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Beilharz, P.
Beilharz, Peter
Beilharz, Peter Michael
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Considine, Mark (1953-)
Hogan, Trevor
La Trobe University
Monash University
Nyland, Chris
Pudsey, Jason
Riley, Miriam
Robinson, Gillian
Rundell, John F.
Smith, Bernard (1916-2011)
Watts, Rob
Agnes Heller's Theory of Modernity
Anitra Nelson, Marx's Concept of Money - The God of Commodities
Ann M. Woodall, What Price the Poor? William Booth, Karl Marx and the London Residuum; Matthew Beaumont, Utopia Ltd - Ideologies or Social Dreaming in England 1870-1900
Antipodes, The
Arguing about the welfare state : the Australian experience
Australia and New Zealand - looking backward, looking forward and the parting of ways
Australia: The Unhappy Country, or, A Tale of Two Nations
Australian Civilization and its Discontents
Australian Laborism, Social Democracy, and Social Justice into the 1990s
Australian Left
Australian Settlement and the New Century, The
Australian Settlements
Bauman reader, The
Bauman's Coat
Bauman's Modernity
Beck Matustik 'Jurgen Habermas'
Bernard Smith, Modernism's History : A Study in Twentieth-Century Art and Ideas
Bernard Smith: Taking a Distance
Bob Dylan
Brendan O'Connor and Martin Griffiths (eds), The Rise of Anti-Americanism; Dennis Altman, Gore Vidal's America
Budapest Central : Agnes Heller's `Theory of Modernity'
Bulent Diken and Carsten Bagge Laustsen, The Culture of Exception - Sociology Facing the Camp
Calhoun's Critical Theory
Calhoun's Social Science
Communism Party of Australia
Countereditorial (2010)
Culture of Closure, A
Daniel Bell - American Menshevik
Daniel Chernilo, A Social Theory of the Nation State : The Political Forms of Modernity Beyond Methodological Nationalism
David Ames Curtis (ed.), The Castoriadis Reader, Zygmunt Bauman, Postmodernity and its Discontents
David E. Nye, America as Second Creation - Technology and Narratives of New Beginnings
David Roberts and the 'Eleventh Thesis'
Decline of Western Marxism, The : Trotsky, Gramsci, Althusser
Dick Pels, The Intellectual as Stranger Studies in Spokespersonship
Economy and Government
Editor's Introduction
Editorial Number One (1980)
Edward Clavell Tripp (1900-1979)
Ends and Rebirths : An Interview with Daniel Bell
Francis Davis, The History of the Blues : The Roots, the Music, the People
From Sociology to Culture, via Media - Some Thoughts from the Antipodes
Gane 'The Future of Social Theory'
Geoff Eley, Forging Democracy : The History of the Left in Europe, 1850-2000
George Seddon and Karl Marx : Nature and Second Nature
Globalization of Nothing, The
Imagining the antipodes : culture, theory, and the visual in the work of Bernard Smith
Jean Craig and the Factory Girls
Jimi Hendrix
John Anderson, Lectures on Political Theory 1941-45 Bernard Smith, The Formalesque - A Guide to Modern Art and Its History
Keith Tester and Michael Hivid Jacobsen, Bauman before Postmodernity - Invitation, Conversations and Annotated Bibilography, 1953-1989
Labour's utopias : Bolshevism, Fabianism, Social Democracy
Labour's Utopias Revisited
Leslie Derfler, Paul Lafargue and the Founding of French Marxism 1842-1882; Paul Lafargue and the Flowering of French Socialism 1882-1911
Lobby and Me
Looking Back : Marx and Bellamy
Manfred Steger, Selected Writings of Eduard Bernstein, 1900-1921; The Quest for Evolutionary Socialism : Eduard Bernstein and Social Democracy
Martin Beck Matustik, Jurgen Habermas - A Philosophical-Political Profile
Marxist Legacy, The
Max Koch, Roads to Post-Fordism, Labour Market and Social Structures in Europe; Christian Joerges, Bo Strath, Peter Wagner (eds), The Economy as a Polity; The Political Constitution of Contemporary Capitalism
Michael Newman, Ralph Miliband and the Politics of the New Left
Miss Craig Goes to Chicago
Modern and Postmodern
Modernidad De Bauman, La
Modernity and Communism : Zygmunt Bauman and the Other Totalitarianism
Modernity in Motion
Nation: Experiences and Explanations
Nations and Nationalism in Australia and New Zealand
Nicholas Gane (ed.), The Future of Social Theory
Nye 'American as Second Creation'
Peculiar Path of Antipodean Modernity, The
Perry Anderson, The Origins of Postmodernity
Philippa Mein Smith, A Concise History of New Zealand
Placing Utopia: Some Classical Images
Poor Relation, The : A History of Social Sciences in Australia Stuart Macintyre
Portrait of the Art Historian as a Young Man
Postmodern Socialism Revisited
Postmodernism and Citizenship
Postwar American Critical Thought, 4 vols
Prehistoric Modes of Textual Production, or, Books Begat by other Books
Reading Zygmunt Bauman
Reflected light : La Trobe essays
Rewriting Australia : the way we talk about fears and hopes
Robert Hughes and the Provincialism Problem
Rock Lobster: Lobby Loyde and the History of Rock Music in Australia
Rock'n'Labels: Tracking the Australian recording industry in 'The Vinyl Age': Part One: 1945-1970
Rock'n'Labels: Tracking the Australian recording industry in 'The Vinyl Age': Part Two: 1970-1975, and after
Rock 'n' Roll
Sixties and Seventies, The
So Sharp You Could Bleed: Sharpies and Visual Culture, A moment in the Seventies History of Melbourne
Social self, global culture : an introduction to sociological ideas.
