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Blaiyer, Maryo Y.
Blecher, Mario
Bléjer, Mario
Bléjer, Mario I.
Blejer, Mario Israel (Vollstaendiger Name)
Bleker, Maryw
Bleker, Mordkay Yiśraʾel
בלכר, מרדכי ישראל
בלכר, מריו
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Banco Central de la República Argentina Affiliation (see also from)
Bole, Velimir
Center for Latin American Development Studies Affiliation (see also from)
Centre for Central Banking Studies Affiliation (see also from)
Chu, Ke-Young (1941-....))
Coricelli, Fabrizio
Fons Monetari Internacional
ha- Universiṭah ha-ʿIvrit Affiliation (see also from)
ham- Māḵôn le-Meḥqār Kalkālî be-Yiśrā'ēl ʿal Šēm Môrîs Fâlq Affiliation (see also from)
International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund Affiliation (see also from)
Leiderman, Leonardo (1951-....))
Nuti, Mario
Škreb, Marko (1957-....))
Šonje, Velimir
Tanzi, Vito
Ter-Minassian, Teresa
3 ország, 3 történet, 3 szereplö : rendszerváltozás Kelet-Közép-Európában : interjú Leszek Balcerowicz-cal, Bod Péter Ákossal és Václav Klaus-szal
Adjustment uncertainty, confidence and growth : Latin America after the debt crisis
Albania, from isolation toward reform
Asian crisis four years later and its implications for emerging market economies
Balance of payments, exchange rates, and competitiveness in transition economies
Central banking, monetary policies, and the implications for transition economies
China : economic reform and macroeconomic management
"Déjà vu all over again?" : the Mexican crisis and the stabilization of Uruguay in the 1970s
Dinero, precios y la balanza de pagos la experiencia de México 1950-1973
Eastern Europe in transition : from recession to growth? : proceedings of a conference on the macroeconomic aspects of adjustment, cosponsored by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
Economía monetaria : selección de textos
Economic liberalization and stabilization policies in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay : applications of the monetary approach to the balance of payments
economics of currency crises, The : models, indicators and policy responses
Ensayos sobre el enfoque monetario de la balanza de pagos. -
Europe's hard fix : the euro area
Exogenous shocks, deposit runs and bank soundness : a macroeconomic framework
Financial policies in emerging markets
Financial sector transformation : lessons from economies in transition
Fiscal policy and economic reform essays in honour of Vito Tanzi
Fiscal policy, labor markets and the poor
Fiscal policy, stabilization and growth in developing countries
Három ország, haróm történet, haróm szereplö
Hungary : financial sector reform in a socialist economy
Inflación y variabilidad de los precios relativos
Inflation targeting in practice strategic and operational issues and application to emerging market economies
Macroeconomic dimensions of public finance, 1996:
Macroeconomic stabilization in transition economies
Making of economic reform in eastern europe conversations with leading reformers in poland, hungary, and the czech republic
Measurement of fiscal impact : methodological issues
monetary approach to the crowling-peg system theory and evidence, A
Monetary aspects of the black-market exchange rate determination
Money, prices and the balance of payments the case of Mexico (1950-1973)
Optimum currency areas new analytical and policy developments
Price expectations and the normal rate. -
Rebuilding capitalism : alternative roads after socialism and dirigisme
Relative price variability and output-inflation tradeoffs in the Mexican economy
short-run effects of unanticipated money growth on cyclical output in an open economy, The
Strike activity and wage determination under rapid inflation a quantitative study of the Chilean Case
term structure of interest rates during a financial reform, The : Argentina, 1977-81
Testing the term structure implications of an intertemporal asset pricing model using Argentine data
Transition the first decade