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Thomassen, C.
Thomassen, Carsten
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Aarhus Universitet
Andersen, Lars Døvling (1950- ))
Bollobás, Béla
Carleton University. Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Gao, Zhi-Cheng
Mohar, Bojan
Richmond, L. B.
Richmond, Lawrence Bruce
Richter, Bruce (1957-)
Richter, R. Bruce
University of Waterloo. Department of Combinatorics and Optimization
University of Waterloo. Faculty of Mathematics
¤chromatic number of a graph of girth 5 on a fixed surface, The
¤color space of a graph, The
¤Erdös-Pósa property for odd cycles in graphs of large connectivity, The
¤intersection graph of straight lines, An
¤locally connected compact metric spaces embeddable in the plane, The
¤number k-colorings of a graph on a fixed surface, The
¤short list color proof of Grötzsch's theorem, A
2-list-coloring planar graphs without monochromatic triangles
3-connected planar spaces uniquely embed in the sphere
Applications of Tutte cycles
Chromatic roots and hamiltonian paths
Classification of locally 2-connected compact metric spaces
Claw-decompositions and Tutte-orientations
Counterexamples to Faudree and Schelp's conjecture on Hamiltonian connected graphs
cover-index of infinite graphs, The
Decomposing a planer graph into an independent set and a 3-degenerate graph
Edge-disjoint Hamiltonian cycles in hypertournaments
Exponentially many 5-list-colorings of planar graphs
Graphs on surfaces, 2001:
Graphs with no path-kernels
Hamiltonian connected tournaments
Hamiltonian paths in squares of infinite locally finite blocks
Irreducible triangulations and triangular embeddings on a surface
Long cycles in digraphs with constrains on the degrees
Long cycles in graphs on a fixed surface
Many 3-colorings of triangle-free planar graphs
Minimal graphs with crossing number at least k
Non-separating cycles in k-connected graphs
On the chromatic number of pentagon-free graphs of large minimum degree
On the chromatic number of triangle-free graphs of large minimum degree
On the number of Hamiltonian cycles in tournaments
Parity, cycle space, and K↓4-subdivisions in graphs
Paths and cycles in graphs
Planar cubic hypohamiltonian and hypotraceable graphs
Planarity and duality of finite and infinite graphs
Quadrangulations and 4-color-critical graphs
Reconstructibility versus edge reconstructibility of infinite graphs
Reconstructing 1-coherent locally finite trees
size of connected hypergraphs with prescribed covering number, The
Some remarks on Hajós' conjecture
Straight line representations of infinite planar graphs
Tutte's spring theorem