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Stamp, J. C.
Stamp, Josiah,
Stamp, Josiah C.
Stamp, Josiah Charles
Stamp, Josiah Charles Stamp (Baron)
Stamp, Josiah, (Sir,)
Stamp (Lord)
Stamp, Sir Josiah
スタンプ, J
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Beaver, Stanley Henry (1907-1984))
Bowley, A. L. (1869-1957)
Bowley, Arthur Lyon (1869-1957)
Bruins, G. W. J.
Elbourne, Edward Tregaskiss
Longmans, Green & Co
Ooshima, Kiyoshi (1913-1994)
Smee, Dora Kate
Stamp, L. Dudley
Stamp, Laurence Dudley
Stamp, Laurence Dudley (1898-1966)
大島, 清 (1913-1994, 金融論)
anatomy of judgment, The
British income and property [MI] 1916
British incomes and property, 1927
British incomes and property, the application of official statistics to economic problems, by J. C. Stamp,...
British Isles, a geographic and economic survey, by L. Dudley Stamp,... and Stanley H. Beaver,... with contributions by Sir Josiah Stamp,... and D. K. Smee. 2d edition..., The
Christian ethic as an economic factor., The
Christianity and economics
Criticism and other addresses.
English institutions...
financial aftermath of war, The
fundamental principles of taxation in the light of modern developments (the Newmarch lectures for 1919), The
history of reparations, The
Ideals of a student
Industrial and railway amalgamations
international gold problem, The : collected papers : a record of the discussions of a study group of members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1929-1931
journal of reparations, A
Lord Shaftesbury and social-industrial progress, by J. Wesley Bready,... Introduction by Sir Josiah Stamp,...
Marketing Problem how it is being tackled in U.S.A.. -, The
mobilization of knowledge ..., The
money illusion, The
Motive and method in a Christian order
National capital and other statistical studies, by Lord Stamp,..., The
national income, 1924; a comparative study of the income of the United kingdom in 1911 and 1924, The
On stimulus in the economic life.
Papers on gold and the price level
Practical progress in Anglo-American understanding
present position of monetary science, The
Rapport sur la double imposition, présenté au Comité financier par M. M. Bruins, Einaudi, Seligman et Sir Josiah Stamp
Rapport sur la double imposition, présenté au Comité financier par MM. Bruins, Einaudi, Seligman et Sir Josiah Stamp
riddle of rationalisation, The : a review of the potentialities of the scientific reorganisation of industry under a national plan
science of social adjustment, The
Senji kin'yū
social significance of death duties, The
Some economic factors in modern life
[Speeches from the Congress on Education for Democracy]
statistical verification of social and economic theory, The
Studies in current problems in finance and government and "The wealth and income of the chief powers" (1914)
Taxation during the war, by Sir Josiah Stamp,...
Three studies on the national income; being The division of the product of industry
We live and learn; addresses on education
Wealth and taxable capacity : the Newmarch lectures for 1920-1 on current statistical problems in wealth and industry, by Sir Josiah Stamp,...
Weg der Reparation
world's economic crisis and the way of escape, The
world's struggle with rubber, 1905-1931, The