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Boorstin, Daniel
Boorstin, Daniel J.
Boorstin, Daniel Joseph
Buosut'in, Daeniol J.
Buŏsŭtʻin, Daeniŏl J.
Buŏsŭtʻin, Daniel J.
Būrstīn, Dāniyāl
Bursṭin, Daniyel
Būrstīn, Dāniyīl
Burstin, Dėniel
Pu-erh-ssu-t'ing, Tan-ni-erh J.
Pu-erh-ssu-tʻing, Tan-ni-erh J
בורסטין, דניאל
بورستين، دانييل ج, دانييل جوزيف
دانييل بورستين،
دانييل ج. بورستين،
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
Related identities: 
Professor X (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
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Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature (Library of Congress)
Boorstin, Daniel J. (1914-; see also from)
Boorstin, Daniel Joseph (1914-; see also from)
Boorstin, Ruth Frankel
Daniel J. Boorstin Collection (Library of Congress)
Gertrude Clarke Whittall Poetry and Literature Fund
Kelley, Brooks Mather
Library of Congress
Library of Congress. Center for the Book
Luria, Jordi
Rodrigues, Fernanda Pinto
Vaněk, Jiří (1946 ún. 19.-)
Voretzsch, Renate
Zhongguo dui wai fan yi chu ban gong si
منصور، فاروق
America and the image of Europe : reflections on American thought
American civilization
American Primer, An
Americans, the democratic experience.
Americans, The : the colonial experience
Americans, The : the national experience
Americansthe democratic experience, The
amerykanie fenomen demokracji
Archibald MacLeish era at the Library of Congress, 1939-1944 a panel discussion commemorating the 40th anniversary of his librarianship., The
birth of exploration], [The
Cleopatra's nose : essays on the unexpected
Colonial experience
communities of knowledge, The
creadores, Los
creators a history of heroes of the imagination, The
criadoresuma história dos heróis da imaginação, Os
Daniel J. Boorstin reader, The
decline of radicalism, The : reflections on America today
découvreurs, Les
Democracy and Its Discontents : Reflections on Everyday America
descobridores, Os
descubridores, Los
discoverers, The
enlarged contemporary, [The ; The future of exploration]
exploring spirit, The : America and the world experience
exploring spirit, The : America and the world, then and now
fertile verge, The : creativity in the United States : an address given at the Carnegie Symposium on Creativity, the inaugural meeting of the Library of Congress Council of Scholars, November 19-20, 1980
genius of American politics, The
Hidden history
Histoire des américains
history of the United States since 1861, A
Image oder Was wurde aus dem amerikanischen Traum?, Das
image, or What happened to the American dream, The
image, The : a guide to pseudo-events in America
indivisible world, The : libraries and the myth of cultural exchange
landmark history of the American people from Appomattox to the moon, The
landmark history of the American people from Plymouth to Appomattox, The
Library of Congress and the pursuit of happiness, The : remarks
lost world of Thomas Jefferson, The : with a new preface
mysterious science of the law, The : an essay on Blackstone's Commentaries, showing how Blackstone, employing eighteenth-century ideas of science, religion, history, aesthetics, and philosophy, made of the law at once a conservative and a mysterious science
O nariz de Cleópatra : ensaios sobre o inesperado
pensadores, Los
Portuguese discoverers, The
republic of letters, The : Librarian of Congress Daniel J. Boorstin on books, reading, and libraries, 1975-1987
republic of technology, The : reflections on our future community
seekers the story of man's continuing quest to understand his world, The
sociology of the absurd; or, The application of Professor X., The
Storia delle conquiste umane : esplorazioni, invenzioni, scoperte
Syntetiske verden
therapy of distance], [The
Tít. da capa Os descobridores de como o homem procurou conhecer-se a si mesmo e ao mundo
Tribute to Luther Evans remarks made at a hero luncheon in the Whittall Pavilion, Library of Congress, April 28, 1982.
U.S. book of facts, statistics & information for 1967, The
United States Capitol, The
Visiting our past : America's historylands
War and remembrance the paradox of historical fiction
We Americans
What happened to the American dream.
world encompassed, The : remarks at a dinner held on March 19, 1981, in the Great Hall in celebration of the treasures of the Library of Congress
[Yutakasa e no fuman]
الامريكيون : التجربة الديمقراطية
جمهورية التكنولوجيا : تاملات فى مجتمع المستقبل فى الولايات المتحدة الامريكية
发现者 : 人类探索世界和自我的历史
大発見 : 未知に挑んだ人間の歴史
技術社会の未来 : 予測不能の時代に向けて
現代アメリカ社会 : コミュニティの経験
美国人, 建国历程
美国人, 开拓历程
美国人, 民主历程
過剰化社会 : 豊かさへの不満