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Brereton Townsend, Peter
Townsend, Peter
Townsend, Peter B.
Townsend, Peter Brereton
Townsend, Peter Brereton (Vollstaendiger Name)
Townsend, Peter ((sociologist))
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Abel-Smith, Brian
Beattie, Alastair
Bosanquet, Nicholas
Child Poverty Action Group Affiliation (see also from)
Gordon, David (1959- ))
International Labour Organization
International Seminar on Poverty, University of Essex, 1967
Lawson, Roger
London School of Economics and Political Science Affiliation (see also from)
Phillimore, Peter
Reddin, Mike
University of Bristol Affiliation (see also from)
Walker, Alan (1949-)
Walker, Robert (1949-)
Wedderburn, Dorothy
Abolition of Child Poverty and the Right to Social Security, The : a Possible UN Model for Child Benefit?
absolute and overall poverty in britain in 1997: what the population themselves say
aged in the welfare state, The : the interim report of a survey of persons aged 65 and over in Britain, 1962 and 1963
better pensions: the state's responsibility
Black report
Breadline Europe : the measurement of poverty, inequality and social exclusion. -
Building decent societies rethinking the role of social security in development
Cambridge anthology
changing necessities of life, working paper 2 of the poverty and social exclusion survey, the
child poverty in the developing world
concept of poverty, The : working papers on methods of investigation and life-styles of the poor in different countries
concept of poverty, The : working papers on methods of investigation and lifestyles of the poor in different countries
concept of poverty: working papers on methods of investigation and life-styles of the poor in different countries, the
Disability in Britain : a manifesto of rights
disabled in society: lecture read at the Royal College of Surgeons, Lincolns Inn Fields, W.C.2, 5 May 1967., The
Dvoboj orlov
family life of old people: an inquiry in east london, the
family life of old people, The : an inquiry in East London
fifth social service: a critical analysis of the seebohm proposals, the
Hard times : the prospects for European social policy
hard times: what prospects for european social policy?
Health and depression : inequality and the North
Health and deprivation : inequality and the north
health divide
inequalities in health: the black report and the health divide
inflation and low incomes
international analysis of poverty, 1993:, The
Labour and equality : a Fabian study of Labour in power, 1974-79
labour and inequality: sixteen fabian essays
last refuge: a survey of residential institutions and homes for the aged in england and wales, the
last refuge, The : a survey of residential institutions and homes for the aged in England and Wales.
meaningful statistics on poverty 1991
New pensions for the old
Old people in three industrial societies
personal, family, and social circumstances of old people, The : report of an investigation carried out in England in 1959 to pilot a future cross-national survey of old age
Peter Townsend reader, The
poor and the poorest, The : a new analysis of the ministry of Labour's family expenditure surveys of 1953-54 and 1960
poor are poorer, a statistical report on changes in the living standards of rich and poor in the uk 1979-1989, the
poor future, A : can we counter growing poverty in Britain and across the world?
Poverty and labour in London
poverty and social exclusion in britain
Poverty in the United Kingdom : a survey of household resources and standards of living
Poverty & labour in London : interim report of a centenary survey
Poverty, socialism and labour in power
Responses to poverty : lessons from Europe
scope and limitations of means-tested social services in Britain, The : [a paper] read 29th February 1972
social minority, The
Social services for all? eleven Fabian essays
Sociologia and social policy
Sociology and social policy
Trends in deprivation in the London labour market a study of low incomes and unemployment in London between 1985 and 1992 ; Labour Institutions and Economic Development Programme
Und wer rettet die Kinder
unfinished statistical business on low incomes?: a review of new proposals by the department of social security for the production of public information on poverty
World poverty : new policies to defeat an old enemy