag, V. H.
Bragg, Sir William Henry
Bragg, W. H.
Bragg, W. H. (Sir)
Bragg, William
Bragg, William H.
Bragg, William H. (Sir)
Bragg, William Henry
Bragg, William Henry (Sir)
Bragg, William Lawrence
Bragg, William (Sir)
Brègg, U.
Brègg, Uil'âm
Brégg, V.
Brėgg, V. (Sir)
Брэгг, Уильям
ブラッグ, W. H
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Bragg, Lawrence
Bragg, Lawrence (1890-1971)
Bragg, William Lawrence (1890-1971; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Bragg, William Lawrence (1890-1971)
Bragg, William Lawrence Sir, 1890-1971
British Broadcasting Corporation
British Council
Huxley, Julian (1887-1975)
Iklé, Max
Jeans, James Hopwood Sir, 1877-1946
Kapuściński, Władysław (1898-1979))
Mellanby, Edward Sir, 1884-
Rivière, J. Mg
Staderini, Pericle
Szlenkier, Karol
Vercel, Roger
Пульвер, В. Л
亀井, 理 (1932-)
application of X-ray crystal analysis to industrial problems., The
architettura delle cose, L' : dagli atomi ai cristalli
carbon atom in crystalline structure, 1924:, The
carbon atom in crystalline structure, The : an address..., 1924
Chemistry and the body politic
Ciencia levanta el velo, La
Concerning the nature of things, By Sir William Bragg.
Concerning the nature of things. Russian. [from old catalog]
Concerning the nature of things six lectures delivered at the Royal institution
Creative knowledge, old trades and new science
cristalline state, The
crystalline state, the
Durchgang der alfa-, beta-, gamma- und Röntgen-Strahlen durch Materie
Durchgang der alfa-, bete-, gamma- und Röntgen-Strahlen durch Materie
Durchgang der α-, β-, γ- und Roentgen-Strahlen durch Materie
Durchgang der α-, β-, γ-, und Röntgen-Strahlen durch Materie
Durchgang der α-, β-, γ- und Röntgenstrahlen durch Materie
Electrons & ether waves
Faraday centenary exhibition
Faraday's diary : being the various philosophical notes of experimental investigation made by Michael Faraday D.C.L., F.R.S. during the years 1820-1862 and bequeathed by him to the Royal Institution of Great Britain : now, by order of the managers, printed and published for the first time, under the editorial supervision of Thomas Martin, M.Sc. : with a forew. by Sir William H. Bragg.
Faraday's diary, being the various philosophical notes of experimental investigation, made by Michael Faraday,... during the years 1820-1862... printed and published... under the editorial supervision of Thomas Martin,... Foreword by Sir William H. Bragg,...
Influence of the constituents of the crystal on the form of the spectrum in the X-ray spectrometer, by W. H. Bragg,..., The
Internationale tabellen zur bestimmung von kristallstrukturen. International tables for the determintaion of crystal structures.
introduction to crystal analysis, an
Królestwo aparatu fotograficznego
library of science and culture, The
Ljusets världsallt, 1940:
making of matter, The
Michael Faraday
Mir sveta. Mir zbuka
Mir sveta ; Mir zvuka
Molecule planning
O prirode veshcheĭ.
Old trades and new knowledge six lectures delivered before a "juvenile auditory" at the royal institution, christmas 1925
progrès scientifique, Le
Rayons X et Structure cristalline, par W. H. Bragg, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S., professeur de physique à l'Université de Londres, et W. L. Bragg, B.A., membre du Trinity College, Cambridge. Traduit sur la 3e édition anglaise, par Mme Mg. J. Rivière, ancienne élève de l'École normale supérieure, agrégée de sciences physiques
Record of the Royal society of London for the promotion of natural knowledge. 4th edition. [Preface by W. H. Bragg.], The
Reflection of X-rays by crystals, by W. H. Bragg,..., The
Reflexion von Röntgenstrahlen an Kristallen Grundlegende Untersuchgn in d. J. 1913 u. 1914 /W. H. Bragg, Die ; W. L. Bragg. Mit e. Geleitw. von E. Schiebold
Science and faith, delivered before the University of Durham at King's college, Newcastle upon Tyne, on 7 March 1941
Science lifts the veil; a series of broadcast talks on the conquest of the sub-visible universe ...
Scientific progress
Scientific research and social needs
Scienza e vita : la scienza aiuta a vivere
Sekai kyoyo zenshu.
Shonen shojo kagaku meicho zenshu.
Stare rzemiosła a nowa nauka
Stare rzemiosło a nowa nauka
story of electromagnetism, The
structure of an organic crystal; Fison memorial lecture, 1928, delivered at Guy's hospital medical school, March 13, 1928, The
Structure of the diamond, by W. H. Bragg,... and W. L. Bragg,..., The
Studies in radioactivity, 1912:
Studies in radioactivity, by W. H. Bragg,...
Świat dźwięków
Światło : wszechświat utkany jest ze światła
Tajemnice atomu : (o istocie materii)
Tajemnice atomu : (o istocie materji)
Traganje za korijenima : osobna antologija
U svetu svetlosti
universe of light, the
Was ist Materie? : sechs gemeinverständliche Vorträge, gehalten in der Royal Institution
Welt des Lichtes, Die
William Henry Bragg, 1862-1942 : man and scientist
wonder van het licht, Het
world of sound, 1920:, The
world of sound; six lectures delivered before a juvenile auditory at the Royal Institution, Christmas, 1919, The
X-rays and crystal structure
X rays and crystals structure
Мир звука
Мир света