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Hsüan, Wei-po
Lang Schramm, Wilbur
Schramm, Wilbur,
Schramm, Wilbur L.
Schramm, Wilbur Lang
Schramme, Wilbur
Shih-la-mu, Wei-erh-po
Shilamu, Weierbo
Šrām, Wilbūr
Xuan, Weibo
シュラム, W
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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International Institute for Educational Planning
Lerner, Daniel (1917-1980)
Lyle, Jack
Maheu, René
Nelson, Lyle M.
Piepho, Hans-Eberhard (1929-)
Rivers, William Lawrence
Roberts, Donald F.
Siebert, Fred Seaton (1902-..)
Siebert, Fredrick Seaton (1901-1982)
Stanford University. Institute for Communication Research
University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). Press
Wellek, René
Adventures for Americans
Aǧhizat al-iʿlām wa-al-tanmiya al-waṭaniyya : dawr al-iʿlām fī al-buldān al-nāmiyya
American prefaces.
Approaches to a science of English verse
audience for educational television, including excerpts from research studies, The
beginnings of communication study in america: a personal memoir, the
beginnings of communication study in America, The : a personal memoir
Big media, little media : tools and technologies for instruction
Bold experiment : the story of educational television in American Samoa
Chʻuan mei, chiao yü, hsien tai hua, 1988:
Children and television : some advice to parents
Chuan mei, jiao yu, xian dai hua : jiao yu chuan bo di li lun yu shi jian
Circulation of news in the Third World : a study of Asia
college woman and the mass media
coming age of information, The : a public speech.
Commission internationale d'étude des problèmes de la communication
Communication and change in the developing countries
communication and change: the last ten years and the next
Communication research : a half-century appraisal
Communication satellites for education, science and culture
Communications in modern society; fifteen studies of the mass media
effects of television on children and adolescentes an annotated bibliography with an introductory overview of research results, The
English grammar, a self-teaching course based on Functional grammar
enseignement programmé en Afrique occidentale et dans Etats arabes, L' : rapport sur deux Stages d'études pratiques
financing of public television, The
Four case studies of programed instruction
Four theories of the press the authoritarian, libertarian, social responsibility and Soviet communist concepts of what the press should be and do
Francis Parkman : representative selections
Great short stories.
Grundfragen der Kommunikationsforschung
impact of educational television, The : selected studies from the research sponsored by the National Educational Television and Radio Center
impact of research on utilization of media for educational purposes
influence de la télévision sur les enfants et les adolescents, L' : bibliographie annotée, précédé d'un exposé sur le résultat des recherches établie par l'Association internationale des études et recherches sur l'information
information et le dévelopment national, le role de l'information dans les pays en voie de développement, L'
information et le développement national, L' : le rôle de l'information dans les pays en voie de développement
information et le développment national, L' : Le role de l'information dans les pays en voie de développement
Instructional television in the educational reform of El Salvador
Komyunikēshon no shinrigaku
Literary scholarship its aims and methods
Mass communications a book of readings selected and ed. by
Mass communications; a book of readings selected and edited for the Institute of Communications Research in the University of Illinois.
Mass media and national development : the role of information in the developing countries
Masu komyunikēshon : Masu media no sōgōteki kenkyū
Masu komyunikēshon to shakaiteki sekinin
Médias de masse et développement national _ 1979
Men, messages, and media : a look at human communication
Men, women, messages, and media, c1982:
Men, women, messages, and media : understanding human communication
new media memo to educational planners based on a research project financed through a contract with the United States Agency for international development, The
Noile mass-media : un studiu în sprijinul planificării educației : rezultatul unui proiect de cercetare finanțat print-un contract cu Agenția Statelor Unite ale Americii pentru Dezvoltare Internațională
One day in the world's press : fourteen great newspapers on a day of crisis, November 2, 1956, with translations and facsimile reproductions
people look at educational television a report of nine representative ETV stations, The
process and effects of mass communication, 1954:, The
Programed instruction today and tomorrow
Programmed instruction in West Africa and the Arab states : a report on two training workshops
programmierte Unterricht, Der
Programmierter Unterricht, heute und morgen
Quality in instructional television
Reds take a city; the Communist occupation of Seoul, The
Representative selections, with introduction, bibliography, and notes
research on programed instruction, The : an annotated bibliography
research on programmed instruction, an annotated bibliography., The
Responsibility in Mass Communication
role of information in national development, The : abridged version of mass media and national development
Satellites de télécommunications pour l'éducation, la science et la culture
science of human communication, The : new directions and new findings in communication research
second harvest of two research-producing events, The : the Surgeon General's inquiry and Sesame Street : a review of recent books on children and television
Social impact of satellite television in rural Indonesia
story of human communication: cave painting to microchip, the
story of human communication, The : cave painting to microchip
story workshop, The
Studies in the longer narrative verse of America, 1775-1860
study of the impact of research on utilization of media for educational purposes, A : final report: overview
Techniques modernes au service d'une éducation planifiée : conclusions d'un programme d'enquêtes financé par un contrat de l'Agence américaine pour le développement international
Television and the test scores : prepared for the Advisory Panel on the Scholastic Aptitude Test Score Decline
Television in the lives of our children
Two creative traditions in English poetry
Vier Fallstudien über programmierten Unterricht
Windwagon Smith and other yarns.
マス・コミュニケーション : マス・メディアの総合的研究
传媒・教育・现代化 : 教育传播的理论与实践
Ph. D.--Thesis