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Cragg, Albert Kenneth
Cragg, K.
Cragg, Kenneth,
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Falāṭūrī, ʿAbd al-Ǧawād (1925-)
Ḥusayn, Muḥammad Kāmil (1901-1977))
Ḥusayn, Ṭāhā (1889-1973)
Musaʿad, Isḥāq
Paxton, Evelyn Henry (1906-)
Speight, R Marston (1924-)
Ṭahâ Ḥusayn (1889-1973)
Thomas, David
University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies
University of Oxford
Wayment, Hilary
Al Wādi al Muqaddas
alive to god - muslim and christian prayer compiled with an introductory essay by kenneth cragg
am i not your lord - human meaning in divine question
arab christian - a history in the middle east, the
Arab Christian, c1991:, The
Arab christian, The : a history in the Middle East
ayyām, Al-
call of the minaret, 1956., The
certain sympathy of scriptures, A : biblical and quranic
Christ and the faiths, The : theology in cross-reference
Christian and other religion, The : the measure of Christ
Christian Jesus, The : faith in the finding
Christian-muslim inter-text now, A : from anathemata to theme
Christianity in world perspective
City of wrong : a Friday in Jerusalem
Common prayer : a Muslim-Christian spiritual anthology
Counsels in contemporary Islam
days, The : his autobiography in three parts
Dome and the Rock, The : Jerusalem studies in Islam
Event of the Qur'ān, Islam in its Scripture. Kenneth Cragg, The
event of the Quʼrān; Islam in its scripture., The
faithful presence, A : essays for Kenneth Cragg
Faiths in their pronouns : websites of identity
Hallowed valley a Muslim philosophy of religion, The
House of Islam, The
iron in the soul - joseph and the undoing of violence, the
iron in the soul, The : Joseph and the undoing of violence
Islam from within : anthology of a religion
Islam in the twentieth century ; the relevance of Christian theology and the relation of the Christian mission to its problems
Jesus and the Muslim : an exploration
Koran and the West
lively credentials of god, the
mind of the qur'an - chapters in reflection, the
mind of the Qur'ān, The : chapters in reflection
Mosque sermons a listener for the preacher
Muhammad and the Christian : a question of response
Muhammad in the Qur'an : the task and the text
palestine - the prize and price of zion
passage to France, A : the third volume of the autobiography of Ṭāhā Ḥusain
passage to France the third volume of the autobiography of Ṭāhā Ḥusayn, A
pen and the faith - eight modern muslim writers and the qur'an, the
pen and the faith, The : eight modern Muslim writers and the Qurʼān
privilege of man, The : a theme in Judaism, Islam and Christianity
Qur'an and the West, The : some minding between
Qurʼan & the West
readings in the qur'an - selected and translated by kenneth cragg
Readings in the Qurā̓n
returning to mount hira
Sandals at the mosque : christian presence amid Islam
secular experience of God, The
Semitism, 2005:
Semitism : the whence and whither, "how dear are your counsels"
Then and now in Egypt : the reflections of Ahmad Amin, 1886-1954
theology of unity, The
this year in jerusalem - israel in experience
tragic in Islam, The
Trans action in biblical society
troubled by truth - life-studies in inter-faith concern
We believe in one God : the experience of God in Christianity and Islam
weight in the word, The : prophethood, biblical and Quranic
wisdom of the sufis, The
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Appendix 4a includes pamplet by the author: Revelation. London : Church Book Room Press, 1949. (Christian faith series ; no. 10); Appendix 4b includes pamphlet by author: The Trinity. London : Church Book Room Press, 1948. (Christian faith series ; no. 2)
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Oxford, 1950