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Loomer Rand, Austin
Rand, A. L.
Rand, Austin
Rand, Austin L.
Rand, Austin Loomer,
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Language material
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American Museum of Natural History
Archbold, Richard
Brass, L.J.
Brass, Leonard John
Cornell Univ., Sept
Fleming, Robert L.
Fleming, Robert L. (1905-)
Fleming, Robert Leland (1905-)
Gilliard, E. Thomas (1912-1965)
Gilliard, Ernest Thomas (1912-1965)
New Guinea expedition 1936 / 1937)
Rabor, Dioscoro S.
Rabor, Dioscoro S. [from old catalog]
Rand, Rheua M.
1945 status of the pronghorn antelope, Antilocapra americana (Ord), in Canada., The
American water & game birds.
Birds from Gabon and Moyen Congo [by] Austin L. Rand, Herbert Friedmann [and] Melvin A. Traylor, Jr.
Birds from Liberia, with a discussion of barriers between Upper and Lower Guinea subspecies
Birds from Nepal
Birds in summer.
Birds of Negros Island
Birds of North America
Birds of southern Alberta.
birds of the 1933-1934 Papuan expedition, The
Birds of the 1936-1937 New-Guinea expedition
Birds of the 1938-1939 New-Guinea expedition
birds of the philippine islands: siquijor, mount malidang, bohol, and samar
Birds of the Philippine Islands : Siquijor, Mount Malindang, Bohol, and Samar
Birds the world over
collection of birds from Mount Cameroon, A
Development and enemy recognition of the curve-billed thrasher Toxostoma Curvirostre
distribution and habits of Madagascar birds, The : summary of the field notes of the Mission Zoologique Franco-Anglo-Américaine à Madagascar
Five new birds from the Philippines
flower-adapted tongue of a Timaliinae bird and its implications, The
Geographical variation in the canary, Serinus sulphuratus
Handbook of New Guinea birds
Intra-relations of African canaries, genus Serinus
List of Yukon birds and those of the Canol Road.
Mammal investigations on the Canol Road, Yukon and Northwest Territories, 1944
Mammal investigations on the Canol road, Yukon and Northwest Territories, l944
Mammal notes from Highland Country, Florida
Mammal notes from Highland county, Florida
Mammals of the eastern Rockies and western plains of Canada.
Mammals of Yukon
midwestern almanac, pageant of the seasons, a
new barbet from French Indo-China., A
New birds from Camiguin South, Philippines
New birds from Luzon, Philippine Islands
New birds from the Philippines
new fruit pigeon from Nepal, A
New Guinea expedition : Fly River area, 1936-1937
new race of crow, Corvus enca, from the Philippines, A
new species of babbling thrush from the Philippines., A
new species of thrush from Angola, A
Notes on African bulbuls, family Pycnonotidae: class Aves.
Notes on flycatchers of genus Batis
Notes on Nepal birds
Ornithology, an introduction
races of the African wood-dove Turtur afer, The
races of the bush shrike, Dryoscopus cubla., The
races of the shrike, Lanius validirostris, The
results of the archbold expeditions. birds of the 1936–1937 new guinea expedition
results of the archbold expeditions no.14: the birds of the 1933–1934 papuan expedition
Review of the subspecies of the sunbird Nectarinia jugularis.
Secondary sexual characters and ecological competition.
Social feeding behavior of birds.
Some Canadian fur bearers.
Some notes on bird behaviour
southern half of the Alaska highway and its mammals, The
status of the pronghorn antelope
stray feathers from a bird man's desk. fascinating and unusual sidelights on the lives of birds
subspecies of the bush shrike, Laniarius fulleborni, including L. poensis., The
Summary of the 1933-'34 Papuan expedition
Summary of the 1936-1937 New Guinea expedition
Summary of the 1938-1939 New Guinea expedition
Three new birds from the Philippine Islands
Three new birds from West Africa
Three new bulbuls from Africa (class Aves)
Three new bulbuls from Africa (elass Aves).
tongue and nest of certain flowerpeckers, Aves: Dicaeidae., The
Two new birds from Nepal
Two new species of birds from Angola.
Vögel, Die : Ornithologie populär
Thesis (Ph. D.) - Cornell Univ., Sept. 1932