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Sapps, P.
Suppes, P.
Suppes, Patric
Suppes, Patric Colonel
Suppes, Patrick,
Suppes, Patrick C.
Suppes, Patrick Colonel
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Columbia University
Davidson, Donald (1917-2003)
Hintikka, Jaakko (1929-)
Jerman, Max
Moravcsik, J. M. E.
Nagel, Ernest (1901-1985)
Searle, Barbara
Siegel, Sidney
Stanford University. Institute for Mathematical Studies in the Social Sciences
Tarski, Alfred (1902-1983)
Workshop on Grammar and Semantics 1970 Stanford
Zanotti, Mario
Ancient and medieval traditions in the exact sciences
Ancient & medieval traditions in the exact sciences : essays in memory of Wilbur Knorr
Approaches to natural language : proceedings of the 1970 Stanford workshop on grammar and semantics
Aspects of inductive logic
Aspects of inductive logicEdited by Jaakko Hintikka,... Patrick Suppes,...
axiomatic method, The : with special reference to geometry and physics : proceedings of an International Symposium held at the University of California, Berkeley, December 26, 1957 - January 4, 1958
Axiomatic set theory
Chinese language, thought, and culture Nivision and his critics
Chinese language, thought and culture : Nivison and his critics
Computer-assisted instruction at Stanford, 1966-68 : data, models, and evaluation of the arithmetic programs
Computer-assisted instruction in elementary logic at the University level
Computer-assisted instruction in the schools : potentialities, problems, prospects
Computer-assisted instruction : Stanford's 1965-66 arithmetic program
Decision making : An experimental approach
development of mathematical concepts in children, The
Developmental models of a child's French syntax
Estudios de filosofia y metodologia de la ciencia
Evaluation of computer-assisted instruction : in elementary mathematics for hearing-impaired students
Evaluation of three computer-assisted instruction programs
Experiments in second-language learning
Facts and fantasies of education
first course in mathematical logic, a
Foundations of measurement
Foundations of probability with applications : selected papers, 1974-1995
French syntax and semantics of Phillipe, part I, The : noun phrases
Geometrical, threshold, and probabilistic representations
Handbook of mathematical psychology
Impact of research on education : some case studies
Individual differences in online and computer-based learning : gifted and other diverse populations
Information and inference
introduccion a la logica simbolica
Introduction to logic
Language and learning for robots
Language for humans and robots
Learning and the structure of information
Learning models and real-time speech recognition
Logic and probability in quantum mechanics
Logic, methodology and philosophy of science IV : proceedings of the Fourth International Congress for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Bucharest, 1971
Logic, methodology, and philosophy of science ; : Proccedings of the 1960 International Congress
Logic, methodology and philosophy of science : proceedings of the 1960 international congress
Logic, methodology and philosophy of sciences IV
Logique du probable, c1981:
Logique du probable : démarche bayésienne et rationalité
Markov learning models for multiperson interactions
Matematičeskaâ logika i ee primeneniâ : sbornik statej
Matematičeskaja logika i ee primenenija
Mathematical and computer studies of natural languages
Mathematical methods in small group processes
Mathematical methods in the social sciences, 1959 : proceedings of the First Stanford Symposium
Mathematics one-
Measurement: Problems of theory and application
Models and methods in the philosophy of science : selected essays
New ways in statistical methodology : from significance tests to Bayesian inference
On the problems of using mathematics in the development of the social sciences
Patrick Suppes, scientific philosopher
Performance models of American Indian students : on computer-assisted instruction in elementary mathematics
philosophy of physics, theory structure and measurement, and action theory
Philosophy, science, and method : essays in honor of Ernest Nagel
Primer curso de lógica matemática, 2002:
Probabilistic inference and the concept of total evidence
Probabilistic metaphysics
probabilistic theory of causality, A
probability and probabilistic causality
Probablistic metaphysics.
problem of action at a distance, 1950 i.e. 1951, The
Proceedings of an International Symposium
Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science
psychological foundations of mathematics, The
Radio mathematics in Nicaragua
Radio Mathematics Project: Nicaragua, 1974-1975, The
Random House mathematics program, The
Reasoning, rationality, and probability
Representation and invariance of scientific structures
Representation, axiomatization, and invariance
Research for tomorrow's schools: disciplined inquiry for education : report of the Committee on Educational Research of the National Academy of Education
Sets and numbers
Some counting models for first-grade performance data on simple addition facts
Space, time and geometry
Stimulus-response theory of finite automata
Stochastic causality
Structural variables affecting CAI performance on arithmetic word problems of disadvantaged and deaf students
Studies in the foundations of quantum mechanics
Studies in the methodology and foundations of science, selected papers from 1951 to 1969. Patrick Suppes
Surfaces and superposition
survey of cognition in handicapped children, A
teoria axiomatica de conjuntos
University-level, computer-assisted instruction at Stanford, 1968-1980
Математическая логика и ее применения : сборник статей
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Thesis--Columbia University