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Thomassen, C.
Thomassen, Carsten
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Aarhus Universitet
Andersen, Lars Døvling (1950- ))
Bollobás, Béla
Carleton University. Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Gao, Zhi-Cheng
Mohar, Bojan
Richmond, L. B.
Richmond, Lawrence Bruce
Richter, Bruce (1957-)
Richter, R. Bruce
University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo. Department of Combinatorics and Optimization
University of Waterloo. Faculty of Mathematics
¤chromatic number of a graph of girth 5 on a fixed surface, The
¤color space of a graph, The
¤Erdös-Pósa property for odd cycles in graphs of large connectivity, The
¤intersection graph of straight lines, An
¤locally connected compact metric spaces embeddable in the plane, The
¤number k-colorings of a graph on a fixed surface, The
¤short list color proof of Grötzsch's theorem, A
2-list-coloring planar graphs without monochromatic triangles
3-connected planar spaces uniquely embed in the sphere
Applications of Tutte cycles
Chromatic roots and hamiltonian paths
Classification of locally 2-connected compact metric spaces
Claw-decompositions and Tutte-orientations
Counterexamples to Faudree and Schelp's conjecture on Hamiltonian connected graphs
cover-index of infinite graphs, The
Decomposing a planer graph into an independent set and a 3-degenerate graph
Edge-disjoint Hamiltonian cycles in hypertournaments
Exponentially many 5-list-colorings of planar graphs
Graphs on surfaces, 2001:
Graphs with no path-kernels
Hamiltonian connected tournaments
Hamiltonian paths in squares of infinite locally finite blocks
Irreducible triangulations and triangular embeddings on a surface
Long cycles in digraphs with constrains on the degrees
Long cycles in graphs on a fixed surface
Many 3-colorings of triangle-free planar graphs
Minimal graphs with crossing number at least k
Non-separating cycles in k-connected graphs
On the chromatic number of pentagon-free graphs of large minimum degree
On the chromatic number of triangle-free graphs of large minimum degree
On the number of Hamiltonian cycles in tournaments
Parity, cycle space, and K↓4-subdivisions in graphs
Paths and cycles in graphs
Planar cubic hypohamiltonian and hypotraceable graphs
Planarity and duality of finite and infinite graphs
Quadrangulations and 4-color-critical graphs
Reconstructibility versus edge reconstructibility of infinite graphs
Reconstructing 1-coherent locally finite trees
size of connected hypergraphs with prescribed covering number, The
Some remarks on Hajós' conjecture
Straight line representations of infinite planar graphs
Tutte's spring theorem
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Waterloo, 1976