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Gefferys, Thomas
Jeffereys, Thomas
Jefferies, Thomas
Jefferys, T.
Jefferys, Thomas
Jefferys, Thomas (Mr)
Jeffreys, T.
Jeffreys, Thomas
Jeffrys, Thomas
T. J ([a])
ca. 1710-1771
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Cartographic material
Language material
Manuscript cartographic material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d' (1697-1782)
Cook, James (1728-1779)
Faden, William (1749-1836)
Fry, Joshua (1700?-1754)
Jefferson, Peter (1708-1757)
Jefferys, Thomas (1719?-1771)
Le Rouge, Georges-Louis (1712-178)
Pococke, Richard (1704-1765)
Robert Laurie and James Whittle
Robert Sayer and John Bennett (Firm)
Robert Sayer and John Bennett (Firma)
Salmon, Thomas (1679-1767))
Sayer, Robert (1725-1794))
Sayer, Robert (Londen)
Streit, Friedrich Wilhelm (1772-1839)
[10 cartes dressées pour accompagner différents articles sur l'Amérique, l'Asie et les Régions arctiques d'un Supplément à l'Encyclopédie ou dictionnaire des sciences, des arts et des métiers]
A description of the maritime parts of France ... [cartographic material] 1761.
América Central
American atlas or, a geographical description of the whole continent of America. -, The
Atlántico. S. (Océano)
[Atlas factice de cartes relatives aux Antilles]
Barbados (Isla)
Bay of Honduras, The
Caribe (Mar)
Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) (Puerto)
Chagres (Panamá) (Puerto)
Chart of north and south America, including the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, with the nearest coasts of Europe, Africa, and Asia, A
chart of part of the coast of Labradore from the straights of Bell Isle, to cape Bluff, A
Chart of the Atlantic Ocean
chart of the Baltic Sea, Gulfs of Finland and Bothnia, with the sound, A
chart of the harbour of Halifax, in Nova Scotia; with Jebucto Bay and Cape Sambrô, also the islands, ledges of rocks, shoals & soundings., A
chart of the Magdalen Islands, A
Chart of the Straits of Malacca and Sincapore, A
coast of West Florida and Louisiana [and] the peninsula and gulf of Florida or channel of Bahama with the Bahama islands ..., The : map 18.
Compendious description of the West-Indies
county of York, survey'd in MDCCLXVII, VIII, IX and MDCCLXX., The
County Palatine of Durham, The
Cuba (Isla)
Cul de Sac // Royal [estampe]
[Directions for sailing into the British and St George’s Channels]
East Indies, with the Roads, The
east prospect of the city of Philadelphia;, An
exact chart of the river St. Laurence, from Fort Frontenac to the island of Anticosti shewing the soundings, rocks, shoals &c with views of the lands and all necessary instructions for navigating that river to Quebec., An
Experiments and observations on electricity, made at Philadelphia in America
Fort de Samblanceau
Fort du Martray
General description of the West Indies
Guadaloupe one of the Caribbee Islands subject to France in the West Indies
Halifax (Canadá) (Nueva Escocia) (Puerto)
Hannover (Alemania) (Electorado)
Harbours of L'Orient and Port-Louis
Island of Hispaniola, The : called by the French St. Domingo: subject to France & Spain
isthmus of Panama, The
Jagua (Cuba) (Santa Clara) (Bahía)
Jamaica from the Latest Surveys
Jamaica (Isla)
Labrador. E. (Canadá) (Península)
Mancha (Canal), La
map of Canada and the north part of Louisiana with the adjacent countrys., A
map of the Holy land and Syria, A
Map of the Isle of Cuba, with the Bahama Islands, Gulf of Florida and Windward Passage, A
map of the most inhabited part of New England, containing the provinces of Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire, with the colonies of Conecticut and Rhode Island, divided into counties and townships: The whole composed from actual surveys and its situation adjusted by astronomical observations., A
Map of the most Inhabited part of Virginia containing the whole Province of Maryland with Part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina, A
Map of the South part of Nova Scotia, A
Mappa ou carta geographica dos reinos de Portugal e Algarve
N° I, chart containing part of Icy Sea with the adjacent coast of Asia and America
N° II, chart comprizing Greenland with the countries and islands about Baffin's and Hudson's bays
N° III, chart containing the coasts of California, New Albion and Russian discoveries to the north, with the peninsula of Kamchatka in Asia opposite thereto and islands dispersed over the Pacific ocean to the north of the line
New geographical grammar
new map of Nova Scotia, and Cape Britain. With the adjacent parts of New England and Canada, composed from a great number of actual surveys; and other materials regulated by many new astronomical observations of the longitude as well as latitude; with an explanation., A
Nipe (Cuba) (Bahía)
North America.
