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Rotblat, Dž
Rotblat, J.
Rotblat, Josef
Rotblat, Joseph
Rotblat, Józef
ロートブラット, J
ロートブラット, ジョセフ
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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ebrary, Inc
Hinde, Robert A.
Ikeda, Daisaku
Steinberger, Jack (1921-..)
Udgaonkar, Bhalchandra Madhav (1927-..)
Valki, Laszlo
Wallensteen, Peter (1945-)
Whitrow, G. J.
Yoko-o, Hidehiko
池田, 大作 (1928-)
1996--disarmament at a critical juncture.
50th Pugwash Conference : eliminating the causes of war : Cambridge, UK, August 2000
Addressing the nuclear weapons threat : the Russell-Einstein manifesto fifty years on
Alternative development : an anthology
Arms race at a time of decision, The : annals of Pugwash 1983
Atomic energy, a survey. Edited by J. Rotblat. [Being news and views of atomic energy, given as a course of lectures at the University of London, under the auspices of the "Atomic Scientists" Association and the Department of extra-mural studies during January and February 1954.]
Atoms and the universe, an account of modern views on the structure of matter and the universe, by G. O. Jones,... J. Rotblat,... G. J. Whitrow,... Prefatory note by sir John Cockcroft,...
Atomy i vselennaâ : rasskaz o sovremennyh vzglâdah na stroenie veŝestva i vselennoj
Auf der Suche nach der Menschlichkeit der Buddhist und der Nuklearforscher im Dialog
Bending the rules : morality in the modern world : from relationships to politics and war
British nuclear weapons programme, 1952-2002, The
Building global security through cooperation : annals of Pugwash 1989
Chikyū heiwa eno tankyū
Coexistence, cooperation, and common security annals of pugwash 1986 [proceedings of Pugwash conference in Budapest, September 1986]
Confronting the challenges of the 21st century
Disarmament : 1996 : disarmament at a critical juncture : panel discussions organized by the NGO Committee on Disarmament
Einstein weiterdenken sein Einsatz für Frieden und Abrüstung und die Verantwortung der Wissenschaft im 21. Jahrhundert
Eliminating the causes of war
Eliminer les armes nucléaires est-ce souhaitable ? est-ce réalisable ? conférences Pugwash sur la science et les affaires mondiales, ...
Ending war : the force of reason : essays in honour of Joseph Rotblat, NL, FRS
Genshi kara uchū e
Global problems and common security annals of Pugwash 1988
Hiroshima's shadow
History of the Pugwash Conferences
Ikeda daisaku zenshu.
Kagakusha no yakuwari
Kaku heiki no nai sekai e : A Pugwash monograph
Kaku sensō to hōshasen
Long roads to peace
monde sans arme nucléaire conférences Pugwash sur les affaires du monde et de la science, Un
Morality in the modern world : from relationships to politics and war
nuclear age - a curse and a challenge, The : the role of scientists
Nuclear non-proliferation and the non-proliferation treaty
Nuclear radiation in warfare.
Nuclear reactors : to breed or not to breed : a Pugwash debate on fast breeder reactors held at the Royal Society, London, on 28 Sept. 1976 under the chairmanship of Alec Merrison
Nuclear-weapon-free world, A : desirable?, feasible? ; executive ed., Frank Blackaby, 1993
Nuclear weapons, c1998:
Nuclear weapons : the road to zero
Proceedings of the forty-eighth Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, Jurica, Mexico, 29 September-4 October 1998 : the long roads to peace
Proceedings of the forty-fourth Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, Kolymbari, Crete, Greece, 30 June-6 July 1994 : towards a war-free world
Proceedings of the forty-ninth Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, Rustenburg, South Africa, 7-13 September 1999 confronting the challenges of the 21st century
Proceedings of the forty-third Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, Hasseludden Sweden, 9-15 June, 1993 : a world at the crossroads, new conflicts, new solutions
Pugwash : a history of the conferences on science and world affairs
Pugwash Conf. on Sci. and World Affairs (38th : 1988 : Dagomys, R.S.F.S.R.). Global problems and common security, c1989:
Pugwash, the first ten years : history of the conferences of science and world affairs
quest for global peace Rotblat and Ikeda on war, ethics, and the nuclear threat, A
Science and world affairs. History of the Pugwash conferences, by... J. Rotblat,...
Scientists in the quest for peace, a history of the Pugwash conferences, J. Rotblat
Scientists' responsibility in the atomic age
Scientists, the arms race and disarmament : a Unesco/Pugwash symposium
Security, cooperation and disarmament the unfinished agenda for the 1990s proceedings of the forty-sixth Pugwash conference on science and world affairs, Lahti (Finland), 2-7 september, 1996
Shaping our common future, dangers and opportunities : proceedings of the forty-second Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, Berlin, Germany, 11-17 September, 1992.
Strahlungswirkungen beim Einsatz von Kernwaffen e. Sipri-Publ.
Strahlungswirkungen beim Einsatz von Kernwaffen : eine Sipri-Publikation
Strategic defences and the future of the arms race : a Pugwash Symposium
Striving for peace, security, and development in the world : annals of Pugwash 1991
Towards a war-free world : annals of Pugwash 1994
Verification of arms reductions, c1989:
Verification of arms reductions : nuclear, conventional, and chemical
War no more, 2003:
War no more : eliminating conflict in the nuclear age
world at the crossroads, A : new conflicts, new solutions : annals of Pugwash 1993
World citizenship : allegiance to humanity
核兵器のない世界へ : A Pugwash monograph
科学者の役割 : 軍拡か軍縮か
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