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Cushing, H. W.
Cushing, Harvey
Cushing, Harvey W.
Cushing, Harvey Williams
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Bailey, Percival (1892-1973))
Bordley, James (1900-....))
Carpi, Girolamo da (1501-1556)
Davidoff, Leo Max (1898-1975))
Héger, Paul (1846-1925))
Keith, Arthur (1866-1955))
Kessel, F. K.
Rossier, dr
Rossier, Jean
Rowfant Club (Cleveland, Ohio)
Spielmann, Marion Harry (1858-1948))
Streeter, Edward Clark (1874-1947)
Alterations in the color fields in cases of brain tumor
bibliographical study of the Galvani and the Aldini writings on animal electricity, A
bio-bibliography of Andreas Vesalius, A
chiasmal Syndrome of primary optic atrophy and bitemporal field defects in adult patients with a normal sella turcia, The
classification of the tumors of the glioma group on a histogenetic basis, A : with a correlated study of prognosis
Concerning diabetes insipidus and the polyurias of hypophysial origin
Concerning the symptomatic differentiation between disorders of the two lobes of the pituitary body
Consecratio medici and other papers
consideration of the hypophysial adenomata, A
Dr. Garth the Kit-Kat poet 1661-1718
From a surgeon's journal, 1915-1918
Further studies on the role of the hypophysis in the metabolism of carbohydrates the automatic control of the pituitary gland
Gewerbs-Verschiedenheit der Hirngliome und ihre Bedeutung und die Prognose, Die
Harvey Cushing birthday volume
Harvey Cushing collection of books and manuscripts, The
Henry E. Sigerist correspondences with Welch, Cushing, Garrison, and Ackerknecht
Intracranial tumours; notes upon a series of two thousand verified cases with surgical-mortality percentages pertaining thereto
Intrakranielle Tumoren : Bericht über 2000 bestätigte Fälle mit der zugehörigen Mortalitätsstatistik
legacy of Harvey Cushing, c2007:, The
Life of sir william osler
Louisa Parsons, first superintendent of nurses in the University of Maryland hospital
Macewen Memorial Lecture, 1927
medical career and other papers, The
medical career; the ideals, opportunities, and difficulties of the medical profession, The
Medicine at the crossroads
meningiomas, The : arising from the olfactory groove and their removal by the aid of electro-surgery
Meningiomas their classification, regional behaviour, life history, and surgical end results
method of combining exploration and decompression for cerebral tumors which prove to be inoperable, A
method of total extirpation of the Gasserian ganglion for trigeminal neuralgia, A
Musculorum humani corporis picturata dissectio (Ferrara 1541 ?)
Notes on penetrating wounds of the brain
Observations on choked disc with especial reference to decompressive cranial operations
Obstructive hydrocephalus following cerebrospinal meningitis, with intraventricular injection of antimeningitis serum (Flexner)
Papers relating to the pituitary body hypothalamus and parasympathetic nervous system
pathological findings in four autopsied cases of acromegaly with a discussion of their signifiance, The
physician and the surgeon, The
pioneer medical schools of central New York, The
Pituitary body and its disorders clinical states produced by disorders of the hypophysis cerebri
Primary gliomas of the chiasm and optic nerves in their intracranial portion
Removall of a subcortical cystic tumor at a second-stage operation without anesthesia
"right angle" continuous intestinal suture, 1889:, The
Selected papers on neurosurgery
story of U. S. Base Hospital No. 5, The
Studies in intracranial physiology and surgery
Studies in the physiological properties of the growth-promoting extracts of the anterior hypophysis
Studies of optic-nerve atrophy in association with chiasmal lesions
study of a series of wounds involving the brain and its enveloping structures, A
Technical methods of performing certain cranial operations
tumeurs du nerf auditif et le syndrome de l'angle ponto-cérébelleux, Les
Tumeurs intracraniennes : étude analytique de 2.000 tumeurs vérifiées et de leur mortalité opératoire
Tumors arising from the blood-vessels of the brain angiomatous malformations and hemangioblastomas
Tumors of the nervus acusticus and the syndrome of the cerebellopontile angle
visit to Le Puy-en-Velay, an illustrated diary, A
William Stewart Halsted, 1852-1922.