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Morlei, Thomas
Morlei, Tomaso
Morley, Thomas
Morlijs, Tomass
Морли, Т
Морли, Томас
מורלי, תומס
1557 līdz 8-1602
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Manuscript notated music
Mixed materials
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Byrd, William (1543?-1623)
Dart, Thurston (1921-1971)
Dowland, John (1563-1626)
Fellowes, Edmund Horace (1870-1951)
Gastoldi, Giovanni Giacomo (1550-1622)
Harman, Alec
Royal Musical Association
Thomas, Bernard (1949-)
Tolt, Ivan
Uhler, John Earle
Weelkes, Thomas (1576?-1623)
Wilbye, John (1574-1638)
Young, Percy M.
אחאי, יוסף (1898-1988)
Absence, hear thou my protestation
Alman, keyboard instrument, C major
am the resurrection. Man that is born of a woman, I
Arise, awake, you silly shepherds sleeping
Arise, get up, my deere
Ayres. Can I forget what reason's force
Ayres. Come, sorrow, come
Ayres, libro 1º
Ayres Livre 1
Ayres or little short songs ... booke 1
Ayres. Selections
Ayres. What if my mistresse now
Ayres. Who is it that this darke night
Ayres. Will ye buy a fine dogge
Balletts, book 1 About the may-pole new
Balletts, book 1 Fyer, fyer
Balletts, book 1 Lo, she flyes
Balletts, book 1 No, no, Nigella
Balletts. Selections
Balletts. What saith my daintie darling?
Beesides a fountaine
Canzonetas voces (2)
Canzonets, voices (2). Goe yee, my canzonets
Canzonets, voices (2). I should for griefe and anguish
Canzonets, voices (2). Leave now mine eyes lamenting
Canzonets, voices (2). Rondinella
Canzonets, voices (2). Sampogna
Canzonets, voices (2). Selections
Canzonets, voices (3). Cruel, you pul away to soone
Canzonets, voices (3). God morrow, faye ladies of the may
Canzonets, voices (3). Hould out, my hart
Canzonets, voices (3). Say, deere, will you not have me?
Canzonets, voices (3). Spring tyme mantleth every bough
Canzonets, voices (3). Whether awaie so fast
Canzonets, voices (5-6). Ay me, the fatall arrow
Canzonets, voices (5-6). Damon and Phyllis squared
Canzonets, voices (5-6). Fly love, that art so sprightly
Canzonets, voices (5-6). I follow, loe, the footing
Canzonets, voices (5-6). Love tooke his bowe and arrow
Choral music. Selections
Clorinda, false, adieu
Come Sorrow, Come
Consort lessons. 10, Frog galliard
Consort lessons. 18, Balowe
Consort lessons. 20, Sola soletta
Consort lessons. 21, Lavolto
Consort lessons. 22, Coranto
Consort lessons. 23. Lord Souches maske
Consort lessons. 6, Can she excuse
Consort lessons. Selections
Cruell, wilt thou persever
Daintie, fine, sweet nimphe
Eheu sustulerunt Dominum
first book of consort lessons
Fyer, fyer
Fyre and lightning from heaven
Go from my window
goe before my darling, I
Hard by a cristall fountaine
Harke, Alleluia cheerely
heard a voice from heaven, I
In every place
In nets of golden wyers
It Was a Lover and His Lass
It was a lover and his lasse
Joyne hands
Kanzonetten (1593) Arise, get up, my deere
Kanzonetten (1593) Joy doth so arise
Kanzonetten (1593) Ladie, those eyes
Kanzonetten (1593) Say, deere, will you not have me
Kanzonetten (1593) See, see, myne owne sweet jewell
Kanzonetten (1593) Spring tyme mantleth every bough
Kanzonetten (1593) This love is but a wanton fit
Kanzonetten (1593) Though Philomela lost hir love
Kanzonetten (1597) O griefe, even on the bud
Kanzonetten (1597) O sleep, fond fancy
Kanzonetten (1597) You black bright stars
Kanzonetten Buch 1
Leave, alas, this tormenting
love, alas, I love thee, I
Love winged my hopes
Madrigale, Buch 1 Help, I fall, ladie
Madrigale, Buch 1 Now is the gentle season
Madrigals, voices (4), bk. 1. Aprill is in my mistris face
Madrigals, voices (4), bk. 1. Come lovers, follow me
Madrigals, voices (4), bk. 1. Hoe, who comes here?
Madrigals, voices (4), bk. 1. In dewe of roses
Madrigals, voices (4), bk. 1. Say, gentle nymphes
Miraculous love's wounding
Misteresse mine, well may you fare
My bonny lasse shee smyleth
Nolo mortem peccatoris
Now is the gentle season
Now is the month of maying
O griefe even on the bud
O mistresse mine
On a faire morning
Out of the deep (Verse anthem)
painted tale
Pavan and galliard, harpsichord, D minor
Pavan and galliard, harpsichord, F major. Galliard
Pavan and galliard, harpsichord, F major. Pavan
Phillis, I faine wold die now
Plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke. Agnus Dei
Plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke. Aria, voices (3)
Plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke. Domine fac mecum
Plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke. Selections
Plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke. Sol-faing song, no. 1
profundis clamavi, De
Sacred end pavin
saw my ladye weeping, I
See, see, myne owne sweet jewell
Services, no. 1. Selections
Shoot false love, I care not
Sing wee and chaunt it
Song for Voice, Lute & Bass Viol "It was a Lover and his Lass"
Sweet nimphe, come to thy lover
Thirsis and Milla
Those dainty daffadillies
Though Philomela lost her love
Vocal music. Selections
When loe, by breake of morning
With my love my life was nestled
Works. Selections