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Ricklefs, M. C.
Ricklefs, Merle
Ricklefs, Merle C.
Ricklefs, Merle Calvin
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Language material
Nonmusical sound recording
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Cornell University
Graaf, Hermanus Johannes de (1899-1984)
Markus, Andrew
Miller, W. G.
Montobbio, Manuel
Palgrave Macmillan
Pigeaud, Theodore G. Th. (1899-)
Pigeaud, Theodore Gauthier Th. (1899-)
Voorhoeve, P. (1899-1996)
Voorhoeve, Petrus (1899-1996)
Zoetmulder, P. J.
Zoetmulder, Petrus Joseph (1906-1995)
Zoetmulder, Petrus Josephus
Balance and military innovation in 17th-century Java
bibliography of Dutch-language primary sources concerning Southeast Asia from 1600 to 1940 in major Australian libraries, A
birth of the 'abangan', The
Brief communications : the Yasadipura problem
Chinese Muslims in Java in the 15th and 16th centuries : the Malay Annals of Semarang and Cerbon
crisis of 1740-1 in Java: the Javanese, Chinese, Madurese and Dutch, and the fall of the court of Kartasura, The
Cultural encounter. Islam in Java
Dipanagara's early inspirational experience
Dipanegara's early inspirational experience
establishment of Surakarta, The : a translation from the Babad Gianti
Historical atlas of South-East Asia
History of modern Indonesia, c. 1300 to the present, A
history of modern indonesia, ca. 1300 to the present, a
history of modern Indonesia since c.1200, 2001:, A
history of modern Indonesia since c. 1300, A
In memoriam dr. H.J. de Graaf. 2 december 1899-24 augustus 1984
Indonesia democracia y política islámica : democràcia i política islàmica
Indonesian history and literature
Indonesian manuscripts in Great Britain : a catalogue of manuscripts in Indonesian languages in British public collections
Indonesian manuscripts in Great Britain : addenda et corrigenda
Islam in the Indonesian social context
Islamisation and its opponents in Java : a political, social, cultural and religious history, c. 1930 to the present
Islamisation and its opponents in Java, c2012
Islamization in Java : an overview and some philosophical considerations
jogjakarta under [[hamengkubuwono i|sultan mangkubumi]], 1749–1792: a history of the division of java
Jogjakarta under Sultan Mangkubumi, 1749-1792 a history of the division of Java, The
Manson, Hanson and the new tribalism
Modern Javanese historical tradition, 1978:
Modern Javanese historical tradition a study of an original Kartasura chronicle and related materials
mystic synthesis in java: a history of islamization from the fourteenth to the early nineteenth centuries
new history of Southeast Asia, A
Nineteenth and twentieth century Indonesia essays in honour of professor J. D. Legge
note on the dating of anti-Islamic tracts in 19th century Java, A
On the authorship of Leiden Cod. Or. 2191, babad Mangkubumi
Pantheism and monism in Javanese suluk literature : Islamic and Indian mysticism in an Indonesian setting
Pantheisme en monisme in de Javaansche soeloek-litteraturr
Perlawanan kultural agama rakyat : pemikiran dan paham keagamaan Syekh Ahmad al-Mutamakkin dalam pergumulan Islam dan tradisi, 1645-1740
Polarising Javanese society : Islamic and other visions, c. 1830-1930
Polarizing Javanese society Islamic and other visions, c.1830-1930
Religious elites and the state in Indonesia and elsewhere : why takeovers are so difficult and usually don't work
seen and unseen worlds in Java 1726-1749, The : history, literature and Islam in the Court of Pakubuwana II
seen and unseen worlds in java, 1726–49: history, literature and islam in the court of pakubuwana ii, the
Sejarah Indonesia Modern 1200-2001
Sejarah Indonesia modern 1200-2004
Sejarah Indonesia modern 1200-2008
Some statistical evidence on Javanese social, economic and demographic history in the later seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Surrender Australia? : Geoffrey Blainey and Asian immigration : essays in the study and uses of history
Unity and disunity in Javanese political and religious thought of the eighteenth century
Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie en de gewelddadige wereld van het vroegmoderne Azië, De
War, culture and economy in Java : 1677-1726 : Asian and European imperialism in the early Kartasura Period
Yogyakarta di bawah Sultan Mangkubumi 1749-1792 : sejarah pembagian Jawa
Photocopy from microfilm of typescript
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Cornell University, 1973