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Fitzgerald, J.
Fitzgerald, J. S.
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, John ((computer scientist))
Fitzgerald, John S.
Fitzgerald, John Shaw
Shaw Fitzgerald, John
フィッツジェラルド, J
フィッツジェラルド, ジョン
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writer of accompanying material
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(Poland), CASE
Averous, C.
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Costigan, J.
Costigan, John
Cullen, Joe
Cullen, Joseph
Curtis, John
Curtis, John A.
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Diffney, Seán
Duffy, David
Duggan, Delma
Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI)
Fahey, Tony
Fic, Tatiana
Fie, Tatiana
Finlayson, Greg
Fitz Gerald, John
FitzGerald, John
FitzGerald, John D.
Flanagan, Mary
FM 13, 2005, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Gerald, John Fitz
Goggin, Jean
Hayes, Ian J. (1956-)
Hennessy, Hugh
Honohan, Patrick
Hore, Jonathan
Hughes, Annette
Hughes, Gerard
Hurley, David
Johnston, Justin
Kearney, Ide
Keeney, Mary
Keeney, Mary J.
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Kennedy, Kieran A.
Larsen, P. G. (1964-)
Larsen, Peter Gorm (1964-)
Lucas, Peter (1955- ))
Lyons, Seán
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Malaguzzi Valeri, Laura
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McCarthy, Niamh
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Scott, Susan
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Smyth, Diarmaid
Storey, R. A.
Tarlecki, Andrzej
Tate, Robert
Tol, Richard S. J.
Tol, Richard S.J.
Valeri, Laura Malaguzzi
Verhoef, Marcel
Whelan, Brendan J.
Williams, James
Znuderl, Nusa
1992: The Distribution Sector
Accompanying Measures
Adapting to Regime Change
Airline emissions of carbon dioxide in the European trading system
Analysis of Cross-Border Shopping, An
Are Tradable Emission Permits the Way to Go?
Aspects of Irish Energy Policy
Assessing vulnerability of selected sectors under environmental tax reform: the issue of pricing power
Background Analysis
Banking Sector and Recovery in the EU Economy Reference, The
Behaviour of the Irish Economy: Insights from the HERMES Macro-Economic Model, The
Carbon Tax for Ireland, A
Carrying Out Perturbation Analysis on an Economic Model Using the TROLL Computer Program
Central Forecast, The
Changing Structure of the Irish Economy: As Reflected in the 1985 Input-Output Table, The
Collaborative design for embedded systems co-modelling and co-simulation
Community Support Framework 1989-1993: Evaluation and Recommendations for the 1994-1997 Framework - Report prepared for the Department of Finance in association with DKM Economic Consultants, G. Boyle, Maynooth College, B. Kearney and A. Conway, The
Consistent Trade Data for Ireland
Convergence in an Open Labour Market
Convergence in Living Standards in Ireland: The Role of the New Economy
Costs to Ireland of Greenhouse Gas Abatement, The
Database Access Using TROLL on the CCS Computer
Determinants of Irish Imports, The
Development of a formalism for modelling and analysis of dynamic reconfiguration of dependable real-time systems, 2008:
Distortionary Effects of Taxes on Trade in Border Areas: The Case of the Republic of Ireland-United Kingdom Border, The
Earnings inequality, returns to education and immigration into Ireland
Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Autumn Report 2008
Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Forecasts and Policy Analysis, Autumn Report 2006
Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Forecasts and Policy Analysis, Autumn Report 2007
Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Forecasts and Policy Analysis, Spring 2007
Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Forecasts and Policy Analysis, Spring Report 2006
Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Winter 2010
Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Winter 2011/2012 Report
Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Winter 2012/13 Report
Economic Consequences of CAP Reform
Economic Consequences of European Union. A Symposium on Some Policy Aspects, The
Economic Effects of Carbon Taxes, The
Economic Implications for Ireland of EMU
Economic Implications of Tax Harmonisation, The
Economic Perspectives for the Medium Term
Economic Time Series for Irish Industry and Services
Economics of 1992: A Symposium on Sectoral Issues, The
Economics of Biomass in Ireland, The
Educational Revolution and Demographic Change, The
Energy Demand to 2015
Energy policy in Ireland
Energy Utilities and Competitiveness
ESRI-Department of Finance Databank Based on National Income and Expenditure 1993, The
ESRI Medium-Term Economic Model, The
EU Enlargement and Migration : Assessing the Macroeconomic Impacts
Ex-ante Evaluation of the Investment Priorities for the National Development Plan 2007-2013
Exchange Rate Changes and the Transmission of Inflation
Expensive Way to Combat Global Warming: Reform Needed in EU Emissions Trading Regime, An
Financial crisis, economic adjustment and a return to growth in the EU
Fiscal Policy for Recovery
Fiscal Policy in a Monetary Union: The Case of Ireland
FM 2005 : formal methods : International Symposium of Formal Methods Europe, Newcastle, UK, July 18-22, 2005 : proceedings
Forecasting Record of the Medium-Term Review 1986-2001
Generation Adequacy in an Island Electricity System
Goldilocks and the Three Electricity Prices: Are Irish Prices "Just Right"?
