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Bernhard Karlgren
Gao, Benhan
Gullman, Clas
Kao, Pen-han
Karlgren, Bärnhard
Karlgren, Bernhard
Karlgren, Bernhard (Swedish sinologist, 1889-1978)
Karlgren, Klas Bernhard Johannes
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Language material
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Chen, Shunzheng (20th century)
Chʻên, Shun-chêng [from old catalog]
Iwamura, Shinobu (1905-1988)
Köhler, Eugénie
Ogaeri, Yoshio (1910-1966)
Ulving, Tor (1916-...)
Wirgin, Jan
Wirgin, Jan C.
Zhao, Yuanren (1892-1982)
岩村, 忍 (1905-1988)
張世祿, 1902-
董同龢, 1911 (1963)
赵元任, 1892 (1982)
魚返, 善雄 (1910-1966)
Analytic dictionary od Chinese and Sino-Japanese
Analytic dictionary of Chinese and Sino-Japanese
Book of documents, The
book of odes, The : [Shï king]
Catalogue of the Chinese bronzes in the Alfred F. Pillsbury collection, by Bernhard Karlgren,... [Foreword by A. F. Pillsbury. Acknowledgment by Russell A. Plimpton.], A
Chinese agraffes in two Swedish collections
Chinese Books in Swedish collections
Chinese bronzes : the Natanael Wessén collection
Chinese Language, an essay on its nature and history., The
Chūgoku no gengo : Sono tokushitsu to rekishi ni tsuite
Chūgoku on'ingaku kenkyū
Chung-kuo yin-yün-hsüeh yen-chiu : Kao Pên-han chu, ... Chao Yüan-jên, Li Fang-kuei ho i. [Studier i kinesisk fonologi. Av B.K., övers. av Ch. Y.-j. & Li F.-k.] [Portr.].
Companion to Grammata serica recensa
Compendium of phonetics in ancient Chinese and archaic Chinese
Date of the early Dong-So'n culture, The
Dictionary of old and middle Chinese Bernhard Karlgren's grammata serica recensa alphabetically arranged
Early Chinese mirror inscriptions
early history of the Chou Li and Tso Chuan texts., The
Easy lessons in Chinese writing.
Études sur la phonologie chinoise... Thèse... par Bernhard Karlgren
Final -d and -r in archaic Chinese
Folksägner från Tveta ock Mo härader, 1908
Folksägner från Tveta ock Mo härader : Upptecknade på folkmål
Från Kinas bokvärld.
Från Kinas språkvärld
Från Kinas tankevärld
Gao Benhan Li ji zhu shi
Gao Benhan Shi jing zhu shi
Gao Benhan Shi jing zhushi
Glosses on the Book of Documents
Glosses on the book of odes.
Glosses on the Kuo Feng odes
Glosses on the Ta Ya and Sung odes
Glosses on Tso-chuan
Göteborgs högskola årsredogörelse 1934-1935, av Bernhard Karlgren,...
Grammata serica recensa.
Grammata serica : script and phonetics in Chinese and Sino-Japanese.
Han wen dian
Hantcha koŭm sajŏn : Analytic dictionary of Chinese and Sino-Japanese
Hanyu cilei [Ying - Han fanyi]
Huai and Han
Japans väg och mål
Legends and cults in ancient China
Loan characters in Pre-Han texts III
mandarin phonetic reader in the Pekinese dialect, A : with an introductory essay on the pronunciation.
Marginalia on some bronze albums.
Max Loehr and the study of Chinese bronzes : style and classification in the history of art
Minimal old Chinese and later Han Chinese : a companion to Grammata serica recensa
New studies on Chinese bronzes.
Notes on a Kin-ts'un album
On the authenticity and nature of the Tso Chuan
On the date of the Piao-bells
On the script of the Chou dynasty.
Ordet och pennan i Mittens rike
Østasien i det nittende Aarhundrede.
Östasien under nittonde arhundradet. -
Philology and ancient China
poetical parts in Lao-tsï., The
Problems in Archaic Chinese.
pronoun Küe in the Shu King., The
Proto-Chinois, langue flexionnelle., Le
reconstruction of ancient chinese., The
Religion i Kina : antiken
Rimes in the Sung Section of the Shi King, by Bernhard Karlgren, The
Schrift und Sprache der Chinesen
Septentrionalia et Orientalia : studia Bernhardo Karlgren a. d. III Non. Oct. anno MCMLIX dedicata.
Shang ku yin tʻao lun chi.
Shi king researches.
Shina gengogaku gairon
Some characteristics of the Yin art
Some fecundity symbole in ancient China
Some fecundity symbols in ancient China.
Some ritual objects of prehistoric China
Sound & symbol in Chinese.
t'oung pao
Thepronoun küe in the Shu king
Thereconstruction of ancient chinese
Tibetan and Chinese.
Transcription of literary Chinese, The
Word families in Chinese.
Xian qin wenxian jiajie zi li [Ying Han fanyi]
Yin and Chou in Chinese bronzes.
Yin and Chou researches; dedicated to the Royal academy of arts and the executive committee of the International exhibition of Chinese art, London, 1935-1936.
Zhongguo yin yun xue yan jiu
中国 音韵学 研究
中国の言語 : その特質と歴史について
先 秦 文献 假借 字 例 [英汉 翻译]
漢字 古音 辭典
高 本汉 左 传 注释
高 本汉 诗 经 注释