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Carew Eccles, John
Eccles, J. C.
Eccles, John
Eccles, John C.
Eccles, John C. (Sir)
Eccles, John Carew
Eccles, John Carew ((neurophysiologist))
Eccles, John Carew (seras)
Eccles, John Carew (Sir)
Eccles, John (Sir)
Ekkls, Dž
Экклс, Джон
エクルズ, J. C
エクルズ, ジョン・C
エックルス, J. C
エックルス, ジョン・C
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André, Ana
Hartung, Angela
Kimble, Daniel P.
Luccioni, Jean-Mathieu (19..-.... traducteur)
Oomura, Yutaka (1925-)
Polšek, Darko
Popper, Karl R. (1902-1994)
Popper, Karl Raimund (1902-1994)
Popper, Karl Raimund (1902-1994))
Robinson, Daniel N.
Szentágothai, János (1912-1994)
Zeier, Hans (1939-)
大村, 裕 (1925-)
anatomy of memory, The : [proceedings of the 1st Conference on] learning, remembering and forgetting [, held under the auspices of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2, 1963, at Princeton, N.J.]
Brain and conscious experience Study week Sept. 28 to Oct. 4, 1964, of the Pontificia academia scientiarum
Brain and conscious experience. Study Week, September 28 to October 4, 1964, of the Pontificia Academia Scientiarum; [papers and discussions]
Brain and human behavior
brain and the unity of conscious experience, The
Brain-mind problem, The : philosophical and neurophysiological approaches
cerebellum as a neuronal machine, The
cerebro y la mente, El : reflexiones biológicas sobre la prehistoria, naturaleza y porvenir del hombre
Cerveau et experience consciente : 8ième Semaine d'Étude de l'Academie Pontificale des Sciences : study week september 28 to october 4, 1964 of the Pontificia academia scientiarum
Comment la conscience contrôle le cerveau
Complementarity of mind and body : realizing the dream of Descrates, Einstein and Eccles
Dynamic order : the problem of method in evolving nature : with letters fron N. Rescher, L. Pauling, J. Eccles and K. R. Popper
émergence de la conscience de l'animal à l'homme, L'
evolução do cérebro a criação do eu, A
Evolution des Gehirns - die Erschaffung des Selbst, Die
Évolution du cerveau et création de la conscience à la recherche de la vraie nature de l'homme
Evolution of the brain : creation of the self
Facing reality Philosophical adventures by a brain scientist
Fizjologia synaps nerwowych
future of science, The : 1975 Nobel Conference
Gehirn des Menschen das Abenteuer der modernen Gehirnforschung, Das
Gehirn des Menschen, Das : sechs Vorlesungen für Hörer aller Fakultäten
Gehirn und Geist biolog. Erkenntnisse über Vorgeschichte, Wesen u. Zukunft d. Menschen
Gehirn und Seele Erkenntnisse der Neurophysiologie
Gifford lectures Univ. of Edinburgh, The
How the self controls its brain
human mind, The : a discusion at the Nobel Conference organized by Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota, 1967
human mind, The : a discussion at the [3rd] Nobel conference, organized by Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota, [Jan. 11 and 12], 1967
human mistery, The : The Gifford Lectures. University of Edimburgh 1977-1978
human mystery, The : the Gifford lectures University of Edinburgh 1977-1978
human psyche the Gifford lectures, University of Edingburgh 1978-1979, The
Human Psyche, The : The GIFFORD Lectures Univ. of Edinburgh 1978-1979
human psyche, The : the Gifford lectures, University of Edinburgh, 1978-1979
Ich und sein Gehirn, Das
inhibitory pathways of the central nervous system, The
interview with Sir John Eccles, An
Jiga to nō.
Jiko wa donoyōni nō o kontorōrusuruka
John's lullaby : mixed choir, string orchestra : soundtracks (1985)
Kokoro wa nō o koeru
Mind and brain, c1982 (a.e.)
Mind and brain : the many-faceted problems : selected readings from the proceedings of the international conferences on the Unity of the Sciences
Molecular neurobiology of the mammalian brain
mystère humain conférences Gifford, Université d'Edimbourg 1977-1978, Le
Neurobiology of cognitive learning
neurophysiological basis of mind; the principles of neurophysiology., The
neurophysiological basis of mind, The : the principles of neurophysiology
Nō no shinka
Nobel Prize conversations with Sir John Eccles, Roger Sperry, Ilya Prigogine, Brian Josephson
Od Gee do sebičnog gena : zbornik radova
Organization of the spinal cord
physiology of imagination, The
physiology of nerve cells, The
Physiology of spinal neurons
physiology of synapses, The
pinnacle of life, The : consciouness and self-awareness in humans and animals
principles of design and operation of the brain, The : proceedings of a study week organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Casina Pius IV, Vatican City
psique humana, La
Psyche des Menschen, Die : das Gehirn-Geist-Problem in neurologischer Sicht
Rätsel Mensch d. Gifford lectures an d. Univ. von Edinburgh 1977 - 1978, Das
Rätsel Mensch, Das : die Evolution des Menschen und die Funktion des Gehirns
Recent achievements in restorative neurology ; trad. de l'anglais par Jean-Matthieu Luccioni, 1994
Reflexive water : the basic concerns of making
Researches on the central nervous system., ...
self and its brain, The : an argument for interactionism
Sherrington : his life and thought
Shinapusu no seirigaku
Studies in physiology : presented to John C. Eccles
Study week on: The principles of design and operation of the brain : October 19-24, 1988
Svijest životinja, svijest ljudi
Understanding of the brain
Upper motor neuron functions and dysfunctions [based on the proceedings of a workshop held in Houston, Texas on Oct. 27 - 30, 1982]
Wahrheit und Wirklichkeit Mensch u. Wissenschaft
Wahrheit und Wirklichkeit : Mensch und Wissenschaft
Wie das Selbst sein Gehirn steuert
wonder of being human, The : our brain and our mind
Wunder des Menschseins - Gehirn und Geist, Das
yo y su cerebro, El
Физиология синапсов
脳 : その構造と働き
脳と宇宙への冒険 : 人間の神秘