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Sargent, C. S.
Sargent, Ch. S.
Sargent, Charles S.
Sargent, Charles Sprague
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Faxon, C.E. (1846-1918)
Faxon, Charles Edward
Faxon, Charles Edward (1846-1918)
Gill, Mary
Gill, Mary W.
Gill, Wright
National Forestry Commission/1USA.
Rehder, Alfred (1863-1949)
Rock, Joseph Francis Charles (1884-1962))
Tucker, Ethelyn Maria
Wilson, Ernest Henry (1876-1930)
Worcester, Samuel (1847-1918)
Asa Gray.
Bradley bibliography, The : a guide to the literature of the woody plants of the world published before the beginning of the 20th century
catalogue of the forest trees of north america
Catalogue of the Library of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
Charles Edward Faxon.
Crataegus in Missouri, by Charles Sprague Sargent...
Crataegus in southern Michigan...
Economic properties of woody plants
Epes Sargent of Gloucester and his decendants
few suggestions on tree-planting., A
Forest flora of Japan : Notes on the forest flora of Japan
Gard. for.
Garden and forest a journal of horticulture, landscape art, and forestry.
Garden and forest (Online)
guide to the Arnold arboretum, A
Joseph Franz Rock (1884-1962), 2007:
Joseph Franz Rock : (1884-1962) : Tagebuch der Reise von Chieng Mai nach Yünnan, 1921-1922 : Briefwechsel mit C. S. Sargent, University of Washington, Johannes Schubert und Robert Koc
Letter of the Secretary of the Interior of the President transmitting a report by the National Forestry Commission [C.S. Sargent, chairman] to the National Academy of Sciences, recommending the establishment of additional forest reservations.
Letters from Charles Sprague Sargent to Reginald Somers Cocks, 1908-1926
Manual of the trees of North America (exclusive of Mexico). Vol. 1
Map of West Virginia showing the distribution of forests with special reference to the lumber industry.
naturalist in western China, with vasculum, camera, and gun; being some account of eleven years' travel, exploration, and observation in the more remote parts of the Flowery kingdom, A
Nihon shinrin shokubutsushi
Plantae Wilsonianae : an enumeration of the woody plants collected in Western China for the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University during the years 1907, 1908, and 1910 by E.H. Wilson
pruning forests and ornamental trees
Report on the forests of North America (exclusive of Mexico), by Charles S. Sargent,...
reports on the forests of north america
Scientific papers of Asa Gray
silva of North America; a description of the trees which grow naturally in North America exclusive of Mexico, The
Sylva of North America, a description of the trees which grow naturally in North America exclusive of Mexico, by Charles Sprague Sargent,..., The
The silva of North America.
treatise on pruning forest and ornamental trees., A
Trees and shrubs illustrations of new or little known ligneous plants prepared chiefly from material at the Arnold arboretum of Harvard University and
trees at Mount Vernon, The
trees of Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, The
Vegetation of western China : a series of 500 photographs with index
woods of the united states, with an account of their structure, qualities, and uses, the