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Lucas, R. E.
Lucas, Robert
Lucas, Robert E.
Lucas, Robert E. B.
Lucas, Robert E. (Jr)
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writer of accompanying material
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Boston University / Department of Economics
Dasgupta, Susmita
Fallon, P.R. Lucas R.E.B.
Fallon, Peter R
Fallon, Peter R.
Hettige, Hemamala
Hofmeyr, Julian F.
Katseli, Louka T.
Lucas, R. E. B.
Lucas, Robert E B
Lucas, Robert E. B.
Lucas, Robert E.B.
Mueller, Eva (1920-)
Papanek, Gustav Fritz
Pekkala, Sari
Pekkala, Sari A.
Pursell, Garry
Squire, Lyn (1946-...)
Srinivasan, Thirukodikaval N. (1933-...)
Stark, Oded
Stokey, Nancy L. (1950-)
Sweden. Expert Group on Development Issues
Thurow, Lester C. (1938-....))
Tower, Edward
United States. Congress. Joint Economic Committee
Verry, Donald
Verry, Donald W.
Wheeler, David
Xenogiani, Theodora
Abilities, Budgets and Age: Inter-Generational Economic Mobility in Finland
American distribution of income a structural problem, The
Demand for India's manufactured exports
Determinants of migration decisions
Diaspora and Development: Highly Skilled Migrants from East Asia
distribution and efficiency of crop production in tribal areas of Botswana, The
Distribution of Job Characteristics., The
Economic development, environmental regulation, and the international migration of toxic industrial pollution : 1960-88
Effects of Migration on Sending Countries: What Do We Know?
Effects of Proximity and Transportation on Developing Country Population Migrations, The
Emigration to South Africa's Mines.
Empirical Test of the Infant Industry Argument: Comment., An
Global exchange and poverty trade, investment and migration
Hedonic Price Functions.
Hedonic Wage Equations and Psychic Wages in the Returns to Schooling.
household economy of rural Botswana, The : an African case
Impact of Changes in Job Security Regulations in India and Zimbabwe., The
Impact of Financial Crises on Labor Markets, Household Incomes and Poverty: A Review of Evidence., The
Impact of Structural Adjustment on Training Needs, The
Indian economy recent development and future prospects, The
Inflation and Welfare
Internal Migration and Urbanization: Recent Contributions and New Evidence
Internal migration in developing countries: A review of theory, evidence, methodology and research priorities : Michael P. Todaro (International Labor Office, Geneva, 1976) pp. vi+106, SwF 20.00.
International Environmental Indicators: Trade, Income and Endowments
International migration and economic development lessons from low-income countries
Job security regulations and the dynamic demand for industrial labor in India and Zimbabwe
Liberalization of Indian trade and industrial licensing : A disaggregated econometric model with simulations
Lucas model misconstrued: Rebuttal, The
Making a Miracle
Migration among the Batswana
Migration amongst the Botswana.
Migration and Economic Development in Africa: A Review of Evidence
Migration and rural development
Migration, Remittances, and the Family.
Mines and migrants in South Africa
Motivations to Remit: Evidence from Botswana.
Motivations to remit : evidence from Botswanna [sic]
On the determinants of direct foreign investment: Evidence from East and Southeast Asia
On the Importance of Finnishing School: Half a Century of Inter-generational Economic Mobility in Finland
On the Mechanics of Economic Development
On the theory of DRC criteria Reply to Pursell and Tower
Outmigration, remittances and investment in rural areas
plan d'action économique et social résumé des idées et conclusions exposées dans "l'Essai sur l'organisation de l'économie, Un
Plant size, industrial air pollution, and local incomes: evidence from Mexico and Brazil
Policies for Migration and Development: A European Perspective
Politiques migratoires et développement : Une perspective européenne
puzzle of sharecropping: A piece refitted, The
Recursive methods in economic dynamics
Resolution Ex ante versus ex post DRC's and the possibility of negative shadow prices
Restructuring the Malaysian economy : development and human resources
Rise in Union Wage Premia in South Africa, The
Sharing, Monitoring, and Incentives: Marshallian Misallocation Reassessed.
Small manufacturing plants, pollution, and poverty : new evidence from Brazil and Mexico
Structural Adjustment and Income Distribution in Malaysia
Studies in business-cycle theory
supply-of-immigrants function and taxation of immigrant's incomes, The : An econometric analysis
Supporting Africa's resurgence and migration and economic development in Africa
Toxic Intensity of Industrial Production: Global Patterns, Trends, and Trade Policy., The
Toxic releases by manufacturing : world patterns and trade policies
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