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Vīramantri, Krisṭafpar Gregari
Weeramantri, Christopher
Weeramantry, C. G.
Weeramantry, Chistopher
Weeramantry, Christopher
Weeramantry, Christopher Gregory
ウィーラマントリ, C. G.
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Anghie, Antony
Cordonier Segger, Marie-Claire (1973-)
Kiss, Alexandre (1925-2007)
Kiss, Alexandre-Charles (1925-2007)
LL. D. thesis, London
Mani, Venkateshwara Subramaniam (1942- ))
Shelton, Dinah (1944-)
Sturgess, Garry
United Nations University
Université des Nations Unies
Urata, Kenji (1935-)
Weeramantry International Centre for Peace, Education & Research
浦田, 賢治 (1935-)
Access to information : a new human right ; the right to know
Achieving Sustainable Justice through International Law
Apartheid : the closing phases?
appreciation of Judge Nagendra Singh, An
Armageddon, or, Brave new world? : reflections on the hostilities in Iraq
Basic principles of modern international law : a study of the United Nations debates on the principles of international law concerning friendly relations and co-operation among states
Brave new world?
Buddhism and Humanitarian Law
call for national reawakening, A
Case concerning the Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros project (Hungary/Slovakia)
"Challenges facing Developing Countries" : Keynote Address of the 2004 ILSA Fall Conference
Compendium of summaries of judicial decisions in environment related cases (with special reference to countries in South Asia) : SACEP /UNEP/NORAD Regional Symposium on the Role of the Judiciary in Promoting the Rule of Law in the Area of Sustainable Development,Colombo, Sri Lanka, 4-6 July 1997
Cultural and ideological pluralism in public international law
Environmental aspects of Sri Lanka's ancient irrigation system : separate opinion of vice president Weeramantry in the International Court of Justice on 25 September 1997 in Case concerning the Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros project (Hungary/Slovakia)
Equality and freedom : some third world perspectives
Expanding the potential of the World Court
Fa lü dao yin
function of the International Court of Justice in the development of international law, The
Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project (sep. op. Weeramantry)
Genpatsu to kaku yokushi no hanzaisei : Kokusaiho kenpo keijiho o yomitoku.
Human rights and scientific and technological development : studies on the affirmative use of science and technology for the furtherance of human rights
Human rights and scientific and technological progress
Human rights and the global marketplace
Human rights in Japan
Human rights, technology, and development
impact of technology on human rights global case-studies, The ; studies on the affirmative use of science and technology for the furtherance of human rights, commissioned as a special project by the United Nations University, following a reference to the University by the United Nations Human Rights Commission
Insights for International Law from Religious Reflections on Peace
International Court of Justice in the age of multiculturalism, The
International Humanitarian Law
International law in a changing world : convocation address
"Internationaler Gerichtshof kann sehr rasch handeln" : Völkerrechtler Weeramantry über die Macht der UN-Institutionen und die Kraft der weltöffentlichen Meinung : Interview.
Internationalist, The
introduction to the jurisprudence of Islam, An : introductory lectures for law students at Monash University, Melbourne
Invitation to the law, An
Islamic influences on international philosophy and law
Islamic jurisprudence : an international perspective
Judicial handbook on environmental law
Justice without frontiers : furthering human rights
Justice without frontiers protecting human rights in the age of technology
Kaku heiki to kagakusha no sekinin
Kokusaiho kara mita iraku senso : Uiramantori moto hanji no teigen.
law and the common man; talks delivered at a seminar of the Law Society held on February 20, 1970 and a meeting of the Jaffna Law Library Assn. held on March 28, 1970, The
law in crisis, The : bridges of understanding
law of contracts, being a treatise on the law of contracts as prevailing in Ceylon, and involving a comparative study of the Roman-Dutch, English and customary laws realting to contracts, The
law of contracts, The : being a treatise on the law of contracts as prevailing in Ceylon and involving a comparative study of the Roman-Dutch, English and customary laws relating to contracts
Law, the threatened peripheries, 1984:
Legal visions of the 21st century: essays in honour of judge Christopher Weeramantry
Legal visions of the twenty-first century
Lord's prayer, The : bridge to a better world
Main Findings of the Court and Legal Developments since 1996
Nauru environmental damage under international trusteeship
Non-aligned movement : some issues for considerations
Nuclear weaponry and scientific responsibility.
Nuclear weapons and scientific responsibility
"On earth as it is in heaven" : a vision of world order for the 21st century
Opening tribute to Hugo Grotius
Padrenuestro, El : Un puente hacia un mundo mejor.
Practical Steps towards Education for Peace
Private international law and public international law
problems, the project, and the prognosis, The
Religious perspectives on peace
Revival of Customary International Humanitarian Law, The
right to development, The
SACEP/UNEP/NORAD compendium of summaries of judicial decisions in environment related cases
Sleepwalking into Our Century of Last Opportunity
slumbering sentinels, The : law and human rights in the wake of technology
Some Buddhist perspectives on international law
Some practical problems of international adjudication
Sustainable justice : reconciling economic, social and environmental law
Towards one world : memoirs of Judge C.G. Weeramantry
Traffic in armaments : the human rights dimension
Tread lightly on the earth : religion, the environment, and the human future : a report for the World Future Council
Universalising international law
Universalizing international law
World Court, The : its conception, constitution and contribution
Xenotransplantation : the ethical and legal concerns
原発と核抑止の犯罪性 : 国際法・憲法・刑事法を読み解く
国際法から見たイラク戦争 : ウィーラマントリー元判事の提言
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LL. D. thesis, London, 1968