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Chadson, M.O.
Hudson, Manley O.
Hudson, Manley Ottmer
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Asbeck, F.M. van (1889-1968)
Asbeck, Frederik Mari (1889-1968)
Bacon, Ruth E.
Bacon, Ruth Elizabeth (1908- ))
Carnegie endowment for international peace
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Division of International Law
Eysinga, Willem Jan Mari van (1878-1961)
Feller, A. H.
Hall, Norris F. (1891-) (Norris Folger))
Permanent Court of International Justice
Permanent Court of International Justice (The Hague)
Polânskij, Nikolaj Nikolaevič (1878-1961))
Verzijl, J.H.W. (1888-1987)
Verzijl, Jan Hendrik Willem (1888-1987)
World Peace Foundation
World peace foundation, Boston. [from old catalog]
Amendment of the covenant of the League of Nations
America and the Permanent court of international justice
Article 24 du statut de la Commission du droit international, document de travail préparé par Manley C. Hudson
Brief van Manley Ottmer Hudson (1886-1960) aan Willem Jan Mari van Eysinga (1878-1961)
By pacific means, the implementation of article two of the pact of Paris addresses delivered at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts College, March 1935
Cases and other materials on international law
Chaco arms embargo, The
collection of nationality laws of various countries as contained in constitutions, statutes and treaties, A
collection of the diplomatic and consular laws and regulations of various countries, A
Current international co-operation...
Department of State and the teaching of International law and International relations, The
Estates tail in Missouri, 1913.
Geneva protocol, The
International legislation a collection of texts of multipartite international instruments of general interest
League of Nations after five years, The
liberals and the League, The
Memorial presented to the Secretary of State, May second, nineteen hundred twenty-five on behalf of the League of Nations Non-Partisan Association
Meždunarodnye sudy v prošlom i buduŝem
Munitions industry. International regulation of the trade in and manufacture of arms and ammunition
Next war three addresses delivered at a symposium at Harvard University, November 18, 1924., The
Permanent court of international justice and the question of american participation with a collection of documents
Progress in international organization
prospect for international law in the twentieth century, The
registration and publication of treaties, The
rendition of the international mixed court at Shanghai, The
Treaty of the European Coal and Steel Community
United States and the International Court, advocating participation in the court, Manley O. Hudson, article reprinted ... from the New York Times of April 29, 1923; opposing participation in the court, William E. Borah, statement issued April 26, 1923., The
verdict of the league China and Japan in Manchuria, the official documents, The
What has the World Court done?
Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points after eight years : an address at a dinner in commemoration of the birthday of Woodrow Wilson, Minneapolis, Minnesota December 28, 1925
world court and international security An address before the Congress on Peace and Security, Detroit, Nov. 11, 1925, The
World court as factor in world peace, The
World court reports a collection of the judgments, orders and opinions of the Permanent court of international justice