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Colombo, J. R.
Colombo, John R.
Colombo, John Robert
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Cartographic material
Language material
Nonmusical sound recording
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writer of accompanying material
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Faludy, György
Frye, Northrop (1912-1991)
Godbout, Jacques (1933-)
Greenland, Cyril
Iwaniuk, Wacław (1915-2001))
Leacock, Stephen (1869-1944)
Richardson, Michael (1946- ))
Roussanoff, Nikola
Sorescu, Marin (1936- ))
Whalley, Peter
Wilson, Colin (1931-2013)
Zend, Robert
999 questions about Canada
Canadian global almanac., The
Canadian quotations
Canadian references
Close encounters of the Canadian kind : personal accounts of UFOs in Canada
Colombo's book of Canada
Colombo's Canadian quotations
Colombo's Canadian references
Colombo's Hollywood : wit and wisdom of the moviemakers
Dark times : selected poems of Wacław Iwaniuk
Dictionary of Canadian quotations, The
East and west : selected poems of George Faludy
End notes : poems with effects
Extraordinary experiences : personal accounts of the paranormal in Canada
Faludy in English : translations from the poems of George Faludy
Famous lasting words
fantastic fiction of Thomas Patrick Kelley, The
Fascinating Canada : a book of questions and answers
Foundlings : uncollected found poetry
Franklin conspiracy, The : cover-up, betrayal, and the astonishing secret behind the lost Arctic expedition
George Faludy : Learn this poem of mine by heart : sixty poems and one speech
Ghost stories of Canada
Glŭbini. English and Bulgarian
grande muraille de Chine, La
great collage, The
great San Francisco earthquake and fire., The
great wall of China; an entertainment., The
Half a world away : poems and effects
Haunting stories
How do I love thee : sixty poems of canada (and Quebec) select and introd. their favourite poems from their own work
How do I love thee; sixty poets of Canada (and Quebec) select and introduce their favourite poems from their own work.
humour of us, The : an anthology of Canadian jokes and anecdotes
Interspaces, c1999:
Jeepers creepers : Canadian accounts of weird events and experiences
John Robert Colombo's Famous lasting words : great Canadian quotations
John Toronto; new poems
Lambert's day : an appreciation of R.S. Lambert
Leacock's mysteries
left-handed one, The : poems
Luna Park ; One thousand poems
Mackenzie poems, The
Many mysteries
Marvellous stories : strange events and experiences from Canada's past
midnight hour, The : Canadian accounts of eerie experiences
Miniatures : an anthology of miniature literary compositions
Miraculous montages
monster book of Canadian monsters, The
More or less : poems and effects
Mostly monsters
Mysteries of Ontario
Mysterious encounters : personal accounts of the supernatural in Canada
mystery of the shaking tent, The
native series, The
Neo poems.
new consciousness, The : selected papers of Richard Maurice Bucke
New direction in Canadian poetry.
Northrop Frye quote book, The
Not to be taken at night : thirteen classic Canadian tales of mystery and the supernatural
O rare Denis Saurat : an appreciation
occult Webb, The : an appreciation of the life and work of James Webb
Off earth : poems and effects
Ogdenisms : the Frank Ogden quote book
One thousand questions about Canada
Ones : one thousand poems
Other Canadas : an anthology of science fiction and fantasy
Penguin dictionary of popular Canadian quotations, The
pioneers, The
Poems of the Inuit
Poets of Canada, The
Popcorn in paradise : the wit and wisdom of Hollywood
Popular Canadian poems and songs
Private parts
Quasibook edition of the Writer's map of Canada
Quotable Canada : a national treasury
Quote book
Red humour : East European jokes & anecdotes
Riverdale lion.
sad truths, The : new poems
Selected poems
Semi-certainties : some aphorisms of John Robert Colombo.
Singular stories : tales of wonder from 19th-century Canadian newspapers
Songs of the great land
Songs of the Indians
Stephen Leacock quote book, The
Such times : selected poems
Symmetries : selected poems
Terrors of the night : Canadian accounts of eerie events and weird experiences
To take from life : poems and effects
Toronto puzzle book, The
Translations from the English : found poems
True Canadian haunting stories
True Canadian UFO stories
Varsity chapbook, The
Voices of Rama : traditional Ojibwa tales from the Rama Reserve, Lake Couchiching, Ontario
Walt Whitman's Canada
We stand on guard : poems and songs of Canadians in battle
Whistle while you work : a chrestomathy
Windigo, an anthology of fact and fantastic fiction
Writer's map of Ontario : 141 sights and sites of literary interest.
Writer's map of Toronto : 111 sites and sights of literary interest.
Yes and no : new poems, new effects