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West, Dick
West, R.
West, R. M.
West, R. W.
West, Richard
West, Richard M.
West, Richard Martin
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European Southern Observatory
Gyldenkerne, Kjeld
Holmberg, E. B.
International Astronomical Union
Lauberts, A.
Lauberts, Andris
Laustsen, Svend (1927-)
Madsen, Claus (1951-)
Pfleger, Thomas (1964-...))
Schuster, H.-E. (1934-)
Schuster, Hans-Emil (1934-)
United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
Astronomie images de l'univers
Astronomy on the personal computer
Atlas der Sternbilder : ein astronomischer Wegweiser in Photographien
Commission 20: positions and motions of minor planets, comets and satellites : report for the period July 1987-June 1990
Det ny verdensrum
Earliest photometry of supernova 1987A
ESO coude auxiliary telescope, The
ESO Quick Blue Survey and ESO (B) Atlas, The
ESO/Uppsala survey of the ESO (B) atlas of the southern sky-VI, The
European Shoemaker-Levy nine Jupiter workshop
European SL-9/Jupiter workshop : February 13-15, 1995, ESO Headquarters, Garching bei München, Germany : proceedings
Explorando el cielo austral
Exploring the southern sky : A pictorial atlas from the European Southern Observatory (ESO)
First spectroscopic confirmation of a microlensing event towards the galactic bulge
Halley's comet : (part 1): ground-based observations
Herbig-Haro like object ESO 313-N*1O, The
Imaging of very distant comets : current and future limits
la découverte du ciel austral le ciel vu à travers les clichés de l'Observatoire européen austral (ESO), A
Magnitudes, phases and light-curves of variable stars in the central region of the Ursa Minor dwarf galaxy
Mass loss and evolution in close binaries : International Astronomical Union, Colloquium no. 6 held in Elsinore, Denmark 15-19 September 1969
Minor bodies in the outer solar system proceedings of the ESO workshop held at Garching, Germany, 2-5 November 1998
Modern techniques in astronomical photography : proceedings
New carbon stars in Cygnus
On the reality of minor planet (330) Adalberta
optical counterpart of the strong southern radio source PKS 1343-601 (13S6A), The
peculiar Seyfert galaxy ESO 012-G21, The
Photoelectric observations of Nova Herculis 1960 and some critical remarks on Nova photometry.
photometric study of (2060) Chiron and its coma, A
Post-perihelion observations of comet P/Halley IV. r=16.6 and 18.8 AU
Precise optical positions of radio sources in the Southern Hemishere
preliminary investigation of a distant globular cluster in Eridanus (GCL0422-213), A
Preliminary stellar photographic photometry in the Sculptor Dwarf Irregular Galaxy (SDIG)
Proceedings ESO/CERN conference on large telescope design, Geneva ... 1971
Proceedings of the eighteenth General Assembly : Patras, 1982
Redshifts of southern clusters of galaxies
Reports on astronomy [1985]
Search for the nucleus of comet 46P/Wirtanen
Spectroscopic and photometric observations of galaxies from the ESO/Uppsala list
study of suspected planetary nebulae, A
Technical photography at ESO Sky Atlass laboratory
Ten new southern galaxies with broad emission lines
Two southern planetary nebulae : ESO 263-PN02 and SchuWe-3
Understanding the universe : the impact of space astronomy
uvby ß photometry of peculiar B and A stars, discovered at Abastumani
very large interacting galaxy pair IC 5174/75, The