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Guyot, A.
Guyot, A. (professeur)
Guyot, Arn
Guyot, Arnaud Henri
Guyot, Arnold
Guyot, Arnold H.
Guyot, Arnold Henri
Guyot, Arnold Henry
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Cartographic material
Language material
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Birnbaum, Heinrich
Felton, C. C. (1807-1862)
Felton, Cornelius Conway
Felton, Cornelius Conway (1807-1862)
Henry, Joseph (1797-1878)
inaug. Berlin
Libbey, William
Pratt, Mary Howe Smith
Roberts, William (ca. 1829-)
Sałacki, W.
Scribner, Armstrong and Co
Smith, Mary Howe Mrs. [from old catalog]
Smithsonian Institution
Smithsonian Institution (Washington)
Vivien de Saint-Martin, Louis (1802-1897))
A. Guyot correspondence
Address of prof. Guyot : Humboldt commemoration
Carl Ritter : an adress to the American Geographical and Statistical Society
Carte des Montagnes Noires 1860 (Alleghany, Etats-Unis de l'Amérique du Nord)
Carte du fond des lacs de Neuchâtel et de Morat
collection of meteorological tables, with other tables useful in practical meteorology, A
Creation, or, The biblical cosmogony in the light of modern science
création, ou, La cosmogonie biblique à la lumière de la science moderne, La
Directions for meteorological observations
earth and its inhabitants, The : common-school geography
earth and its inhabitants, The : intermediate geography
earth and man, The : lectures on comparative physical geography, in its relation to the history of mankind
East central states;
Elementary geography for primary classes
Géographie physique comparée : considérée dans ses rapports avec l'histoire de l'humanité
Geography of Illinois.
Geography of Indiana.
Geography of Massachusetts.
Geography of Michigan.
Geography of New York.
Geography of Ohio.
Geography of Vermont.
Geological map of Virginia and West Virginia showing their chief geological sub-divisions
Grundzüge der vergleichenden, physikalischen Erdkunde in ihrer Beziehung zur Geschichte des Menschen : Vorlesungen für Gebildete
Grundzüge der vergleichenden, pyhsikalischen Erdkunde in ihrer Beziehung zur Geschichte des Menschen
Guyot geographical reader and primer;, The
Guyot's geographical series
Guyot's grammar-school geography
Guyot's new intermediate geography
Guyot's tables for computing differences of elevation from barometric observations.
Introduction to the study of geography
Johnson's new illustrated family atlas of the world ... with a treatise on physical geography
Johnson's New universal cyclopaedia : a scientific and popular treasury of useful knowledge, illustrated with maps, plans, and engraving
Maka-oyakapi. Guyot's Elementary geography, in the Dakota language.
Memoir of Louis Agassiz, 1807-1873.
Meteorological tables
Middle Atlantic States & North Carolina : physical and political
[Monde] Wall-Atlas
naturali lacuum divisione, De
New England states; special geography of Massachusetts and Vermont; designed to accompany Guyot's new intermediate geography.
New Illustrated family atlas of the world
Note sur la dispersion du terrain erratique entre le Jura et les Alpes : dans la Suisse occidentale et en Savoie
Note sur la distribution des espèces de roches dans le bassin erratique du Rhône
Note sur le bassin erratique du Rhin
Notice sur la carte du fond des lacs de Neuchâtel et Morat
On the Appalachian moutain system
Physical geography
Primary, or, Introduction to the study of geography
Système glaciaire ou recherches sur les glaciers, leur mécanisme, leur ancienne extension et rôle quíls ont joué dans l'histoire de la terre
Tables, meteorological an physical
Tables, meteorological and physical, prepared for the Smithsonian insti*. -
Tables, meteorological and physical, prepared for the Smithsonian Institution
Ziemia i człowiek albo fizyczna geografia w stosunku do historii ludzkości
Ziemia i człowiek albo fizyczna jeografija w stosunku do historyi ludzkości
Diss. inaug. Berlin, 1835