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Rota, G. -C.
Rota, Gian-Carlo
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writer of accompanying material
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Birkhoff, Garrett
Davis, Philip J.
Hersh, Reuben
Kac, Mark (1914-1984)
Kung, Joseph P. S.
Metropolis, N. (1915-)
Metropolis, Nicholas (1915-)
Metropolis, Nicholas Constantine (1915-)
Reynolds, Mark C.
Schwartz, Jacob T. (1930-2009)
Sharp, David Howland
Shrikhande, S.S.
Ulam, Stanislaw M.
Ungar, Zdenka
Advances in mathematics. Edited by Gian-Carlo Rota..1969
Advances in mathematics. Edited by Gian-Carlo Rota..1972
Advances in mathematics. Edited by Gian-Carlo Rota.., by Jean A. Dieudonné and James B. Carrell
Advances in mathematics. Edited by Gian-Carlo Rota... _ Paginé 211-344
Advances in mathematics. Edited by Gian-Carlo Rota... _ Paginé 415-624
Advances in mathematics. Edited by Gian-Carlo Rota... _ Paginé 81-207
Algebraic combinatorics and computer science : a tribute to Gian-Carlo Rota
Algebraic geometry. Jean Dieudonné. Fondements de la géométrie algébrique moderne. Jean Dieudonné
Arlan Ramsay. Virtual groups and group actions. Robert McCabe and Paul Shields. A Class of Markov shifts which are Bernoulli shifts. Alan Weinstein. Symplectic manifolds and their Lagrangian submanifolds. Hermann Flashka and Gilbert Strang. The Correctness of the Cauchy problem. Louis N. Howard. Bounds on the periods of finite-disk generated gravity modes. S.A. Andrea. The Hodge existence theorem.]
[ Articles by H. P. McKean, Jr. James R. Munkres, Isaac Chavel, E. Reissner... etc.]
[ Articles par] Ian Richards, Donald Ornstein, N.A. Friedman, Harry Dym, Charles Loewner and Henry B. Mann.]
[ Articles par] Joram Lindenstrauss, G. Da Prato, Frank Spitzer, Richard Holley.]
Classic papers in combinatorics
Collected papers
Combinatorial enumeration
Combinatorics : the Rota way
Discrete thoughts essays on mathematics, science, and philosophy
Discrete thoughts : essays on mathematisc, science and philosophy
Discrette thoughts
Doživljaj matematike
Edward B. Curtis. Simplicial homotopy theory. R.H. Crowell. The Derived module of a homomorphism. Lawrence Corwin. Generalized Gaussian measures and a 0functional equation1: 3. measures on Rn.]
Encycl. math. appl.
Encyclopaedia of mathematics and its applications
Encyclopedia of mathematics and its applications.
Essays dedicated to S. M. Ulam : proceedings of the first Los Alamos Symposium on Mathematics in the Natural Sciences
Essays on the future : in honor of Nick Metropolis
Extremal polynomials associated with a system of curves in the complex plane. Harold Widom,... _
Finite operator calculus
Gian-Carlo Rota on analysis and probability : selected papers and commentaries
Gian-Carlo Rota on combinatorics introductory papers and commentaries
history of computing in the twentieth century, A : a collection of essays
history of computing in the twentieth century a collection of essays with introductory essay and indexes, A
Ichiro Satake. Factors of automorphy and fock representations. L. Auslander and J. Brezin. Uniform distribution in solvmanifolds. D.B. Ray and I.M. Singer. R-Torsion and the Laplacian on Riemannian manifolds.]
Indiscrete thoughts
Indiscrete througts
Introduction to geometric probability
Invariant theory and superalgebras
Invariant theory, old and new
Lezioni napoletane ; a cura di Fabrizio Palombi
Lost Café
Mathematical essays in honor of Gian-Carlo Rota
mathematical experience, The : study edition
mathematical experience, The ; with an introduction by Gian-Carlo Rota.
Mathematicians of our time
measure theoretic approach to logical quantification, A
Methoden zur Theorie der ternären Formen
New directions in physics, 1987:
New directions in physics : the Los Alamos 40th anniversary volume
New era in computation, A
On the foundations of combinatorial theory : combinatorial geometrics
On the foundations of combinatorial theory: combinatorial geometries
Ordinary differential equations
[ Oscillation theory of ordinary linear differential equations, John H. Barrett. Convergence of convex sets and of solutions of variational inequalities, Umberto Mosco. The Bounded spherical functions on symmetric spaces, S. Helgason and Kenneth Johnson. Classification of second order linear differential equations with respect to oscillation, D. Willett]
Osservazioni sull'intelligenza artificiale : conferenze di Ateneo
Pensieri discreti ; a cura di Fabrizio Palombi
Percy Alexander MacMahon, collected papers
Phénoménologie discrète écrits sur les mathématiques, la science et le langage
Probability ; Combinatorics ; Teaching and learning in mathematics
Probability, statistical machanics, and number theory : a volume dedicated to Mark Kac
Probability, statistical mechanics, and number theory : a volume dedicated to Mark Kac
Probality, statistical mechanics, and number theory
Problems in modern mathematics
Richard G. Swan. Generators and relations for certain special linear groups. Christopher J. Preston. A Theory of capacities and its application to some convergence results.]
Rings with several objects. Barry Mitchell,... _
Robert F. Brown. Notes on Leray's index theory. Daniel Quillen. Elementary proofs of some results of cobordism theory using Steenrod operations. Gerald E. Sacks. On the reducibility of IJ1¹ sets.]
Science and computers : a volume dedicated to Nicholas Metropolis
Science, computers, and people : from the tree of mathematics
Selected papers on algebra and topology by Garrett Birkhoff
Sets, numbers and universes selected papers
Sets, numbers, and universes : selected works
Sigurdur Helgason. A Duality for symmetric spaces with applications to grou representations. Daniel J. Kleitman. On a lemma of Littlewood and Offord on the distributions of linear combinations of vectors.]
Studies in algebra and number theory
Studies in algebraic topology
Studies in analysis
Studies in foundations and combinatorics
Studies in probability and ergodic theory
Survey in applied Mathematics : essays dedicated to S. M. Ulam
survey of combinatorial theory, A
Surveys in applied mathematics : essays dedicated to S.M. Ulam
Théorie combinatoire des invariants classiques
Topics in singular perturbations. Robert E. O'Malley Jr
Uncommon sense
Unified approach to local and global fixed point indices. Richard B. Thompson,... _, A
Utracona kawiarnia : (wspomnienia o Stanisławie Ulamie)