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Šepli, L.
Shapley, L. S.
Shapley, Lloyd
Shapley, Lloyd S.,
Shapley, Lloyd Stowell
Shapley, Llyod S.
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Aumann, Robert J.
Aumann, Robert J. (1930-....))
Baucells, Manel
Burgin, Mark
Dresher, Melvin
Dubey, Pradeep
Ferguson, Thomas Shelburne (1929-)
Hu, Xingwei
Karlin, Samuel (1924-2007))
Levy, Anat
MacQueen, J. B.
MacQueen, James B.
Monderer, Dov
Owen, G
Palamara, Jorge R.
Princeton University
Qin, Chen-Zhong
Qin, Cheng-Zhong
Raghavan, T.E.S.
Raut, L. K.
Roth, Alvin E.
Rulnick, John M.
Samet, Dov
Scarf, Herbert
Shapley, L S
Shapley, Lloyd
Shapley, Lloyd S
Shapley, Lloyd S.
Shimomura, Ken-Ichi
Shubik, Martin
Shubik, Martin (1926-)
Tucker, Albert William (1905- ))
University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) / Department of Economics
Vohra, Rajiv
Additive and non-additive set functions
Advances in game theory
assignment game I: the core, The
Competitive Equilibrium and Game Theory Solutions: Part I. The Core and Value
Control Games and Organizations
Convex Covers of Symmetric Games
Enhanced Banzhaf Power Index and It's Mathematical Properties
Example of a Slow-Converging Core., An
Example of a Trading Economy with Three Competitive Equilibria., An
example of an infinite, non-constant sum game., An
Fictitious Play Property for Games with Identical Interests
games and economic behavior
Geometry of moment spaces
Individual and Collective Wage Bargaining.
journal of economic theory
Kernels of Replicated Market Games
Let's block "block"
Long Term Competition-A Game Theoretic Analysis
Lotteries and menus: A comment on unbounded utilities
Marshallian Money, Welfare, and Side-Payments
Multiperson utility
Noncooperative general exchange with a continuum of traders: Two models
note on the Lemke-Howson algorithm, A
On authority distributions in organizations: controls
On authority distributions in organizations: equilibrium
On balanced games without side payments--a correction
On cores and indivisibility
On determining the full set of solutions of a finite game, c1951.
On Kakutani's Fixed Point Theorem, the K-K-M-S Theorem and the Core of a Balanced Game.
On market games
On membrane equilibria
On Milnor's class "L" notes on n-person games VIII
On the Core of an Economic System with Externalities.
Optimal Location of Candidates in Ideological Space.
Ownership and the Production Function
Petersburg paradox--a con game?, The
Potential Games
Price Strategy Oligopoly with Product Variation.
Pure competition, coalitional power and fair division
Shapley value, The : essays in honor of Lloyd S. Shapley
Simple Games and Authority Structure
St. Petersburg paradox: A con games?, The
Statistics, probability, and game theory papers in honor of David Blackwell
Stochastic games and related topics : in honor of professor L. S. Shapley
Theory of games and its applications to economics and politics
Theory of Money and Financial Institutions. Part VI. The Rate of Interest, Noncooperative Equilibrium and Bankruptcy, A
Totally Balanced Games Arising from Controlled Programming Problems
Trade using one commodity as a means of payment
Values of non-atomic games
Walras core of an economy and its limit theorem, The
Weighted Values and the Core.
Značeniâ dlâ neatomičeskih igr
"March 1953."
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Princeton University, 1953