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Hinks, A. R.
Hinks, Arthur
Hinks, Arthur R.
Hinks, Arthur Robert
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Dalorto, Angelino (active 1325.)
Dalorto, Angellino de
Hinckley, Arthur (1886- ))
Pickering, Edward Charles (1846-1919)
Russell, Henry Norris (1877-1957)
Cambridge Machine for measuring celestial photographs, The
Comet 1910 a, observed at Cambridge Observatory
Correlation of Solar and Magnetic Phenomena
Determinations of stellar parallax : based upon photographs taken at the Cambridge Observatory
Diagram showing the Conditions under which Observations for the Determination of Stellar Parallax are to be made, A
Eros and the solar parallax
Experimental Reduction of Photographs of Eros for the Determination of the Solar Parallax. Second Paper: Combination of results from Mount Hamilton, Minneapolis, and Cambridge
Experimental Reduction of some Photographs of Eros made at the Cambridge Observatory for the Determination of the Solar Parallax
galactic distribution of the spiral nebulæ, The
Geographical Conditions for the Observation of the Total Solar Eclipse, 1919 May 28–29
graphical discussion of the figure of the earth, A
Graphical Method of Applying to Photographic Measures the Terms of the Second Order in the Differential Refraction, A
Hints to travellers.
John Harrison
large meteor in the northern Congo, A
magnitude equation in visual observations of right ascension, The
Map projections by practical construction
Maps and survey
Maps and surveys
New geodetic tables for Clarke's figure of 1880, with transformation to Madrid 1924
New Measurements of the Distance of the Sun
new Variable or a Nova 97.1910 Cygni, A
Note on 97.1910 Cygni
Note on one of the stars selected as an "étoile de repère" for the reduction of photographs of Eros
Note on the Construction and Use of Réseaux
Observations of Nova Lacertæ made at the Cambridge Observatory
Observations of the Leonids, 1898 November, made at the Cambridge Observatory
Observations of the Leonids made at the Cambridge Observatory on 1899 November 13, 14, 15
On Planning Photographic Observations of Eros
On some Attempts to Counteract by Instrumental Adjustment certain Effects of Refraction in Stellar Photography
On the Accuracy of Measures on Photographs: Remarks on recent Papers by M. Loewy and Mr. H. C. Plummer
On the Determination of Proper Motions without Reference to Meridian Places
On the galactic distribution of gaseous nebulæ and of star clusters
Opposition of Eros, 1900
Organization and equipment scientific observation health, sickness, and injury
Plebiscite Area of Upper Silesia, The
portolan chart of Angellino de Dalorto, MCCCXXV, in the collection of Prince Corsini at Florence, with a note on the surviving charts and atlases of the fourteenth century, The
Preliminary Note on a Personal Equation depending on Magnitude affecting the Right Ascensions of the Stars in the Cambridge Zone Catalogue of the Astronomische Gesellschaft, and its determination from Astrographic Catalogue Plates
question of orthography, A
Reduction of 295 Photographs of Eros made at Nine Observatories during the period 1900 November 7–15, with a determination of the Solar Parallax
Sir George Darwin and the capture theory of satellites
Solar parallax papers, No. 4. The Magnitude Equation in Right Ascension of the Étoiles de Repère
Solar Parallax Papers, No. 5. Examination of the Photographic Places of Stars published in the Paris Eros Circulars
Solar parallax papers, No. 6. Construction of a Photographic Catalogue of Star Places
Solar parallax papers, No. 7. The General Solution from the Photographic Right Ascensions of Eros, at the Opposition of 1900
Solar parallax papers, No. 8. The Mass of the Moon, derived from photographic observations of Eros made in 1900–01
Solar parallax papers, No. 9. The General Solution from the Micrometric Right Ascensions of Eros, at the opposition of 1900
Some modern telescope constructions
Some questions relating to the Shape of the Earth, suggested by Mr. Harold Jeffreys' paper "Certain hypotheses as to the structure of the Earth and the Moon"
Tables for computing standard co-ordinates on photographic plates
Time chart for parallax observations
Time Signals for Surveyors in the Field
Wireless time signals for the use of surveyors