Green and Bear It? Implementing Market-based Policies for Ireland's Environment. Proceedings of a Conference held on 10th May 2001
HERMES-IRELAND A Model of the Irish Economy: Structure and Performance
HERMES model of the Irish Energy Sector, The
Human Resources
Impact of a Carbon Tax on Economic Growth and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Ireland, The
Impact of Changes in Educational Attainment on Life Expectancy in Ireland, The
Implementing Kyoto
Indirect Tax Distortions in a Europe of Shopkeepers
Industrial applications and strengthened foundations of formal methods
Industrial output and factor input determination in an econometric model of a small open economy
Interpreting the Recent Irish Growth Experience
Investing in Electricity Infrastructure and Renewables in Ireland
Investment in electricity infrastructure in a small isolated market: the case of Ireland
Ireland - An Ageing Multicultural Economy
Ireland's Exposure To a Sterling Shock
Ireland's Failure-And Belated Convergence
Irish Economy Today: Albatross or Phoenix?, The
Irish Energy Market - Putting the Customer First, The
Irish Fiscal Crisis, The
Irish Housing Market, The
Irish Housing Stock: Growth in Number of Vacant Dwellings, The
Irish Perspective on the Structural Funds, An
Issues in Irish Energy Policy
Lessons from 20 years of Cohesion
Likely Economic Impact of Increasing Investment in Wind on the Island of Ireland, The
Lisbon Strategy
Macro-Economic Effects of Raising Revenue through Different Taxes, The
Macro-economic Impact of Changing the Rate of Corporation Tax, The
Macro-Economic Implications of Gas Dependence, The
Macroeconomic Background
Macroeconomic Impact
Macroeconomic Response to Shocks
Macroeconomy in Stable Conditions, The
Making Economic Time-Series Available to Users of Micro-Computers in Ireland
Managing an Economy Under EMU: The Case of Ireland
Managing Housing Bubbles in Regional Economies under EMU: Ireland and Spain
Manufacturing Sector, The
Medium-Term 2001-2007, No. 8
Medium-Term Prospects for Ireland: An Update
Medium-Term Review 1987-1992, No. 2
Medium-Term Review 1989-1994, No. 3
Medium-Term Review: 1991-1996, No. 4
Medium-Term Review 1994-2000, No. 5
Medium-Term Review 1997-2003, No. 6
Medium-Term Review 1999-2005, No. 7
Medium-Term Review 2003-2010, No. 9
Medium-Term Review 2005-2012, No. 10
Medium-Term Review 2008-2015, No. 11
Mid-Term Evaluation of the National Development Plan and Community Support Framework for Ireland, 2000 to 2006: Final Report to the Department of Finance, The
Migration and the Irish Labour Market
Model for Forecasting Energy Demand and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Ireland, A
Modelling Systems Practical Tools and Techniques in Software Development
National Anti-Poverty Strategy and Inclusion Strategy (NAP/Inclusion)
National Debt and Economic Policy in the Medium Term, The
National Investment Priorities For The Period 2000-2006
National Spatial Strategy: Regional, Urban and Rural Development, The
Overall Macroeconomic Assessment
Pitfall in Using Troll TSLS with Linear Restrictions in TROLL, A
Preserving Electricity Market Efficiency While Closing Ireland's Capacity Gap
Price Determination in Ireland: Effects of Changes in Exchange Rates and Exchange Rate Regimes
Productive Sector
proof in vdm: a practitioner's guide
Quarterly Economic Commentary, December 1999
Quarterly Economic Commentary, March 2000
Recovery Scenarios for Ireland: An Update
Republic of Ireland after 2000: The Icarus Complex, The
Restoring credibility in policy-making in Ireland
Restructuring Irish Energy Utilities
Review of Irish Energy Policy, A
Rising House Prices in an Open Labour Market
Role of the Structural Funds: Analysis of Consequences for Ireland in the Context of 1992, The
Sofutōea kaihatsu no moderuka gihō
Sports and Arts
Stability and Growth Pact: How much Co-ordination?, The
Summary and Conclusions
Tax Reform and Income Distribution in the Medium Term
Through Irish Eyes: The Economic Experience of Independence in Europe
To Convergence and Beyond? Human Capital, Economic Adjustment and a Return to Growth
Tourism Sector, The
Transport Infrastructure
Understanding Ireland's Economic Success
Using Troll Version 12 on the CCS Computer with Access to the CSO Databank
Validated designs for object-oriented systems
vuidīemu purasupurasu ni yoru obujiekuto shikō shisutemu no kōhinshitsu sekkei to kenshō
Wage Determination in Economies in Transition: Ireland, Spain and Portugal
Wage Formation and the Labour Market
Water and Waste Water Infrastructure
Where Did All the Growth Go?