North American pilot for Newfoundland, Labradore, the Gulf and River St. Laurence: being a collection of 60 accurate charts and plans, drawn from original surveys:, The
Peninsula and Gulf of Florida or Channel of Bahama with the Bahama Islands
Pinar del Río (Cuba) (Provincia)
Plan of Calais with the Sluices proposed, for Deepening the harbour & Channel between the Jetties
Plan of Fort Lupin
plan of Gravelines with the new canal and the course of the river Aa to the Sea, A
Plan of Guantanamo : called by the English Cumberland Harbour
Plan of Jerusalem and the adjacent country., A
Plan of Mount St Michaels
Plan of New Orleans the capital of Louisiana; with the disposition of its quarters and canals as they have been traced by Mr. de la Tour in the year 1720.
Plan of Puerto Cavello on the coast of The Caracas
Plan of Puerto de Cavañas
Plan of Puerto de Mariel
Plan of the City and Fortifications of Abbeville. British Fathoms 200 [=Om. 049 : 7 500 environ]. T.Jefferys sculp
plan of the city and harbour of Louisburg with the French batteries that defended it and those of the English shewing that part of Gabarus bay, in which they landed and the ground on which they encamped during the siege in 1758, A
Plan of the City and Harbour of St. Jago de Cuba
Plan of the city of New York in North America
plan of the city of Quebec, the capital of Canada. As it surrender'd 18 Septembr. 1759 to the British Fleet and Army commanded by Vice Adml. Saunders, & Brigadr. Genl. Townshend., A
Plan of the fortifications and harbour of Calais with Fort Nieulet
Plan of the Harbour and Settlement of Pensacola
Plan of the Harbour of San Fernando de Omoa
Plan of the town and fortifications of Montreal or Ville Marie in Canada
Plan of the town and harbour of Rochefort, with the projected Works in 1757
Plan of the Town and Harbour of San Juan de Puerto Rico
Plan of the Town and Harbour of St. Augustin
Plan of the town, citadel and road of Port Louis
Plan of the town & citadel of Blaye
Poland, Lithuania and Prussia
post roads thorough England and Wales, The
provinces of New York, and New Jersey; with part of Pensilvania, and the governments of Trois Rivières, and Montreal:, [The
Provinces of New York and New Jersey with part of Pensylvania and the Governments of Trois Rivieres and Montreal, The
Puerto Cabello (Venezuela) (Carabobo)
Ruatan or Rattan
San Agustín (Estados Unidos) (Florida) (Puerto)
San Juan (Puerto Rico) (Puerto)
San Lorenzo (Canadá) (Río)
Singapur (Indonesia) (Estrecho)
Terranova (Canadá) (Isla)
(Trois plans de Dunkerque en 960, 1400 et le 28 juin 1658
Veracruz (México) (Puerto)
Virgin Islands, The : from English and Danish surveys
Virginia (Estados Unidos) (Estado)
West-India atlas, or, A compendious description of the West-Indies, The : illustrated with forty correct charts and maps, taken from actual surveys : together with an historical account of the several countries and islands which compose that part of the world, their discovery, situation, extent, boundaries, product, trade, inhabitants, strength, government, religion, &c.
West Indian Atlas, or, a General Description of the West Indies, The
West Indies exhibiting the English, French, Spanish, Dutch & Danish settlements..., The