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Benoy Kumar Sarkar
Benoy Kumar Sen
Benoy Sarkar
Binaẏakumāra Sarakāra
Kumar Sarkar, Benoy
Sarakāra, Binaẏakumāra
Sarakāra, Vinaya Kumāra
Sarakāra, Vinayakumāra
Sarkar, Benoy
Sarkar, Benoy K.
Sarkar, Benoy Kumar
Sarkār, Vinaya-kumāra
Sarkāra, Binayakumāra
Sen, Binay Kumar
Vinaya Kumāra Sarakāra
Vinaya-kumāra Sarkār
Vinayakumāra Sarakāra
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Language material
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Basu, Baman Das
Brajendra Nath Seal, 1864 (1938)
Kumar Narendranath Law, 1889-
Law, Narendra Nath (1889-)
Praphesara Binaẏakumāra Sarakāra Janmaśatabārshika Kamiṭi
Rakshit, Hemendra Kishor
Seal, Brajendranath Sir, 1864-1938
Ācārya Binaẏakumāra Sarakāra
aesthetics of young India, The
Aini-Akbari as a Semi-Moslem and Semi-Hindu Arthashastra. Benoy Kumar Sarkar, The
Banken und Bankiers im heutigen Indien, von... Benoy Kumar Sarkar,...
beginning of hindu culture as world-power (a.d. 300-600), the
Bengali banking in comparative bank statistics, by Benoy Kumar Sarkar...
Biplabīra bīrabandanā
bliss of a moment, The
Categories of societal speculation in Eur-America with special reference to economics and politics from Herder to Sorokin (1776-1928). [Signé : Benoy Kumar Sarkar.]
Chinese religion through Hindu eyes : a study in the tendencies of Asiatic mentality
[Collected papers, reprints, etc. on the political, social, and cultural aspects of India and China].
Comparative pedagogics in relation to public finance and national wealth
Creative India : from Mohenjo Daro to the age of Rāmakṛṣṇa-Vivekānanda
dati secolari e sociologici nella letteratura buddhistica Pali, I
Dict. of natl. biography
Dominion India in world perspectives, economic and political
Economic development and other works, by Benoy Kumar Sarkar,...
Economic development snapshots of world-movements in commerce, economic legislation, industrialism, and technical education
Economic expansion of the Bengali people. Prof. Benoy Kumar Sarkar..., The
economic services of Zamindars to the peasants and the public as analysed by Prof. Benoy Sarkar, The
Education for industrialization; an analysis of the forty years' work of Jadavpur College of Engineering and Technology (1905-45)
Entwicklungstendenzen im Privatversicherungswesen des indischen Volkes, von Benoy Kumar Sarkar,...
equations of world-economy in their bearings on post-war reconstruction, The
evolution of positivism in Bengal, 1993:, The
expansion of spirituality as a fact of industrial civilization, The
Folk-element in Hindu culture, a contribution to socio-religious studies in Hindu folk-institutions, by Benoy Kumar Sarkar,... assisted by Hemendra K. Rakshit,..., The
folk-element in Hindu culture, The : a contribution to socio-religious studies in Hindu folk-institutions
French schools of agriculture, manufacture and commerce, by Benoy Kumar Sarkar...
futurism of young Asia and other essays on the relations between the east and the west, The
Hindu achievements in exact science : a study in the history of scientific development
Hindu art : its humanism and modernism : an introductory essay
Hindu sociological literature from Chandeshvara to Rammohun (c. 1300-1833). Benoy Kumar Sarkar
Imperial preference vis-à-vis world-economy in relation to the international trade and national economy of India, by Benoy Kumar Sarkar,...
India in America, the diary of... Benoy Sarkar's travels and lectures in the U.S.A., March 7-June 22, 1949. Edited by Tarak Nath Das,...
India in America : the diary of Professor Benoy Sarkar's travels and lectures in the U.S.A., March 7-June 22, 1949
India's advances in industrialism during the period of the depression
Indian currency and reserve bank problems, by Benoy Kumar Sarkar,...
Indien Modernisierung der indischen Landwirtschaft, von... Benoy Kumar Sarkar,...
Indiens Entwicklung im Vergleich zu Eur-Amerika von Benoy Kumar Sarkar
Introduction to the science of education
Jarjja Oẏāśiṃṭana, Huiṭamyāna, o Mārkiṇa naranārīra dhāt
Lebensanschauung des Inders, Die
Love in Hindu literature, Benoy Kumar Sarkar,...
Magaj meramater hatiar
Magaja merāmatera hātiẏāra
might of man in the social philosophy of Ramakrishna an Vivekananda, The
Movimento industriale e commerciale nell'India moderna ed i suoi rapporti internazionali, Benoy Kumar Sarkar,... Il
Ouvrages en anglais par M. Benoy Kumar Sarkar, professeur, membre du conseil national d'éducation du Bengale et directeur de l'académie Panini d'Allahabad (Inde) : Ouvrages en bengali, langue parlée par 45 millions d'habitants du Bengale, par le même auteur
Parājita Jārmmāṇi
pedagogy of the Hindus, The
political institutions and theories of the Hindus, The : a study in comparative politics
Political philosophy of Ramdas the Guru of Shivaji the Great. Benoy Kumar Sarkar, The
politics of boundaries and tendencies in international relations., The
positive background of Hindu sociology. [Book I]: Introduction to Hindu positivism., The
positive background of Hindu sociology, The : book 1. Introduction to Hindu positivism
Prācīna Bhāratīẏa sāhityera rūpalekhā.
Pressure of labour upon constitution and law (1776-1928). A chronology of ideals and achievements in societal reconstruction, by Benoy Kumar Sarkar,..., The
pressure of labour upon constitution and law (1776-1928), The : a chronology of ideals and achievements in societal reconstruction
Ramakrishna-Vivekananda and the religion of progress.
Realities in the relations between East and West, by Prof. Kumar Sarkar...
Religious categories and universal expression of creative personality : a study of the sociology of values
Remaking of the Reichsbank and the Banque de France, The : a study on comparative Note-Legislation in the perspective of the Bank of England, by Benoy Kumar Sarkar...
science of history and the hope of mankind, The
Secular and social strata in buddhidt thought
Secular & social strata in Buddhist thought
Social Insurance, legislation and statistics : a study in the labour economics and busines organization of neo-capitalism, and other works
Società ed economia nell' India antica e moderna
Sociographie hindoue aux débuts du capitalisme moderne. [Signé, La : Benoy Kumar Sarkar.]
sociology of population, with special reference to optimum, standard of living, and progress, The : a study in societal relativities
sociology of races, cultures and human progress, The : studies in the relations between Asia and Eur-America
Stalin as the manager of leninismN° II. Dr. Benoy Sarkar
Struckturelle Erneuerung in der indischen Industrie und Wirtschaft, Benoy-Kumar Sarkar.
Studies in applied economics; essays on world-economy in its bearings on economic India with statistical conclusions as to the equations of comparative industrialism ...
Sukran^iti, The
śukranītiḥ, The : original Sanskrit with translation into English
Technique and finance of health insurance, by Benoy Kumar Sarkar, Calcutta, The
Theory of wages in the light of social insurance and public finance. Benoy Kumar Sarkar,..., The
Villages and towns as social patterns : a study in the processes and forms of societal transformation and progress