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Kemmerer, E. W.
Kemmerer, Edwin W.
Kemmerer, Edwin Walter
ケマラー, エドウィン・ウオルター
ケンメラー, エドウイン・ワルター
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American Economic Association
China. Kan-mo-erh she chi wei yüan hui
China. 甘末爾設計委員會
Kemmerer, Donald Lorenzo
Ōyama, Hisashi
Polska. Ministerstwo Skarbu (1918-1939)
Strong, Benjamin (1872-1928))
United States. National Monetary Commission
Vissering, G. (1865-1937)
Vissering, Gerard (1865-1937)
大山, 寿
糸井, 靖之
ABC de la inflación, El
Abc of inflation, with particular reference to present-day conditions in the united states
Abc of the federal reserve system why the federal reserve system was called into being, the main features of its organization, and how it works
Amerika kahei seisaku hihan
Beikoku renpō junbi ginkō yōgi
Bukka kettei no hōsoku
Bukka tōki to tsūka shukushō
Central American currency and finance. -
Chūgoku zenshinteki kinhon'i tsūka jisshihō sōan, oyobi sono riyū hōkokusho : Zaisei Senmonka Iinkai yori 1929-nen 11-gatsu 11-nichi Zaiseibu-chō ni teishutsu
Cła i monopole
Econ. bull. (Baltimore, Md.)
economic bulletin, The
étalon or en Chine projet de loi remis au Ministère des finances par la mission Kemmerer le 11 novembre 1929, et exposé des motifs justifiant son adoption, L'
Facing the facts; an economic diagnosis
Gold and the gold standard the story of gold money past, present and future
gold-exchange standard in the Philippines, The
High prices and deflation
Inflaã̧o ...
Inflation and revolution; Mexico's experience of 1912-1917
Kemerā Iinkai tetsudō zaisei hōkoku.
Kemmerer on money an elementary discussion of the important facts and underlying principles of the money problems now confronting the American people
Laws, etc
Legislación bancaria y monetaria.
Loans and investments;
Misión Kemmerer en el Perú, La : informes y propuestas.
Modern currency reforms; a history and discussion of recent currency reforms in India, Porto Rico, Philippine islands, Straits Settlements and Mexico
Monetary system of Mexico; proposed reforms
Money and credit instruments in their relation to general prices
Money; the principles of money and their exemplification in outstanding chapters of monetary history
Our present gold problem
Postal savings; an historical and critical study of the postal savings bank system of the United States
Praca ekonomicznego doradcy rządów
Project of law for the gradual introduction of a gold-standard currency system in China together with a report in support thereof
Proyecto de ley orgánica de aduanas
réforme bancaire aux États-Unis d'Amérique de 1913 à 1921, La : le système de la réserve fédérale
Report on the Agricultural bank of Egypt to the secretary of war and to the Philippine commission
Report on the resumption of gold payments by the Union of South Africa with minutes of evidence, appendixes and index
report submitted by Dr. Edwin Walter Kemmerer
Reports submitted by the Commission of the American Financial Experts headed
Republic of Poland
Seasonal variations in the relative demand for money and capital in the United States; a statistical study
Sprawozdania oraz zalecenia Komisji Doradców Finansowych.
Trends in interest rates. [An address before the American Finance Conference, November 18, 1936, Chicago, Illinois]
Validity of international gold movement statistics
Verslag over de hervatting van betalingen in goud door de Unie van Zuid-Afrika
Waluta i kredyt
ケメラ- 委員會鐵道財政報告.
中國漸進的金本位通貨實施法草案・及びその理由報告書 : 財政專門家委員會より一九二九年十一月十一日財政部長に提出