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Zorotheos, Evangelia
2007 Tax Competitiveness Report: A Call for Comprehensive Tax Reform
Alternative Views of the Corporate Tax: A Reassessment of the Carter Report Twenty Years Later
Assessing Expenditure and Tax Reform Measures: A Review
Assessing Ontario's Fiscal Competitiveness
Calculation of the Marginal Effective Tax Rates for the Canadian Mining Industry, A
Canada Is Missing Out On Global Capital Market Integration
Capital Mobility and Tax Competition: A Survey
Cash flow or income? : the choice of base for company taxation
Commodity tax competition between member states of a federation: equilibrium and efficiency
Conduit Entities: Implications of Indirect Tax-Efficient Financing Structures for Real Investment
Coordinating Federal and Provincial Sales Taxes: Lessons from the Canadian Experience
Corporate Tax Harmonization in Europe: It's All About Compliance
Corporate Tax Holidays and Investment.
Corporate Taxation and the Cost of Holding Inventories.
Corporation tax: a survey
Corporation Tax Asymmetries and Firm-Level Investment in Canada
Corporations and Taxation: A Largely Private Matter?
Corrigendum to "Transfer pricing rules and corporate tax competition": [J. Public Economics, 60 (1996) 401-422]
Decomposing the Welfare Costs of Capital Tax Distortions: The Importance of Risk Assumptions
deductibility of provincial business taxes in a federation with vertical fiscal externalities, The
Editor's note
Editorial note
effectiveness of corporate tax incentives for foreign investment in the presence of tax crediting, The
Empirical Estimate of Corporate Tax Refundability and Effective Tax Rates., An
Empirical Estimate of Corportate Tax Refundability and Effective Tax Rates., An
Empirical Estimate of Imperfect Loss Offsetting and Effective Tax Rates, An
Empirical Study of the Impact of Corporate Taxation on the Debt Policy of Canadian Firms., An
Encyclopedia of utopian literature
Environmental awareness
Europe Slowly Lurches to a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base: Issues at Stake
European company tax reform : prospects for the future ; company taxation and the internal market
exonération cumulative des gains en capital: Une évaluation, L'
Exploring Formula Allocation for the European Union.
Federal and Provincial Tax Reforms: Let's Get Back on Track
Globalization of the Corporate Income Tax: The Role of Allocation
Growth Oriented Sales Tax Reform for Ontario: Replacing the Retail Sales Tax with a 7.5 Percent Value-Added Tax
handmaid's tale, The : notes
Impacts of Canadian and U.S. Tax Reform on the Financing of Canadian Subsidiaries of U.S. Parents
Incentives for public investment under fiscal rules
Income shifting, investment, and tax competition: theory and evidence from provincial taxation in Canada
Indirect Side of Direct Investment: Multinational Company Finance and Taxation, The
Is There a Future for Capital Income Taxation?
Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption: An Evaluation, The
Limited Horizons: The 2008 Report on Federal and Provincial Budgetary Tax Policies
Marginal Effective Tax Rates for Capital in the Canadian Mining Industry.
Measuring Effective Tax Rates in the Presence of Multiple Inputs: A Production Based Approach
Mixed Enterprises and State Equity Financing of Industry
multicultural dictionary of literary terms, A
note on multiproduct economies of scale and economies of scope, A
On the Neutrality of Flow-of-Funds Corporate Taxation.
On the taxation of multinational corporate investment when the deferral method is used by the capital exporting country
Optimal Profit Taxation as a Means of Financial Intermediation Undertaken by the Government
optimal threshold for a value-added tax, The
Optimality properties of alternative systems of taxation of foreign capital income. J. Public Econ.
Path to Prosperity: Internationally Competitive Rates and a Level Playing Field, The
Public-Private Mixed Enterprises: The Canadian Example
Public production and shadow pricing in a model of disequilibrium in labour and capital markets
Realization and Revenue Effects of Lifetime Capital Gains Exemptions
Regulation of Financial Institutions in Canada: An Evaluation of the Blenkarn Committee Report., The
Reply/Réponse ­ Fiscal Competitiveness and Total Competitiveness: A Note
Risk and Economic Policy
Risk Taking and Full Loss Offset Corporate Taxation with Interest Deductibility
Role and Design of the Corporate Income Tax., The
Role of Allocation in a Globalized Corporate Income Tax, The
Role of Wealth Taxation in the Overall Tax System, The
Shadow pricing of labour and capital in an economy with unemployed labour
Some Additional Results on Investment, Risk Taking, and Full Loss Offset Corporate Taxation with Interest Deductibility.
Spanning and Financial Intermediation with Incomplete Markets
Squeaky Hinges: Widening the Door to Canadian Cross-border Investment
State equity financing of industry : a theoretical appraisal of public-private mixed enterprises
Strategic use of tax rates and credits in a model of international corporate income tax competition.
Tax Effects on the Cost of Capital
Tax-exempt investors and the asset allocation puzzle
Tax holidays and investments
Taxation and Business Activity: A Survey
Taxation and the Financial Structure of German Outbound FDI
Taxation and the Firm's Leverage Decision : A Survey of Theoretical Issues
Taxation, Inflation, and the Effective Marginal Tax Rate on Capital in Canada.
Taxation, Inflation and the User Cost of Capital in Canada
Taxation of Financial Intermediation Activities in Hong Kong
Taxation of Investment and Finance in an International Setting: Implications for Tax Competition
Taxation, SMEs and Entrepreneurship
Taxes, Efficiency and Economic Growth
Taxing Financial Activity
Taxing foreign income in capital-importing countries : Thailand's perspective
Taxing Future Consumption
Taxing issues with privatization : a checklist
Transfer pricing rules and corporate tax competition
U.S. interest-allocation rules: Effects and policy
User Cost of Capital With Imperfect Loss Offset Taxes, The
Wealth Taxation in Canada: An Introduction
What determines the use of holding companies and ownership chains?