Social Self, Global Culture: How to Use this Book
social theory: a guide to central thinkers
Socialism and America
Socialism and Culture : An Interview with Donald Sassoon
Socialism and modernity
Sociological Theory
Sociology : antipodean perspectives
Sociology of Caravans, A
Sociology: Place, Time and Division
State of Social Sciences in Australia, The
Stephen Turner (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Weber, Frederik Engelstad and Ragnvald Kalleberg (eds), Social Time and Social Change - Perspectives on Sociology and History
Teaching Sociological Theory
Tester and Hivid Jacobsen 'Bauman'
Therapy with Bauman
Thesis Eleven 100
Thesis Eleven - 25 Years On
Thesis Eleven Centre for Critical Theory: Annual Reports 2005-6
Thesis Eleven Journal
Thinking within Pacific Horizons
To love and be loved: Janina Bauman's ordinary life
Tocqueville in the Antipodes? Middling Through in Australia, Then and Now
Transforming labor : labour tradition and the labor decade in Australia
Trotsky, Trotskyism and the theory of the transition to socialism
Two New Britannias: Modernism and Modernity across the Antipodes
verdener vi skaber, De
Webbs, Fabianism and feminism, The : Fabianism and the political economy of everyday life
Worlds We Create, The
Writing Oz Pop: an insider's account of Australian popular culture making and historiography: an interview with Clinton J. Walker by Trevor Hogan and Peter Beilharz
Writing the History of Twentieth Century Communism
Zygmunt Bauman (1925-)
Zygmunt Bauman, 4 vols
Zygmunt Bauman, Culture and Sociology
Zygmunt Bauman : Dialectic of Modernity
zygmunt bauman - masters of social thought
Zygmunt Bauman - to build anew
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ACH: The Journal of the History of Culture in Australia
American Sociologist, The
Anthropological Psychology
Australia and India: Interconnections - Identity, Representation, Belonging
Australian Book Review
Australian Dictionary of Biography: Supplement 1580-1980
Bauman Beyond Postmodernity: Critical Appraisals, Conversations and Annotated Bibliography 1989-2005
Bauman Reader, The
Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, Vol.V, The
Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, Vol.VII, The
Budhi: A Journal of Ideas and Culture
Cambridge Handbook of Social Sciences in Australia, The
Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand, A
Confronting Globalization
Cultural Theory
Encyclopedia of Social Theory
Engaging Agnes Heller: A Critical Companion
European Legacy, The
Eyeline: Contemporary Visual Arts
Force, Movement, Intensity
From Agamben to Zizek: Contemporary Critical Theorists
Future of Sociology, The
Globalization and Utopia: Critical Essays
Handbook of Cultural Sociology
Handbook of Social Theory
Histories of Australian Sociology
International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest
Journal of Sociology
Local Lives/Global Networks
Major Social Theorists, Vol. II, Contemporary Social Theorists
Marxism and Reality
Moderne begreifen: Zur Paradoxie eines sozio-asthetischen Deutungsmusters
New Zealand Sociology
Om Bauman
Oxford Companion to Australian Politics, The
Polish Sociological Review
Postwar American Critical Thought
Radical Revisionism
Reflected Light: La Trobe Essays
Rethinking Australian Citizenship
Revista Anthropos
Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory, The
Sage Handbook of Nations and Nationalism, The
Social Causes, Private Lives
Social Self, Global Culture
Socialism and Modernity
Sociology: Antipodean Perspectives
Sociology: Place, Time and Division
Thesis Eleven
Thesis Eleven: Critical theory historical sociology
Twentieth Century Communism: a journal of international history
Zygmunt Bauman
Submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Politics Department
Summary: p.i-ii
Microreproduction of thesis xi, 467 leaves, 30cm. held at *THESIS B422
MOUN 2183
Thesis (Ph. D.) Monash University, 1983