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Gifford, E. W.
Gifford, Edward
Gifford, Edward W.
Gifford, Edward Winslow
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Language material
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Barrett, S. A. (1879-1965)
Barrett, Samuel Alfred (1879-1965)
Klimek, Stanislaw
Kroeber, A. L. (1876-1960)
Kroeber, Alfred Louis (1876-1960)
Lowie, Robert Harry (1883-1957)
McKern, Will Carleton (1892-...)
Orr, Phil C.
Shutler, Dick Jr
Sullivan, Louis Robert (1892-1925)
University of California (Berkeley)
Additional bone artifacts
Archaeological excavations in Fiji, by E. W. Gifford
Archaeological excavations in New Caledonia, by E. W. Gifford and Dick Shutler, jr.
Archaeological excavations in Yap
Archaeology of the southern San Joaquin Valley, California
California shell artifacts
California shellmounds, 1916.
Californian Anthropometry
Californian bone artifacts, by E. W. Gifford
Californian Indian nights entertainments.
Californian Indian nights : stories of the creation of the world, of man, of fire, of the sun, of thunder ...
Californian kinship terminologies, by Edward Winslow...
Californian shell artifacts, by E. W. Gifford. Appendix : Additional bone artifacts, by Phil C. Orr
Central Miwok ceremonies, by E. W. Gifford
Clans and moieties in southern California
Clear Lake Pomo society
Cocopa, by E. W. Gifford, The
Composition of California shellmounds, by Edward Winslow Gifford
contribution to Samoan somatology, A
contribution to Tongan somatology, A
Culture element distributions, II. Yana, by E. W. Gifford and Stanislaw Klimek. [Preface by A. L. Kroeber.]
Culture element distributions : IV. Pomo, by E. W. Gifford and A. L. Kroeber...
Culture element distributions : XII. Apache pueblo, by E. W. Gifford
Dichotomous social organization in South Central California, by Edward Winslow Gifford
Ethnographic notes on the Southwestern Pomo, by E. W. Gifford
Expédition archéologique de l'Université de Californie en Nouvelle-Calédonie[1952], par E. W. Gifford et Dick Shutler,...
Field notes on the land birds of the Galapagos Islands and of cocos Islands, Costa Rica, by Edward Winslow Gifford,...
Fishing among the Indians of northwestern California
Indian life of the Yosemite region
International dictionary of anthropologists
Kamia of Imperial valley, The
Karok ethnobotany, by Sara M. Schenck and E. W. Gifford
Karok myths
Kinship terminologies
Miwok cults, by Edward Winslow Gifford
Miwok material culture : Indian life of the Yosemite region
Miwok moieties
Miwok Myths, by Edward Winslow Gifford
Northeastern and western Yavapai, by E. W. Gifford...
Northfork Mono, by E. W. Gifford, The
Notes on the Akwa'ala Indians of Lower California, by E. W. Gifford and R. H. Lowie
Pottery-making in the Southwest, by E. W. Gifford...
Southeastern Yavapai, by E. W. Gifford, The
Surface archaeology of Ixtlán del Río, Nayarit, by E. W. Gifford
Tongan myths and tales
Tongan place names
Tongan society
Tribes of Viti Levu and their origin places, by E. W. Gifford
Tübatulabal and Kawaiisu kinship terms
World renewal, a cult system of native Northwest California, by A. L. Kroeber and E. W. Gifford