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Soltis, Andrew
Soltis, Andrew Eden
Soltis, Andy
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writer of accompanying material
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Alechin, Aleksandr (1892-1946)
Alechin, Aleksandr Aleksandrovič (1892-1946)
Ferretti, Folco (1970-)
Hall, John (1957-)
Lipka, Jan
MacCormick, Gene H. (1940-)
McCormick, Gene H. (1940-)
Müller, Karsten (1970-)
Pitman Publishing
Réti, Richard (1889-1929)
Smith, Ken (1930-)
Smith, Kenneth Ray (1930-)
Wohlers-Armas, Rike
American chess masters from Morphy to Fischer
art of defense in chess, the
Beating the Sicilian Defense with the Short-Nunn Attack
best chess games of Boris Spassky, The
Bird-Larsen attack : a complete opening system with 1 f4 then 2 b3
Bird's defense to the Ruy Lopez
black defensive system for the rest of your chess career, a
Black to play and win with 1-g6 : a complete defensive system
Bobby Fischer rediscovered
Bobby Fischer : the career and complete games of the American world chess champion
Bobby Fisher rediscovered
book of chess lists, The
Catalog of chess mistakes
Chameleon Sicilian, The
Chess lists
Chess mistakes : how to detect and avoid them
Chess to enjoy
Colle system, Koltanowski variation, 5 c3
Colle system, Zukertort variation, 5b3
Come scegliere la mossa migliore
complete opening system for white with 1 P-K4, A
Confessions of a chess grandmaster
defense 1...P-QN3, The
fighting French, The
Franco-Benoni defense, The : a black defensive system
Frank Marshall, United States chess champion : a biography with 220 games
Gewinnen mit 1. d4 : ein komplettes Eröffnungssystem
Gewinnen mit der spanischen Abtauschvariante : "Fischer's Waffe"
Giuoco piano and the Max Lange attack
Grandmaster secrets endings
grandmaster secrets: openings
great chess tournaments and their stories, The
How to choose a chess move
How to play the Sicilian defense : against all white possibilities
inner game of chess, The : how to calculate and win
Karl Marx plays chess and other reports on the world's oldest game
King's Indian defense : Yugoslav variation 6...c5
Lasker's defense to the Queen's gambit
London 1922 : José Raúl Capablanca, challanger, Emanuel Lasker, champion
London system : a complete white opening system
Marshall : mille risorse sulla scacchiera
Mikhail Botvinnik : the life and games of a world chess champion
Modern ideas in chess
Morphy chess masterpieces
New sicilian gambits
New York 1924
New York 1927
(not so) old Indian, The
Noteboom variation, The
Nottingham 1936
Nuove idee e varianti in apertura
Opening ideas and analysis for advanced players
Openings of the eighties
Pawn structure chess
Pillsbury the extraordinary
Queen's Indian defense
Rethinking the chess pieces
Ruy Lopez exchange variation
Sicilian Scheveningen for black, The
Sicilian: Scheveningen variation for black
Soviet chess, 1917-1991
stonewall attack, the
Strutture pedonali
Studying chess made easy
Tal the magnificent
Tchigorin Defense, The
transpo tricks in chess
Trompowsky attack, The : 1 d4 Nf6 2 Bg5 or 1 d4 d5 2 Bg5
Turning advantage into victory in chess
U.S. chess championship, 1845-1985, The
United States chess championship, 1845-1996, The
United States chess championship, 1845-2011, The
Voraces 2019, Los : a chess novel
What it takes to become a chess master
White opening system : combining Stonewall Attack, Colle System, Torre Attack
White opening system with 1 P-QB4
Why Lasker matters
William Steinitz, chess champion : a biography of the Bohemian Caesar
winning with 1 c4: a complete opening system
Winning with 1 d4
Winning with 1 e4
winning with 1 f4: bird's opening
Winning with the Bird opening
Winning with the English opening
Winning with the Giuoco Piano and the Max Lange attack
Winning with the King's Gambit
Winning with the Leningrad Dutch 7 ... Qe8!
Winning with the Ruy Lopez exchange variation : Fischer's weapon
wisest things ever said about chess, the
younger school of Soviet chess, The