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Rushton, W. G.
Rushton, William
Rushton, William George
Rushton, Willie
Rushton, Willy
ラッシュトン, ウィリアム
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Creation role: 
author of screenplay
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Audio Language Studies Inc
Brooke Taylor, Tim (co-performer)
Carroll, Lewis pseud. van C.L. Dodgson
Cryer, Barry (co-performer)
Curtis, Sam
Fry, Stephen (co-performer)
Garden, Graeme (co-performer)
I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue "Team" (isMemberOf)
Lyttelton, Humphrey (co-performer)
Moody, Vedah Hamon
Pullein-Thompson, Diana
Rae, Simon (1952- ))
Rosen, Michael (1946-)
Sell, Colin (co-performer)
Wallis, Diz
Waugh, Auberon
小沢, 正 (1937-2008)
1956 and all that :a memorable history of england since the war to end all wars (two
Adam and Eve, 1985:
agreeable world of wallace arnold
Alice in Wonderland [SR] p1981:
Alice's adventures in Wonderland
ancient george gets his wish
animal quotations
bad behaviour guy philipps
Brush up your pidgin
bureaucrats. how to annoy them!
burning candle, the literary review anthology of poetry, a
but i digress: the collected monologues of ramblin' ronnie corbett
cat and mouse story, A : an old tale
cat and mouse story. an old tale, a
comic cuts: a bedside sampler of censorship in action
could have kicked myself, i
day of the grocer, the
Dear pup : letters to a young dog
diaries of Auberon Waugh, 1976-1985, The : a turbulent decade
discontented dervishes and other persian tales from sa'di arthur scholey, the
ebbledum e. elephant
elephant on the line!
family at law, a
first impossible quiz book, the
geranium of flut, the
gullible's travails brian rix
happy families: an old game with new faces
health for hooligans
How to keep Dinosaurs
i'm sorry i haven't a clue
if you'll believe that...
incredible cottage annual, the
incredible cottage goes to the moon, the
jubilee jackanory
LC authority files, consultés à l'adresse http://lcauth.dra.com/lcauth/ADV-8934 le 13 décembre 2001. Alice in Wonderland ; read by William Rushton, 1980
losers weepers
mad officials, the
molesworth rites again
mrs wilson's 2nd diary
mrs wilson’s diaries
Neko to nezumi
Nudge nudge, wink wink : a quotebook of love and sex
penguin private eye, the
Pigsticking, a joy for life : a gentleman's guide to sporting pastimes
please give generously
practical decorating for practically everyone
private eye on london by private eye
private eye's romantic england and other unlikely stories: a miscellany - the last days of macmilian
Ray Choudhury, U. K. The stupid tiger and other tales, 1981 (a.e.)
Rules and cautions in English grammar founded on the analysis of sentences.
rushton in the eye
scenes from hysterical life: diary of a mad housewife
soft targets from the weekend guardian: poems
spy thatcher; the collected ravings of a senior mi5 officer
stag cook book: being a low guide to the high art of nosh, the
story of the incredible cottage, the
stupid tiger and other tales, the
sunny bell and the shrimp street gang
super pig (book)|superpig: a gentleman's guide to everyday survival
surprising adventures of baron munchausen, the
thatcher's inferno
this england - selection of pieces from the new statesman
thoughts of Trueman now, The : every cricket maniac's anthology
Through the looking glass
true stories
unarmed gardening
W. G. Grace's last case, or, The war of the worlds - part two
waldo meets the witch
Waugh on wine
when the light’s went out wanda anderson
who wants to be a millionaire?
wild wood jan needle
William Rushton reads Alice in Wonderland
William Rushton reads Through the looking glass
world’s shortest books
you might as well be dead