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Zartman, I. W.
Zartman, I. William
Zartman, Ira W.
Zartman, Ira William
Zartman, Iva William
Zartman, Ivo William
Zartman, J. William
Zartman, William
Zartmann, Ira William
Zatrman, William
ザートマン, I. W
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Avenhaus, Rudolf
Bercovitch, Jacob (1947-)
Blaustein, Jacob (see also from)
Dawisha, Adeed Isam
Deng, Francis M. (1938-)
Deng, Francis Mading (1938-...)
Deng, Francis Mading (1938-)
Faure, Guy Olivier
Hampson, Fen Osler
Kremenjuk, Viktor Aleksandrovič
Kremenûk, Viktor Aleksandrovič
Meerts, Paul
Rasmussen, J. Lewis
Spector, Bertram I. (1949- ))
Touval, Saadia
蟹江, 憲史 (1969-)
50% solution, The : how to bargain successfully with hijackers, strikers, bosses, oil magnates, Arabs, Russians, and other worthy opponents in this modern world
administration Clinton et l'Afrique, L' : une appreciation d'ensemble
administration Clinton et l'Afrique: une appréciation d'ensemble, L'
African states as a source of change, The
Algerian army in politics, The
Algerian gas negotiations, The
Banning the bang or the bomb? : negotiating the nuclear test ban regime
Between the state and Islam
Beyond coercion : the durability of the Arab state
Collapsed states : the disintegration and restoration of legitimate authority
Comparative Case Studies
Conflict Mediation - Challenges from Experiences and Practices
Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
Conflict resolution in Africa
Cooperative security : reducing Third World wars
Cowardly lions : missed opportunities to prevent deadly conflict and state collapse
Destiny of a dynasty, the search for institutions in Morocco's developing society, by I. William Zartman
development of norms in the African system, The
Diplomacy as Negotiation and Mediation
Diplomacy games : formal models and international negotiations
Diplomacy Games : Lessons for Theory and Practice : Conclusion
Diplomacy of African Boundaries, The
Diplomacy of Conflixt Management, The
élite algérienne sous la présidence de Chadli Bendjedid, L'
Elites in the Middle East
Elusive peace : negotiating an end to civil wars
Engaging extremists : trade-offs, timing, and diplomacy
Escalation and negotiation in international conflicts
Europe and Africa : the new phase
experiences d'integration regionale dans les pays du tiers-monde, Les
Formal Models of, in and for International Negotiations : Introduction
Getting it done : postagreement negotiation and international regimes
global power of talk, The : negotiating America's interests
Governance as conflict management : politics and violence in West Africa
Government and politics in Northern Africa
Imbalance of power : US hegemony and international order
Interest, Leverage and Public Opinion in Mediation
International cooperation: the extents and limits of multilateralism
International mediation in theory and practice
International multilateral negotiation : approaches to the management of complexity
International negotiation : actors, structure/process, values
International Negotiation and Conflict Prevention
International relations in the new Africa
Introduction : Bias, Prenegotiation and Leverage in Mediation
Looking Forward and Looking Backward on Negotiation Theory
Man, state, and society in the contemporary Maghrib
Mauritania's stand on regionalism
Morocco : problems of new power
Negotiating Internal, Ethnic and Identity Conflicts in a Globalized World
Negotiating international regimes : lessons learned from the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)
Negotiating with terrorists : strategy, tactics, and politics
Negotiation Pedagogy : International Relations
negotiation process, The : theories and applications
North Africa and the EEC negotiations
OAU after twenty years, The
Peace versus justice : negotiating forward- and backward-looking outcomes
Peacemaking in international conflict : methods & techniques
Political economy of Cameroon, The
Political economy of Cameroun, The
political economy of Ivory Coast, The
political economy of Morocco, The
Political Economy of Nigeria, The
Political elites in Arab North Africa : Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt
Political elites in Arab North Africa : origins, behavior and prospects
Political Islam
Political pluralism in Marocco
politics of Boundaries in North and West Africa, The
politics of trade negotiations between Africa and the European Economic Community, The : the weak confront the strong
Polity and society in contemporary North Africa
Positive sum : improving North-South negotiations
Power and negotiation
practical negotiator, 1982:, The
Preventive negotiation : avoiding conflict escalation
Preventive negotiaton : avoiding conflict escalation
Problems of new power : Morocco
régimes islamiques, Les
résolution des conflits en Afrique, La
Resolving regional conflicts : international perspectives
Rethinking the economics of war : the intersection of need, creed, and greed
Ripe for resolution : conflict and intervention in Africa
SAGE handbook of conflict resolution, The
Sahara: bridge or barrier? 1963., The
Sahara occidental les enjeux d'un conflit régional
SAIS African studies library
slippery slope to genocide reducing identity conflicts and preventing mass murder, The
strategic vision for Africa, A : the Kampala Movement
strategic vision for africa: the kampala movement, a
Takokukan kosho no riron to oyo : Kokusai goi keisei eno apurochi.
Timing mediation initiatives
Timing of Peace Initiatives: Hurting Stalemates and Ripe Moments, The
Traditional cures for modern conflicts : African conflict "medicine"
Tunisia the political economy of reform ed. by I. William Zartman
Understanding life in the borderlands : boundaries in depth and in motion
West African Research Association Peace Iniative Conference in Dakar (2009)
多国間交涉の理論と応用 : 国際合意形成へのアプローチ
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