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Author of The monthly account
Author of The satyr against hypocrites
English traveller
Guide to the inferiour clergy
J. P
J. P, John Phillips
Knight of the Oracle
Montelion (Knight of the Oracle)
Monthly account, Author of the
Nephew of the late Mr. John Milton
P, J.
P, John Phillips
Philip, John
Philippi, Ioannes
Philippi, Joannes
Philippi, Johannes
Philipps, John
Philippus, Ioannes
Philippus, Joannes
Philippus, Johannes
Philips, J.
Philips, John
Phillip, John
Phillips, J.
Phillips, John
Phillips, John ((author))
Satyr against hypocrites, Author of the
Unknown hand
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Casas, Bartolomé de las (1474-1566)
Dugard, William (1606-1662))
Howard, Leon (1903-1982))
Klaasz, Jeremias Place unknown, 1690
Lucía Megías, José Manuel (1967-)
Milton, John (1608-1674)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Phillips, John (1631-1706))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Settle, Elkanah (1648-1724)
Toland, John (1670-1722)
Wood, Anthony à (1632-1695)
Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias.
character of a popish successor, and what England may expect from such a one ..., or, The dispute of the succession moderately discuss'd upon the considerations of national practise, reason, and the statutes of the realm, The : with some reflections upon Mr. L'Estrange's (and another) answer to the first part of the Character, &c.
Character of a popish successour compleat in defence of the first part, against two answers, one written by mr l'estrange, called the papist in masquerade, &c., and another by an unknown hand
Collections of travels through Turky into Persia, and the East-Indies. Giving an account of the present state of those countries. As also a full relation of the five years wars, between Aureng-Zebe and his brothers in their father's life-time, about the succession. And a voyage made by the Great Mogul (Aureng-Zebe) with his army from Dehli to Lahor, from Lahor to Bember, and from thence to the kingdom of Kachemire : The first volume
early lives of Milton, The
history of the most renowned Don Quixote of Mancha: and his trusty squire Sancho Pancha, The : facsímile de la edición de Londres, 1678
late voyage to Constantinople: containing an exact description of the Propontis and Hellespont, with the Dardenelles ... as also of the city of Constantinople ... Likewise an account of the ancient and present state of the Greek church ..., A
life of Mr. John Milton, 1932:, The
Pharamond: or, the history of France. A fam'd romance. In twelve parts. The whole work never before Englished. Written originally by the author of Cassandra and Cleopatra. Translated by J. Phillips...
present court of Spain, or, The modern gallantry of the Spanish nobility unfolded, The : in several histories and seventy five letters from the enamour'd Teresa, to her beloved the Marquis of Mansera
present practice of musick vindicated against the exceptions and new way of attaining musick lately publish'd by Thomas Salmon, M. A. &c.;, The
Responsio ad apologiam anonymi cujusdam tenebrionis pro rege [et] populo Anglicano infantissimam
Sam. Ld. Bp. of Oxon, his celebrated Reasons for abrogating the Test, and notions of idolatry answered by Samuel Arch-Deacon of Canterbury
Satyr against hypocrites
Secret history of the reigns of k. charles ii and k. james ii
six voyages of John-Baptista Tavernier, a noble man of France now living, through Turkey into Persia, and the East-Indies, finished in the year 1670 ...; together with A new relation of the present Grand Seignor's seraglio, by the same author, The ; made English by J.P. ; to which is added A description of all the Kingdoms which encompass the Euxine and Caspian seas, by an English traveller, never before printed.
Speculum crape-gownorum Or, A lesson of instruction to those pragmatical pr--sts, who turn the pulpit into a pratling-box. What plague it is an hour to pass, to hear the braying of an ass. To which is added, A modern sermon to confute and confound free-thinkers. With a letter from a free-thinker to a revelation-monger. And a dialogue between a Church of England man, a Roman Catholick, a Jew, and a Presbyterian.
Speculum crape-gownorum, the second part, or, A continuation of observations and reflections upon the late sermons of some that would be thought Goliah's for the Church of England
tears of the Indians, The : being an historical and true account of the cruel massacres and slaughters committed by the Spaniards in the islands of the West Indies, Mexico, Peru, etc.
'tGeheym van't Engelsche hof, geduurende de regeeringen van koning Carel de II. en koning Jacobus de II. Zynde een naaukeurige historie en beschryvinge van de secreete practycquen, tot voortzettinge van haare desseynen, gepleegd.