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Haar, D. Ter
Haar, Dik ter
Haar, Dirk ter
Khaar, D. ter
Ter Haar, D.
Ter Haar, Dirk
Тер Хаар, Д
Хаар, Д. тер
ハール, テル
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Balian, Roger (1933- ))
Davydov, A.S. (1912-)
Davydov, Aleksandr Sergeevič (1912-)
Ginzburg, V.L. (1916-2009)
Ginzburg, Vitalij Lazarevič (1916-2009)
Haug, Albert (1916- ))
Kramers, Hendrik Anthony (1894-1952))
Landau, L.D. (1908-1968)
Landau, Lev Davidovič (1908-1968)
Landau, Lev Davidovich (1908-1968)
Massey, H. S. H.
T︠S︡ytovich, V. N. (1929-) (Vadim Nikolaevich))
Wagner, Dieter (1931-...)
Wergeland, H. (1912-)
Wergeland, Harald (1912- ))
Wergeland, Harald (1912-)
Церковников, Ю. А
宮沢, 弘成 (1927-)
Applications of electrodynamics in theoretical physics and astrophysics
Collected papers of L. D. Landau
Collected papers of P. L. Kapitza.
Collected scientific works
Collection of problems in classical mechanics
Correlations and entropy in classical statistical mechanics
Corrélations et l'entropie en mécanique statistique classique
Du microscopique au macroscopique
Einführung in die Theorie des Magnetismus
Èlementarnaâ termodinamika
Èlementarnaja termodinamika
Elements of hamiltonian mechanics. 2nd ed.
Elements of statistical mechanics
Elements of thermodynamics
Elements of thermostatistics
Enshū ryōshi rikigaku.
Essays in theoretical physics : in honour of Dirk ter Haar
Ferromagnetic resonance : the phenomenon of resonant absorption of a high-frequency magnet field in ferromagnetic substances
Fisika planetnych kolets : nebesnaya mechanika sploshnoĩ sredy
Fluctuation, relaxation and resonance in magnetic systems : Scottish Universities' Summer School 1961
Fondements de la mecanique statistique classique et quantique
Foundations of classical and quantum statistical mechanics
foundations of quantum theory, The
From microphysics to macrophysics : methods and applications of statistical physics.
Fundamentals of magnetohydrodynamics
Green function method in statistical mechanics, The
Grundlagen der Quantentheorie
Introduction to the physics of many-body systems
Introduction to the theory of magnetism
Izbrannye naučnye trudy
Kaiseki rikigaku
Kiso netsurikigaku
Kvantovaâ mehanika
L. D. Landau.
Lectures on non-linear plasma kinetics
Lectures on nonlinear plasma kinetics
Lectures on quantum statistics.
Lectures on selected topics in statistical mechanics
Lectures on solid state physics
Master of modern physics the scientific contributions of H.A. Kramers
Men of physics : L.D. Landau
Metody kvantovoj teorii polâ v statističeskoj fizike
molecular-field theory of anisotropic ferromagnetica, A
Nejtronnye zvezdy i pul'sary
Netsu tōkeigaku : Bussei no tōkeitekina shirabekata
old quantum theory, The
origin of cosmic rays, The
Original papers in quantum physics
Osnovy Gamil'tonovoj mehaniki
Perspectives in theorical physics the collected papers of E.M. Lifshitz
Physics of planetary rings celestial mechanics of continuous media
physique de l'état solide et des basses températures en URSS, La : étude
Plasma astrophysics
Plasma electrodynamics.
Problèmes de mécanique quantique
Problems in electrodynamics
Problems in quantum mechanics
Problems in undergraduate physics.
Quantentheorie : Einführung und Originaltexte
Quantum field theoretical methods in statistical physics
Quantum mechanics
Sbornik zadač po obŝemu kursu fiziki
Sbornik zadach po elektrodinamike.
Selected papers of Landau
Selected problems in quantum mechanics
Solid state and low temperature physics in the USSR
Statistical mechanics
statistical theory of non-equilibrium processes in a plasma, The
Studies on the origin of the solar system, 1948.
Teoretičeskaâ fizika i astrofizika
Teoretičeskaja fizika i astrofizika.
Theoretical physics and astrophysics ; transl. by D. Ter Haar, 1979 (International series in natural philosophy). Elements of statistical mechanics
Theoretical solid state physics : in two volumes.
Theoretische Festkörperphysik
Turning points in physics : a series of lectures given at Oxford University in trinity term 1958
Vorlesungen über Festkörperphysik
vorming van vaste deeltjes in het interstellaire gas, De
Vvedenie v fiziku sistem mnogih častic
Waynflete lectures on physics : selected topics in contemporary physics and astrophysics
Wendepunkte in der Physik
Willis E. Lamb, Jr.: a festchrift on the occasion of his 65th birthday
Willis E. Lamb Jr. : a festschrift on the occasion of his 65th birthday
Введение в физику систем многих частиц
Нейтронные звезды и пульсары
熱統計学 : 物性の統計的な調べ方