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Murphy, Gardner,
マーフィー, ガードナー
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writer of accompanying material
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Columbia university
Fonseca, Ramiro da (1911-1991)
James, William (1842-1910)
Kovach, Joseph K.
Kuhlen, Raymond Gerhard
Leeds, Morton
Maslow, Abraham H.
Maslow, Abraham Harold
Murphy, Lois Barclay (1902-2003)
Pressey, Sidney Leavitt
Sherif, Muzafer (1905-)
Solley, Charles M.
Warcollier, René (1876-)
Wolff, Werner (1904-)
佐波, 克美 (1947-)
Approaches to personality : some contemporary conceptions used in psychology and psychiatry
Asian psychology
briefer general psychology, a
Challenge of physical research;
Challenge of psychical research : a primer of parapsychology
Chōshinri no kagaku
clinical interaction, The : with special reference to the Rorschach
Clinical psychology; a handbook of children's behavior problems
Comparative psychology of mental development
Contemporary theories and systems in psychology
Counseling and psychotherapy: theory and practice.
Development of the perceptual world
Dream telepathy : experiments in nocturnal ESP
droga alucinante história do LSD, incluindo o passado, o presente e o futuro das drogas que alteram a consciência e provocam visões, A
Emotions and memory
Employment psychology
Encounter with reality; new forms for an old quest
ESP and personality patterns
Essentials of psychological testing
Experimental social psychology; an interpretation of research upon the socialization of the individual.
Experimental telepathy
Experiments in telepathy
expression of personality; experimental depth psychology, The
Factor analysis : an introduction and manual for the psychologist and social scientist
first two decades of life, The : a revision and extension of 'From infancy to adolescence'
Freeing intelligence through teaching; a dialectic of the rational and the personal.
geestelijke evolutie van de mens, De
General psychology
historical introduction to modern psychology, an
Human brain and psychological processes
Human nature and enduring peace third yearbook for the society for the psychological study of social issues/ ed. by Gardner Murphy.
Human potentialities.
Humanistic psychology: interviews with Maslow, Murphy, and Rogers
In gesprek met Maslow, Murphy, Rogers : humanistische psychologen over hun werken, leven, ideeën
In the minds of men; the study of human behavior and social tensions in India.
Individual behavior : a perceptual approach to behavior
Inhibition and choice; a neurobehavioral approach to problems of plasticity in behavior
Interpreting personality theories
Introduction to opinion and attitude measurement
introduction to psychology, an
Ishiyut., ha-
Leadership, psychology, and organizational behavior
Learn more with less effort
Military psychology
Mind to mind
Motivation and personality
On psychical research
Outgrowing self-deception
outline of abnormal psychology, An
outline of social psychology;, An
paranormal and the normal, c1980 (a.e.), The
paranormal and the normal, The : a historical, philosophical, and theoretical perspective
Personality : a biosocial approach to origings and structure
Personality; a biosocial approach to origins and structure.
Personality and temperament
Personality, c1966:
Personality dynamics : a biosocial approach
Personality through perception : an experimental and clinical study
Physical disability : a psychological approach
Principles of abnormal psychology: the dynamics of psychic illness
Principles of employment psychology.
Principles of perception
Problems in prejudice
Problems of human adjustment
Psychological development through the life span
Psychological thought from Pythagoras to Freud; an informal introduction.
Psychology : a first course in human behavior
Psychology and the new education.
Psychology in education
psychology of adolescent development, The
psychology of efficiency, a discussion of the hygiene of mental work, The
psychology of learning, The
psychology of social norms, The
psychology of thought and judgment, The
Public opinion and the individual; a psychological study of student attitudes on public questions, with a retest five years later
Reference groups : exploration into conformity and deviation of adolescents
Science, man, and parapsychology.
Studies of abnormal behavior in the rat; the neurotic pattern and an analysis of the situation which produces it
Telepathy and medical psychology
There is more beyond : selected papers of Gardner Murphy
Three papers on the survival problem : an outline of survival evidence difficulties confronting the survival hypothesis field theory and survival
Toward a general theory of the paranormal.
Types of word association ... 1923.
Types of word-association in dementia praecox, manic-depressives, and normal persons
Unesco study of social tensions in Aligarh, 1950-1951., A
We call it human nature
Western psychology; from the Greeks to William James
William James on psychical research.
"Reprinted from American journal of psychiatry. vol. II, no. 4, April, 1923."
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Columbia university, 1923