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Plog, A.
Plog, Anthony
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Bis grammofon AB
Davis, Sharon (1937-)
Editions Bim
Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882)
Hopkins, Gerard Manley (1844-1889)
Luce, Brian A.
Schmidt, William (1926-)
Smith, Hal
Swearingen, Madolyn
Whitman, Walt (1819-1892)
Wordsworth, William (1770-1850)
Żuk, Zbigniew
2 scenes for trumpet, soprano and organ
20th century music for trumpet and organ
3 miniatures for flute and piano : (2007)
3 profiles for antiphonal euphonium-tuba ensemble : 2006
3 sketches (1995) : for oboe, horn in F and piano
4 miniatures for viola and woodwind quintet : 1983
4 themes on paintings of Edward Munch for trumpet and organ
4 Themes on paintings of Goya : (2001) : for trombone and piano
Aesop's fables : for narrator, horn, and piano
Animal ditties eight
Animal ditties II (1983) : for trumpet, piano and narrator
Animal ditties VIII for guitar and narrator : (1986)
Anthony Plog, trumpet & Sharon Davis, piano [SR] p1982:
Arioso barocco (8 min 51 s)
Beauteous evening 2012 ; for mixed choir SATB and piano
Beauteous evening for mixed choir SATB and piano : 2012
Brass music.
Chamber music.
colors of the Baroque, The
Concertino for solo trumpet, solo trombone and brass ensemble (1999)
Concerto (1988) : for solo trumpet, 14 part brass ensemble (4442) and percussion (2)
Concerto for flute and wind ensemble (1986)
Concerto no. 2 (1994/95) : for trumpet and orchestra
Contemporary music for trumpet and organ [sound recording].
Contemporary music for trumpet and organ [SR] 198-?:
Double concerto an homage to Antonio Vivaldi : for two trumpets and chamber orchestra, 2002
Double concerto for 2 trumpets and wind ensemble : an homage to Antonio Vivaldi : 2002 : instrumentation : 2 solo trumpets in C 2.2.4(cl.b.).2. - - perc. (1), clavecin/celesta
Fingering exercises and etudes
Four themes on paintings of Edvard Munch (13 min 21 s)
Four themes on paintings of Goya
Friends play Fisher Tull
God's grandeur for mixed choir SATB and piano or organ : 2007
Hollow men (8 min 02 s), The
Horn expression
Hurry up for 4 trumpets
Jocaan trio for flute (+ piccolo), trumpet (C + picc. Bb + ad. lib. fluegelhorn) and organ : (2010)
Method for trumpet : the Plog program
Mini-suite, for brass quintet.
Mini-variations on amazing grace (1987) : for brass ensemble : 4 trumpets in C, 4 horns in F, 4 trombones and 2 tubas
Nocturne for horn and strings
Nocturne for trombone alto (or tenor) & string orchestra : (1996)
Nocturne for trumpet (in C opt. flugelhorn in Bb) and organ (2003)
Nocturne for trumpet (in C opt. flugelhorn in Bb) and piano (2010)
Nocturne for trumpet (in C or opt. Fluegelhorn in Bb) and organ, 2003
Nocturne for tuba and piano reduction : 2004
Nocturne for tuba and string orchestra : 2004
Nocturnes, Hr Orch (1987)
Okna (21 min 37 s)
Old and new music for trumpet and keyboard.
Paradigms 2012 ; for flugelhorn or trumpet in Bb (or in C) and piano
Paradigms for fluegelhorn or trumpet in Bb (or in C) and piano : 2012
Plog program
Postcards : (1994) for solo trumpet
Postcards : for horn solo
Postcards four
Postcards IV for solo bass trombone : (2010)
Prayer of Saint Gregory
Prayer of St. Gregory op 62b (5 min 19 s)
Ride em cowboy a jazz duet for fluegelhorn (B♭) and trombone
Scherzo for brass ensemble : (4 trumpets in C, 4 horns in F, 4 trombones and 2 tubas, 2 percussion)
Scherzo for trumpet (in C or B♭) and piano : (2011)
Sérénade op. 73 [Enregistrement sonore]
Short meditation for 12 euphoniums or trombones, 2010
Short meditation : for 12 Violoncelli
Sierra journal for soprano, trumpet, string orchestra, piano and percussion
Sonare for trombone and organ : (2011)
Sonata for trumpet and piano, 2010
Songs of war and loss for baritone and brass quintet : 2010
Suburban measures
Suite for 6 trumpets : (1980)
Themes on paintings of Goya.
Thoughts for trumpet and organ : 2010
Three miniatures : (1990) for tuba and piano
Three miniatures for trumpet in C and piano
Three sonnets : for horn, piano, and narrator (1989)
Trio for brass (1996) : for flugelhorn (opt. trumpet), horn & [and] trombone
Triple concerto for trumpet, horn, trombone and orchestra : (1995)
Tuba concerto (1997)
Tuba sonata for tuba and piano : (2006/07)
Warm-up exercises and etudes
Weiter for symphony orchestra, 2007