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Raghu Rai
Raghu Rāya
Rai, Raghu
Rāya, Raghu
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Casa Àsia
Chawla, Navin
Doig, Desmond
Frédéric, Louis (1923-1996)
Galbraith, John Kenneth (1908-2006)
Khushwant Singh, 1915-
Magnum photos
Mukherjee, Suroopa
Perkins, Jane (1941- ))
Rai, Usha (1941-...)
Terzani, Tiziano (1938-2004)
Usha Rai, 1946-
Bangladesh, the price of freedom
Bhāratera śesha bhūkhaṇḍa
Bhopal gas tragedy : the worst industrial disaster in human history, a book for young people
Bihar shows the way
Bilder aus Indien
day in the life of India, A
Delhi : a portrait
Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri
Delhi, contrasts & confluences
Dreams of India
Etat de l'Uttar Pradesh, ville de Mussoorie. [cote : RAR88232K076]
Face of dispair, The
Faith and compassion : the life and work of Mother Teresa
February 25. Demonstrators of the Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party. [cote : RAR93002K010]
February 25.Soldier runs to the Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party demonstration. [cote : RAR93002K014]
Forever in bloom : the lotus of Bahapur
From left to right : Surjit Singh Barnala, leader of the Akali Dal Party and Rajiv Gandhi. [cote : RAR85015K011]
From the 16th to the 20th of March 1977, elections are held in India. [cote : RAR77XX1K004]
From the 16th to the 20th of March 1977, elections are held in India. Delhi. [cote : RAR77XX1K003]
Hindu holy men try to calm the rioting. [cote : RAR92003K012]
Inde. Rajasthan. Pushkar. Foire au betail. [cote : RAR91001K021]
India-México vientos paralelos
India : my land & its people
India notes
India’s great masters : a photographic journey into the heart of classical music
Indian woman is blessed by the Pope after handing him a garland of flowers. [cote, An : RAR86003K004]
Indians, The : portraits from my album
Islamia Model School for muslim students in Srinagar. [cote, The : RAR85013K024]
journey of a moment in time, The : a retrospective in colour and black & white
July 84. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi instigated another attempt at centralizing the government of India by ousting the freely-elected Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah. Gandhi has feared secessionist tendencies in the strategic state of Jammu and Kash
June 84. Sikhs rising extremism over the past two years has brought violence in the state to alarming levels. Indian government recently responded by sending the army to siege the Golden Temple in Amritsar that Sikh leader Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindra
Khajurâho Tempel der Liebe
life in the day of Indira Gandhi, A
Madhya Pradesh : images beyond the surface
Maharajah en tenue d'apparat. [cote : RAR88232K050]
Maulvi Farooq, leader of the muslim oriented National Conference Party delivering religious sermons. [cote : RAR85013K005]
Mère Teresa : foi et compassion : la vie et l'oeuvre de Mère Teresa
Militant Sikh youths crammed in front of the Akal Takht, which contains the relics of Sikh history. [cote : RAR86002K002]
Moeder Teresa : haar leven en werk in woord en beeld
Mother Teresa : a life of dedication
Mother Teresa as she is known, was born on the 27th August 1910 in Skopje (Yugoslavia) and maiden name of Agnes Gonxha Bajaxhiu. She has devoted her life to helping the sick and ailing, and runs the Missionaries of Charity worlwide. She founded in s
Mother Teresa : faith and compassion : the life and work of Mother Teresa
Mumbai, where dreams don't die
Mutter Teresa ihr Leben u. Werk in Bildern
Mutter Teresa : Ihr Leben und Werk in Bilden : mit 20 farbigen und 54 schwarzweißen Fotos
Mutter Teresa : ihr Leben und Werk in Bildern
Near Amritsar. Baba Joginder Singh (United Akali Dal group) asking people to boycot the elections. [cote : RAR85015K014]
New-Dehli. Hindus celebrate Lord Ram's birthday. [cote : RAR93005K012]
New-Dehli. Hindus celebrate Lord Ram's birthday. [cote : RAR93005K013]
New-Dehli. Hindus celebrate Lord Ram's birthday. [cote : RAR93005K014]
New-Dehli. Hindus celebrate Lord Ram's birthday. [cote : RAR93005K016]
Nov 84. Riots in various parts of the country have followed Indira Gandhi's assassination by her two Sikh bodyguards. Around 16000 Sikhs fled their homes from fear of persecution as 1000 people, most of them Sikhs reportedly have been killed since I
Old Delhi, strewn with election posters and election-day floats remembering Indira Gandhi. [cote : RAR85003K014]
Panorámica de la India
Pasajes de la India.
