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Granatstein, J. L.
Granatstein, J. Lawrence
Granatstein, Jack
Granatstein, Jack L.
Granatstein, Jack Lawrence,
グラナツティン, J. L
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Bercuson, David J. (1945-)
Bercuson, David Jay (1945-...)
Bercuson, David Jay (1945-)
Bothwell, Robert (1944- ))
Cohen, Andrew (1955-)
Cuff, Robert D. (1941- ))
Cuff, Robert Dennis (1941-...)
Duke University
Hillmer, Norman (1942-)
Lavender, Douglas
Morton, Desmond (1937- ))
Roy, Patricia
Spremo, Boris
Stevens, Paul Douglas (1938- ))
Stevens, Peter
吉田, 健正 (1941-)
1st drafts
American dollars, Canadian prosperity : Canadian-American economic relations, 1945-1950
Aux barricades de la paix
Battle lines : eyewitness accounts from Canada's military history
Bloody victory : Canadians and the D-Day campaign, 1944
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Canada 1957-1967 : the years of uncertainty and innovation
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Canada at the crossroads? : the critical 1960s : die kritischen 1960er Jahre
Canada: Peacekeeper
Canada's army waging war and keeping the peace
Canada's foreign relations, 1919-1945.
Canada's war the politics of the Mackenzie King government, 1939-1945
Canada since 1867 : a bibliographical guide
Canadian 100, The : the 100 most influential Canadians of the twentieth century
Canadian-American relations in wartime : from the Great War to the cold war
Canadian foreign policy : historical readings
Canadian foreign policy since 1945 middle power or satellite
Canadian history
Canadian one hundred
Collins dictionary of Canadian history, The : 1867 to the present
Conscription in the Second World War, 1939-1945 a study in political management
Conservative Party of Canada, The ; 1939-1945
Dictionary of Canadian military history
Empire to umpire : Canada and the world into the 21st century
Empire to umpire : Canada and the world to the 1990s
"English Canada" speaks out
era of the Third Reich, The
First drafts : eyewitness accounts from Canada's past
For better or for worse, c1991:
For better or for worse : Canada and the United States into the twenty-first Century
For better or for worse : Canada and the United States to the 1990s
Forum Canadian Life and letters 1920-70, selections from «the Canadian Forum»
Forum canadien life and letters 1920-70 selections from the canadien Forum
generals the Canadian Army's senior commanders in the Second World War, The
Gouzenko transcripts, The : the evidence presented to the Kellock-Taschereau Royal Commission of 1946
great brain robbery, The : Canada's universities on the road to ruin
greatest victory, The : Canada's one hundred days, 1918
Hell's corner an illustrated history of Canada's Great War, 1914-1918
How Britain's weakness forced Canada into the arms of the United States the 1988 Joanne Goodman lectures
importance of being less earnest promoting Canada's national interests through tighter ties with the U.S., The
Issues and opinions
Issues in Canadian history J.L. Granatstein
Kanada am Wendepunkt?
Kanada no gaik@o : sono rinen to seisaku
Kanada no gaikō
land newly found: eyewitness accounts of the Canadian immigrant experience, The
Mackenzie King his life and world
Man of influence Norman A. Robertson and Canadian statecraft 1929-68, A
Marching to Armageddon : Canadians and the Great War, 1914-1919
Marlborough marathon: one street against a developer
Nation: Canada since confederation
nation forged in fire, A : Canadians and the Second World War, 1939-1945
Ottawa men the civil service mandarins, 1935-1957, The
Ottawa men, The : the civil service mandarins, 1935-1957 : with a new introduction
Our century : the Canadian journey in the twentieth century
Paul Day : Battle of Britain terracottas and other work
Peacekeeping international challenge and Canadian response
Peacekeeping: the Canadian experience
Peacekeeping: the international context
Petrified campus : the crisis in Canada's universities
Pirouette : Pierre Trudeau and Canadian foreign policy
politics of survival, 1967., The
politics of survival; the Conservative Party of Canada, 1939-1945, The
Prime ministers : ranking Canada's leaders
reader's guide to Canadian history., A
Sacred trust? 1986:
Sacred trust? : Brian Mulroney and the Conservative Party in power
Shadows of war, faces of peace : Canada's peacekeepers
Spy wars : espionage and Canada : from Gouzenko to glasnost
States in trouble
Ties that bind Canadian American relations in wartime from the Great War to the Cold War
Towards a new world : readings in the history of Canadian foreign policy
Trudeau's shadow : the life and legacy of Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Twentieth century Canada
Veterans Charter and post-World War II Canada, The
Victory 1945 : Canadians from war to peace
W. L. Mackenzie King
War and peacekeeping from South Africa to the Gulf Canada's limited wars
War and society in North America : papers presented at the Canadian Association for American Studies Meeting, Montreal, Fall, 1970
Welfare states in trouble : historical perspectives on Canada and Sweden
Who killed Canadian history? c1998:
Who killed the Canadian military?
Whose war is it? : how Canada can survive in the post 9/11 world
Yankee go home? : Canadians and anti-Americanism
カナダの外交 : その理念と政策
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Duke University, 1966