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Butzer, K. W.
Butzer, Karl
Butzer, Karl W.
Butzer, Karl Wilhelm
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writer of accompanying material
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Basell, Laura S.
Billard, Jules B.
Brown, Antony G.
Cooke, Herbert Basil Sutton
Fock, Dora
Fock, Gerhard J.
Klein, Richard G.
Kuper, Rudolph
Schiffers, Heinrich (1901-)
Simons, geografia
Simons, Peter
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University of Texas Department of Geography Affiliation (see also from)
Yale Prehistoric Nubia Expedition (1962-1963)
After the Australopithecines : stratigraphy, ecology, and culture, change in the Middle Pleistocene
Ägypten : Schatzkammer der Pharaonen
Americas before and after 1492: current geographical research, The
Ancient Egypt, discovering its splendors
annals of the association of american geographers
Archaeology as human ecology : method and theory for a contextual approach
Ausgrabungen in Sayala-Nubien, 1961-1965 : Denkmäler der C-Gruppe und der Pan-Gräber-Kultur
Cambridge ancient history, The
Cattle and sheep from old to new Spain : historical antecedents
Challenges for a cross-disciplinary geoarchaeology : The intersection between environmental history and geomorphology
Coastal landforms of Cat Island, Bahamas : a study of holocene accretionary topography and sea-level change
Desert and river in Nubia , geomorphology and prehistoric environments at the Aswan reservoir. Karl W. Butzer and Carl L. Hansen. With contributions by Egbert G. Leigh,... Madeleine Van Campo and Bruce G. Gladfelter
Desert and river in Nubia : geomorphology and prehistoric environments at the Aswan reservoir [Map supplement]
Dimensions of human geography : essays on some familiar and neglected themes
Early hydraulic civilization in Egypt : a study in cultural ecology
environment and archaeology: an ecological approach to prehistory
Environment and archeology; an ecological approach to prehistory
Environment and archeology; an introduction to Pleistocene geography
Excavaciones arqueológicas en España1962
Felsbilder in Südafrika
French Wetland Agriculture in Atlantic Canada and Its European Roots : Different Avenues to Historical Diffusion
Geoarchaeology, climate change, and sustainability
geology, archaeology, and fossil mammals of the Cornelia Beds, O.F.S., The
geology, archeology and fossil mammals of the Cornelia Beds O.F.S., The
Geomorphology from the Earth
Geomorphology of the lower Illinois Valley as a spatial-temporal context for the Koster archaic site
Grove, A. T., and O. Rackham, The Nature of Mediterranean Europe : An Ecological History
Historia social de una comunidad tlaxcalteca, 2001:
Historia social de una comunidad tlaxcalteca : San Miguel de Aguayo (Bustamante, N.L.), 1686-1820
Ice-age-hunters of the Ukraine
Irrigation, raised fields and state management : Wittfogel redux?
Kulturanpassung : eine Methode zur zeitlichen Untersuchung menschlicher Ökosysteme
middle stone age at Klasies river mouth in South Africa, The
Noticia preliminar sobre el emplazamiento acheulense de Torralba, Soria. Memoria redactada por F. Clark Howell, Karl W. Butzer y Emiliano Aguirre,... _
Noticia preliminar sobre el emplazamiento acheuleuse de Torralba, Soria; memoria redactada
palaeo-ecology of the African continent, The : the physical environment of Africa from the earliest geological to Later Stone Age times
Palaeoecology of Africa and the surrounding islands
Paleo-environmental perspectives on the Sahel drought of 1968-73
Physical conditions in Eastern Europe, Western Asia and Egypt before the period of agricultuiral and urban settlement
Physical conditions in eastern Europe, western Asia and Egypt before the period of agricultural and urban settlement Vol. I, ch. 2
Pleistocene geomorphology and stratigraphy of the Costa Brava region (Catalonia)
Prehistoric archeology and ecology series
Quaternary Stratigraphy and climate in the Near East [Mit] 14 Tables, 4 Maps, 2 Profiles, 2 Diagr., 16 Fig.
Recent history of an Ethiopian delta: the Omo River and the level of Lake Rudolf
Sahara und ihre Randgebiete Darstellung eines Naturgrossraumes, in drei Bänden..., Die
Sahara und ihre Randgebiete, Die : Darstellung eines Naturgrossraumes in 3 Bdn.
San Miguel de Aguayo (Bustamante, N.L.), 1686-1820
science in western and eastern civilization in carolingian times
Spanish colonization of the New World : cultural continuity and change in Mexico
Studien zum vor- und frühgeschichtlichen, 1958.
Studien zum vor- und frühgeschichtlichen Landschaftswandel der Sahara.
Studien zumvor- und frühgeschichtlichen Landschaftswandel der Sahara... von Dr Karl W. Butzer,...
Teil A. Der Grossraum. Band I. Physiogeographie
Teil A. Der Grossraum. Band II. Humangeographie..
Teil B. Die Teilgebiete der Sahara und ihrer Randzonen. Band III. Regionalgeographie, die Landschaften
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