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De Morgan, Evelyn
De Morgan, Evelyn (Mrs)
De Morgan, Evelyn Pickering
De Morgan, Evelyn Pickering (Mrs)
De Morgan, Evelyne
De Morgan, Mary Evelyn
DeMorgan, Evelyn
DeMorgan, Evelyn Pickering
DeMorgan, Evelyne
Morgan, Evelyn de
Morgan, Evelyn (Mrs. de)
Morgan, Evelyne de
Pickering, Mary Evelyn
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Language material
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De Morgan, William (1839-1917)
Gordon, Catherine (1955-)
Michael, Andrew
Oberhausen, Judy
Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum
Smith, Elise Lawton (1953-....))
Yates, Patricia
angel of death (de morgan watercolour)|angel of death
aurora triumphans
boreas and oreithyia
cadence of autumn, the
death of a butterfly
death of the dragon
demeter mourning for persephone
earthbound (painting)|earthbound
Evelyn de Morgan, 1996:
:file:cadmusharmoniaevelynmorgan.jpg|cadmus and harmonia
:file:queen eleanor & fair rosamund.jpg|queen eleanor & fair rosamund
:file:the worship of mammon.jpg|the worship of mammon
garden of opportunity, the
gilded cage, the
goddess of blossoms & flowers
grey sisters, the
helen of troy (painting)|helen of troy
hope in a prison of despair
hour-glass, the
kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, the
life and thought emerging from the tomb
love potion, the
love's passing
love, the misleader
lux in tenebris (painting)|lux in tenebris
medea (painting)|medea
old madhouse, The
old man's youth and the young man's old age, The
phosphorus and hesperus
poor man who saved the city, the
port after stormy seas
red cross (painting)|the red cross, the
salutation or the visitation
sea maidens, the
sleep and death, the children of the night
soul's prison house, the
storm spirits, the
tobias and the angel (de morgan)|tobias and the angel
valley of shadows, the
vision (de morgan painting)|the vision, the