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Udal, Nicolas
Udall, Nicholas,
Udall, Nickolas
Udall, Nicolas
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Arber, Edward (1836-1912)
Child, Clarence Griffin (1864-1948)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Erasmus, Desiderius (1466/69-1536)
Farmer, John S. (1845?-1915?)
Farmer, John Stephen (1845?-1915?)
Greg, W.W. (1875-1959)
Greg, Walter Wilson (1875-1959)
Houten, Wim van
Norton, Thomas (1532?-1584)
Yale University, June 1939
apophthegmatum opus|apophthegms
Apophthegmes... firste gathered and compiled in Latin by... maister Erasmus,... and now translated into Englishe by Nicolas Udall
Apophthegmes of Erasmus, The
Apophthegmes : that is to saie, prompte, quicke, wittie, and sente[n]cious saiynges of certaine emperours, kynges, capitaines, philosophiers and oratours, aswell Grekes as Romaines : bothe verie pleasaunt and profitable to reade, partely for all maner of persones and especially gentlemenne
Apophthegmes, that is to saie prompte, quicke, wittie and sentencious saiynges, of certain emperours, kynges, capitaines, philosophiers and oratours, aswell Grekes, as Romaines, bothe veraye pleasaunt & profitable to reade, partely for all maner of persones, & especially gentlemen. First gathered and compiled in Latine by the ryght famous clerke maister Erasmus of Roterodame. And now translated into Englyshe by Nicolas Udall.
Barend Bombarde
Compendiosa totius anatomie delineatio, a facsimile of the first English edition of 1553 in the version of Nicholas Udall... Introduction by C. D. O'Malley, Thomas Geminus.
Dramatic writings of Nicholas Udall, comprising Ralph Roister Doister, a note on Udall's lost plays, note-book and wordlist. Edited by John S. Farmer, The
Enterlude for children to play, named Jack Jugeler..., An
enterlude for children to play named Jack Jugler ...
first [-seconde] tome or volume of the Paraphrase of Erasmus upon the Newe Testamente., The
first tome or volume of the paraphrase of erasmus vpon the newe testamente, the
Floures for Latine spekynge, selected and gathered oute of Terence, and the same translated in to Englysshe, together with the exposition and settynge forthe ...
Flovvers or eloquent phrases of the Latine speach, gathered ont [sic] of al the sixe comoedies of Terence : vvherof those of the first thre were selected
Flowers for Latin speaking, 1533;
Flowers or eloquent phrases of the Latine speach, gathered out of al the sixe comoedies of Terence
Flowres for Latine speakinge
Four Tudor comedies
Gammer Gurton's nedle
Gammer Gurton's needle
Jack Juggler (3rd edition)
Jacke Jugeler
Jacob and Esau
Minor Elizabethan drama. (II.) Pre-Shakespearean comedies. [Ralph Roister Doister, by Nicholas Udall, The ; Endimion, by John Lyly ; the Old wives' tales, by George Peele ; Friar Bacon and friar Bungay ; James the fourth, by Robert Greene. Introduction by Ashley Thorndike.]
Minor elizabethan drama. II. Preshakespearean comedies. [Ralph Roister Doister, by Nicholas Udall. Endimion, by John Lyly. The Old wives'tale, by George Peele. Friar Bacon and friar Bungay, by Robert Greene. James the 4th, by Robert Greene.], The
Mother Bombie
Newe mery and wittie comedie, or enterlude, newely imprinted, treating upon the historie of Jacob and Esau..., La
Nicholas Udall's Roister Doister. Edited from the Eton copy with biographical and literary introduction and notes by G. Scheurweghs,...
old wife's tale
Op frijersfuotten : kluchtich stik
paraphrases of erasmus
play of the weather, and other Tudor comedies., The
Ralph Roister Doister, a comedy by Nicholas Udall and the tragedie of Gorboduc by Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville, with introductory memoirs, edited by William Durrant Cooper,...
Ralph Roister Doister... edited with an introduction, note-book and word-list by John S. Farmer
Ralph Roister Doister; the first regular English comedy
Respublica, an interlude for Christmas 1553, attributed to Nicholas Udall. Re-edited by W. W. Greg
Roister Doister. Written, probably also represented, before 1553. Carefully ed. from the unique copy, now at Eton college ..., ...
Three sixteenth-century comedies ...
Three Tudor classical interludes : Thersites, Jacke Jugeler, Horestes
Drama 140 production (historical) Nov. 18, 23, 1938. Experimental Theatre
Includes the original music by Walter Andersen (Music School)
Producer's thesis (M.F.A.)--Yale University, June 1939