Penjab. Amritsar. The golden temple, a Sikh holy place in which their leader has found refuge. [cote : RAR82XX1K012]
Penjab. Amritsar. The Golden Temple, the holiest of Sikh shrines. [cote : RAR82XX1K026]
Pilgrims waiting for beginning of the ceremonies. [cote : RAR93006K009]
Police keep order as voters, segregated by custom, wait to cast their vote. [cote : RAR85003K012]
Police watch helplessly as rioters take over the mosque. Graffiti of Lord Ram. [cote : RAR92003K019]
Pouring of different coloured spices, honey, on statue of Lord Bahubali to clean him of sins. [cote : RAR93006K040]
Price of freedom
Prophet Mohammad's relic, kept at Hazrat Bal, a sanctified shrine, is shown to the crowd on holy days. [cote, A : RAR85013K012]
Raghu Rai-- in his own words as told to Ramya Sarma.
Raghu Rai : pasajes de la India
Rajasthan, Puskhar. Foire au bétail annuelle. [cote : RAR88232K110]
Rajiv Gandhi being sworn in as the new Prime Minister of India. [cote : RAR85003K024]
rebuilding of the Sikh sacred temple. Mud at the bottom of Harimandir pool scraped by Sikhs volunteers. [cote, The : RAR85002K014]
Recent riots have taken place in Punjab as The Akali Dal Party, a Sikh political party, and Sikh extremists have started to lead a violent campaign to demand the state's independence. [cote : RAR83XX3K004]
Recent riots have taken place in Punjab as The Akali Dal Party, a Sikh political party, and Sikh extremists have started to lead a violent campaign to demand the state's independence. May 1983. [cote : RAR83XX3K001]
Recent riots have taken place in Punjab as The Akali Dal Party, a Sikh political party, and Sikh extremists have started to lead a violent campaign to demand the state's independence. May 1983. [cote : RAR83XX3K002]
Reliance Cup
Saint Mother, a life dedicated, the blessed Teresa of Kolkata
Sikh soldiers as regular members of the Indian army. [cote : RAR82XX1K132]
Sikh volunteers carrying mud to a temple construction site. [cote : RAR82XX1K096]
Sikh whirling cords at the Sikh Holla Mohalla festival taking place at Anandpur Sahib. [cote, A : RAR82XX1K068]
Sikhs selling swords at the Holla Mohalla Sikh festival taking place at Anandpur sahib. [cote : RAR82XX1K078]
Souvenir merchant near the Golden Temple. [cote : RAR85002K038]
State of Bihar. Jharia, an ancient small town where coal mining began. [cote : RAR94007K004]
Supporters of Surjit Singh Barnala campaigning for the Akali Dal Party. [cote : RAR85015K017]
Taj Mahal, 1987, c1986:
Tibet en exil
Tibet in exile
Varanasi : portrait of a civilization
Varanasi. The Shamshaan Ghat cremation area. Marigolds that had adorned the dead float among the charcoal. [cote : RAR86006K001]
vendor with images of Lord Bahubali as souvenirs for the pilgrims. [cote, A : RAR93006K010]
Women from Kerala in peaceful demonstration prior to riot breaking out. [cote : RAR92003K005]
Workers prepare to go underground in coal mine in Moonidih area of Dhanbad coal fields. [cote : RAR94007K012]
YSR, man of the people