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Loewe, M.
Loewe, M. A. N.
Loewe, Michael
Loewe, Michael A. N.
Loewe, Michael Arthur Nathan
Lu, Wei-i
Lu, Weiyi
Lu, Wej-i
Luweiyi, Maikeer
ローウェ, M
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Blacker, Carmen
Fairbank, John K. (1907-1991)
Fairbank, John King (1907-1991)
George Allen & Unwin
Lama Chime Radha, Rinpoche
Lu, Weiyi (see also from)
Nylan, Michael
Plumley, J. Martin
Shaughnessy, Edward L. (1952-)
Twitchett, Denis Crispin
University (Cambridge)
Wilson, Eva (1925-)
almanacs (jih-shu) from Shui-hu-ti, The : a preliminary survey
Ancient cosmologies
Archaeology in the New China
Bing, 2011:
Bing : from farmer's son to magistrate in Han China
biographical dictionary of the Qin, former Han and Xin periods, 221 BC - AD 24, A
biographical dictionary of the qin, han and xin dynasties, a
Cambridge history of ancient China, The : from the origins of civilization to 221 B.C.
Cambridge history of China. Vol. 1, The
case of witchcraft in 91 B.C., The : its historical setting and effect on Han dynasty history
Ch'in and Han empires 221 B.C.-A.D. 220 sf ed. by Denis Twitchett and Michael Loewe, The
China der Kaiser. Die historischen Grundlagen des modernen China., Das
China der Kaiser (Imperial China, dt.) Die historischen Grundlagen d. modernen China., Das
China : empire of living symbols
China : empire of the written symbol
China in central Asia, 1979:
China in Central Asia : the early stage: 125 B.C.-A.D. 23 : an annotated translation of chapters 61 and 96 of the history of the former Han dynasty
China's early empires : a re-appraisal
Chinese ideas of life and death : faith, myth and reason in the Han period (202 BC-AD 220)
Chinese relations with Central Asia, 260-90
Companion to a biographical dictionary of the Qin
Crisis and conflict in Han China 104 BC to AD 9.
Decline and fall in East and West
Divination and oracles
Divination, mythology and monarchy in Han China
Dong Zhongshu, a "Confucian" heritage and the Chun qiu fan lu
Dong Zhongshu, a 'Confucian' heritage and the Chunqiu fanlu
Early Chinese texts : a bibliographical guide
Early imperial China
Everyday life in early imperial China, 2005:
Everyday life in early imperial China during the Han period 202 BC-AD 220.
failure of the Confucian ethic in later Han times, The
Faith, myth and reason in Han China, c2005:
government of the Qin and Han Empires, The : 221 BCE - 220 CE
Han dai xing zheng ji lu, 2005:
Han view of comets, The
Handai xinzheng jilu
History of ancient China
history of early Imperial China, The : the Western contribution
Imperial China : the historical background to the modern age
Jews in China
Jianqiao Zhongguo Qin Han shi, gong yuan qian 221-gong yuan 220 nian
K'uang Heng and the reform of religious practices (31 B.C.)
Kodai no uchūron
Man and beast : the hybrid in early Chinese art and literature
manuscripts from Tomb Number Three Ma-wang-tui, The
men who governed china in han times, the
men who governed Han China, The : companion to a biographical dictionary of the Qin, former Han and Xin periods
Military operations in the Han period.
Note : Wooden documents from China and Japan : recent finds and their value
Obituary : Professor Walter Simon, C.B.E., F.B.A.
Office of Music, c. 114 to 7 B.C., The
Oracles and divination
oracles of the clouds and the winds, The
origins and development of Chinese encyclopaedias, The
pride that was china, the
Records of Han administration : publ. for the Fac. of Oriental Studies
records of han administration; volume i: historical assessment; volume ii: documents
Review [draft version]
Shen Pu-hai
Some recent editions of the Ch'ien-Han-Shu
Spices and silk : aspects of world trade in the first seven centuries of the Christian era
Uranai to shintaku
Ways to paradise : the Chinese quest for immortality
Weltformeln der Frühzeit (Ancient Cosmologies, dt.) Die Kosmologien d. alten Kulturvölker.
Weltformen der Frühzeit; die Kosmologien der alten Kulturvölker
Zhongguo gu dai dian ji dao du, 1997:
剑桥中国秦汉史, 公元前 221-公元 220年 
漢代 行政 記錄